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Goldoner, Jack, legislative representative, Actor's Equity Association.---

Goodwin, Robert C., Administrator, Bureau of Employment Security,

Department of Labor.

Gray, L. W., director of insurance, Texas Manufacturing Association..

Hackel, Stella B., commissioner of employment security, State of Vermont-

Harding, Curtis P., administrator, Utah Department of Employment Secu-


Henkel, Paul P., chairman, Social Security Committee, Council of State

Chambers of Commerce, accompanied by William R. Brown, associate

research director..

Hicks, W. B. Jr., secretary, the Liberty Lobby.

Hill, G. Eldred Jr., president, Interstate Conference of Employment Secu-

rity Agencies, accompanied by Curtis P. Harding, administrator, Utah

Department of Employment Security; Richard L. Coffman, adminis-

trator, Texas Employment Commission ; Paul Raushenbush, director of

unemployment compensation, Industrial ('ommision of Wisconsin; Jack

B. Brown, executive director, Bureau of Employment Security of Penn-

sylvania; and Henry Rothell, director of unemployment insurance,

Texas Employment Commission.

Javits, Hon. Jacob, a U.S. Senator from the State of New York.
Kilbride, Raymond T., on behalf of the Illinois Retail Merchants Associ-


Kingren, Gibson, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.

Lacey, Ford S., Council of Louisiana Business and Trade Association.
Lesser, Leonard, assistant to the president, and general counsel, Industrial

Union Department, AFL-CIO: accompanied by Jack Beidler, general

legislative director; and Woodrow Ginsberg, research director...
Loesch, Claude A., administrative assistant, Indiana Manufacturers As-

sociation, Inc.--.

McCarthy, William J., associate counsel of Associated Industries of Mas-


McChesney, Leonard E., assistant secretary and manager of insurance,

Hanna Mining Co., representing Lake Carrier's Association...

Mackey, Walter J., special counsel, Ohio Manufacturers' Association..
Malone, Frank, president, Southern Bell Telephone & Telegraph Co., repre-

senting Bell System Telephone Operating Co.'s.-
Meany, George, president, American Federation of Labor & Congress of

Industrial Organizations; accompanied by Andrew Biemiller, legislative
department; and Ray Munts, social security department, AFL-CIO----

Merrick, Samuel V., Special Assistant to the Secretary for Legislative

Affairs, the Department of Labor---

Mitchell, Clarence, director of the Washington bureau, National Associa-

tion for the Advancement of Colored People -

Moss, Hon. Frank E., a U.S. Senator from the State of Utah.
Mott, William C., executive vice president, United States Independent Tele-

phone Association...

Munts, Ray, Social Security Department, AFL-CIO.-

Nagle, John F., chief, Washington office, National Federation of the Blind,

as read by Tom Vail, chief counsel to the committee.

Norwood, William U. Jr., director, Unemployment Insurance Service,

Bureau of Employment Security, Department of Labor----

Peavy, Tom H., on behalf of the Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce.

Post, John, National Petroleum Refiners Association --

Purcell, James E., president, Space Cleaners, Inc.; president and chair-

man, government affairs committee, National Association of Building

Service Contractors...
Raushenbush, Paul, director of unemployment compensation, Industrial

Commission of Wisconsin ---

Rothell, Henry, director of unemployment insurance, Texas Employment


Ruttenberg, Stanley H., Assistant Secretary for Manpower, Department

of Labor

Schlotterbeck, Karl, manager of economic security, Chamber of Commerce

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of the United States.--

Shields, James W., president, Judd & Detweiler, Inc.








Shipley, Carl L., attorney, Washington, D.C----
Tetrault, Helene, unemployment insurance department, Actors' Equity

Association, accompanied by Jack Golodner, legislative representative--

Thrush, Donald B., Printing Industries of America, Inc.; accompanied by

Gerard D. Reilly, general counsel.

Triggs, Matt, assistant legislative director, American Farm Bureau Fed-


Tuley, C. Weber, executive vice president-secretary. Tennessee Manufac-

turers' Association.-

Waterhouse, Frederick H., executive vice president. Manufacturers' As-

sociation of Connecticut.--

Weinlein, Anthony G., director of research and education, Building Serv-

ice Employees' International Union, AFL-010--

Wickenden, Elizabeth, technical consultant on public social policy, Na-

tional Social Welfare Assembly--

Williams, John A., Associated Industries of New York State..

Williamson, Marion, director, employment security agency, Georgia

Department of Labor----

Winks, Gordon W., on behalf of the Illinois State Chamber of Commerce--

Wirtz, Hon. W. Willard, Secretary of Labor, accompanied by Stanley H.

Ruttenberg, Assistant Secretary for Manpower; Robert C. Goodwin, Ad-

ministrator, Bureau of Employment Security ; William U. Norwood, Jr.,

Director, Unemployment Insurance Service, Bureau of Employment Se-

curity ; Samuel V. Merrick, Special Assistant to the Secretary for Legis-

lative Affairs; and Margaret Dahm, Special Assistant for Federal Legis-

lation to the Administrator, Bureau of Employment Security, the

Department of Labor.---

Woodard, Glen P., Jr., chairman, board of directors, Associated Industries

of Florida..

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Academic Specialists in Social Insurance and Labor Markets, statement--

Alabama Labor Council, AFI-CIO, letter of Barney Weeks, president,

to the chairman..

Alaska State Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, telegram of Henery Hedberg,

legislative representative, to the chairman..

Amalgamated Transit Union, letter of John M. Elliott, international presi-

dent, to the chairman..
American Bakery & Confectionery Workers' International Union, AFL-

CIO, letter and enclosure of Daniel E. Conway, international president,

to the chairman.-

American Council on Education, letter and enclosure of John F. Morse,

director of the commission, to the chairman..

American Electric Power Co., Inc., letter of Donald C. Cook, to the


American Federation of Labor & Congress of Industrial Organizations:
Letter of Walter P. Reuther, president, industrial union department,

to the chairman.-
Letter of C. Al Green, director, to the chairman--

American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada, letter

of Herman Kenin, president, to the chairman..

American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, letter of

Jerry Wurf, international president, to the chairman-
American Hospital Association, letter of Kenneth Williamson, associate

director, Washington service bureau, to the chairman.
American Hotel & Motel Association, statement of Arthur J. Packard,

chairman, governmental affairs committee--
American National Cattlemen's A-Suciation, letter of C. W. MoMillan,

to the chairman.--.
American Newspaper Guild, letter and enclosure of (harles A. Perlik, Jr.,

secretary-treasurer, to the chairman --

American Petroleum Institute, Independent Petroleum Association of

America, New Mexico Oil & Gas Association, Rocky Mountain Oil &

Gas Association, and Western Oil & Gas Association, letter and enclosure

of Frank X. Ikard, to the chairman..










American Retail Federation, statements of Carl F. Schatz, vice chairman,

committee on taxation and fiscal policy ---
American Textile Manufacturers' Institute, Inc., letter of J. Burton

Frierson, president, to the chairman.
American Trucking Associations, Inc., letter of W. A. Bresnahan, manag-

ing director, to the chairman...

Arizona State AFL-CIO, letter of John E. Evans, secretary-treasurer, to

the chairman.

Arkansas State AFL-CIO, statement of J. Bill Becker, president

Bartlett, Hon. E. L., a U.S. Senator from the State of Alaska, letter and

enclosure to the chairman__

Birmingham Labor Council, telegram of Donald B. Stafford, president, to

the chairman_

Brotherhood of Painters, Decorators, & Paperhangers of America, AFL-

CIO, letter of S. Frank Raftery, general president, to the chairman----

Building & Construction Trades Department, letter of C. J. Haggerty,

president, to the chairman.--

Bureau of Salesmen's National Association, statement of Mr. Mantler---

Central Labor Council of Greater East St. Louis, Ill., letter of Herbert S.

Wilhelm, secretary, to the chairman.-

Chicago Federation of Labor & Industrial Union Council, AFL-CIO,

letter of William A. Lee, president, to the chairman---

Colorado Labor Council, AFL-CIO, statement of Herrick S. Roth,


Communications Workers of America, letter of Joseph A. Beirne, president,

to the chairman..

Connecticut State Labor Council, AFL-CIO, letter of John J. Driscoll,

president, to the chairman...

Council of Jewish Federations & Welfare Funds, Inc., letter of Lewis H.

Weinstein, president, to the chairman.-

Council on Employee Benefits, letter and enclosure of Walter E. Klint,

trustee, to the chairman.

Detroit Edison Co., the, letter and enclosure of Donald F. Kigar, president,

to the chairman.

Egan, Hon. William A., Governor of Alaska, letter to Hon. E. L. Bartlett, a

U.S. Senator from the State of Alaska...

Electronic Industries Association, letter and enclosure of Heath Wakelee,

director, EIA industrial relations department, to the chairman---

Employers' Unemployment Compensation Council of Michigan, statement

of Colin L. Smith, executive director..

Essex-West Hudson Labor Council, AFL-CIO, letter of Matthew J.

Stevens, executive secretary-treasurer, to the chairman.
Federation of Independent Illinois Colleges and Universities, letter of

Milburn P. Akers, executive director, to the chief counsel.-----
General Electric Co., letter of E. S. Willis, manager, employee benefits

and practices service, to the chairman.--
Girl Scouts of the l'nited States of America, statement of Mrs. Holton R.

Price, Jr., president..

Glass Bottle Blowers' Association of the United States and Canada, letter

of Lee W. Minton, international president, to the chairman---

Greater Louisville Central Labor Council, letter from Herbert L. Segal,

attorney, to the chairman.

Greater Louisville Labor Council, AFI-CIO, comments of Richard Miller,

submitted by Thomas Bond, Jr., research and negotiating service, to the


Hawaii State Federation of Labo AFL-CIO, letter of Gordon H. Beach,

executive secretary-treasurer. to the chairman..

Hawaii l' nemployment Compensation Study Committee, statement of Dr.

Thomas K. Hitch, chairman -

Honeywell, Inc., statement of Russell W. Laxson, treasurer.

Hotel & Restaurant Employees & Bartenders International Union, state-

ment of Ed S. Miller, general president..

Idaho State AFL-CIO, letter of Darrell H. Dorman, president, to the


Illinois State Federation of Labor & Congress of Industrial Organizations,

letter of Robert G. Gibson, secretary-treasurer, and Stanley L. Johnson,

executive vice president, to the chairman---







International Association of Machinists, letter of P. L Siemiller, interna- Page
tional president, to the chairman -


International Association of Marble, Slate & Stone Polishers, Rubbers &

Sawyers, Tile Helpers & Finishers, Marble Setters Helpers, Marble

Mosaic & Terrazzo Workers Helpers, letter of William Peitler, general

president, to the chairman..


International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Shipbuilders, Black-

smiths, Forgers & Helpers, letter of Russell K. Berg, international presi-

dent, to the chairman..


International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, letter of Gordon M. Free-
man, international president, to the chairman.-

International Chemical Workers Union, letter of Walter L. Mitchell, presi-
dent, to the chairman.--

International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union, AFL-CIO, statement of
Louis Stulberg, president and general secretary-treasurer.


International Molders & Allied Workers Union, letter of William A. Laz-

zerini, president, to the chairman--


International Organization of Masters, Mates & Pilots, letter of Capt.

Lloyd W. Sheldon, international president, to the chairman.-


International Typographical Union, telegram of Elmer Brown, president,

to the chairman..


International Union of Allied Industrial Workers of America, letter and

enclosure of Carl W. Griepentrog, international president, to the chair-



International Union of Operating Engineers, letter of Hunter P. Wharton,

general president, to the chairman.


International Union of United Brewery, Flour, Cereal, Soft Drink & Distil.

lery Workers of America, AFL-CIO, statement of Karl F. Feller, inter-

national president-----


Iowa Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, letter of Hugh D. Clark, president,

to the chairman -


Kansas State Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, letter of F. E. Black, execu-

tive secretary, to the chairman -


King County Labor Council, telegram of C. W. Ramage, executive secre-

tary, to the chairman.--.


Laborer's International Union of North America, letter of Joseph V.

Moreschi, general president, to the chairman ---


Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO:

Letter from W. J. Bassett, secretary, to the chairman.


Telegram from W. J. Bassett, secretary, to the chairman -


Louisiana AFL-CIO, letter of Victor Bussie, president and E. J. Bourg, Sr.,

secretary-treasurer, to the chairman -


Louisville Central Labor Council, letter of Herbert L. Segal, attorney,

to the chairman.--


Maine State Federated Labor Council, letter of Benjamin J. Dorsky, presi-

dent, to the chairman -


Manufacturing Chemists' Association, Inc., letter of M. F. Cross, Jr.,

secretary-treasurer, to the chairman---


Maryland State & D.C. AFL-CIO, letter of Charles A. Della, president,

to the chairman..


Massachusetts State Labor Council, AFL-CIO, letter of James P. Loughlin,

secretary-treasurer, to the chairman---


Michigan State AFL-CIO, letter of August Scholle, president, to the



Milwaukee County Labor Council, AFL-CIO, statement of J. F. Friedrick,
president, to the chairman---


Minnesota AFL-CIO Federation of Labor, statement-


Minnesota Retail Federation, Inc., letter of Thomas H. Hodgson, execu-

tive vice president, to the chairman---


Mississippi AFL-CIO, letter of Claude Ramsay, president, to the chairman. 724
Missouri State Labor Council, AFL-CIO, letter of John I. Rollings, presi-
dent, to the chairman.-

Montana State AFL-CI0, letter of James S. Umber, executive secretary,
to the chairman...














National Association of Home Builders of the United States, statement.--
National Association of Social Workers, statement of Rudolph T. Danstedt,

director, Washington office_-
National Coal Association, statement of Brice O'Brien, general counsel...
National Cotton Council, National Cotton Compress & Cotton Warehouse

Association & Beltwide Cotton Warehouse Committee, statement and

enclosure of John H. Todd--

National Federation of Independent Business, statement of George S.

Bullen, legislative director --

National Industrial Distributors' Association, letters and enclosure of

Robert G. Clifton, executive secretary, to the chairman--
National Lumber & Building Material Dealers' Association, statement of

Thomas T. Sneddon, executive vice president.--

National Marine Engineers Beneficial Association, AFL-CIO, telegram

of Jesse M. Calhoon, president, to the chairman---
National Oil Jobbers Council, statement of Wilfred H. Hall, executive

vice president-

National Petroleum Refiners Association, statement of John Post.

National Restaurant Association, statement of Ira H. Nunn, Washington


National Retail Hardware Association, statement of Russell R. Mueller,

managing director.---

National Retail Merchants Association, statements of John C. Hazen,

vice president, government-

Nevada State AFL-CIO, letter of Louis Paley, executive secretary-treas-

urer, to the chairman.--
New Jersey State AFL-CIO, telegram of Charles H. Marciante, secretary-

treasurer, to the chairman..

New Mexico State AFL-CIO, letter of Mrs. Billie L. Sponseller, president,

to the chairman.-

New York Chamber of Commerce, statement of Mark E. Richardson,

executive vice president--

New York State Advisory Council on Employment and Unemployment

Insurance, department of labor, letter and enclosure of George G.

Mintzer, chairman, to Tom Vail, chief counsel to the committee --

New York State AFL-CIO, letter of Raymond R. Corbett, president, to

the chairman..

Niagara Mohawk Power Corp., letter and enclosure of R. D. Constable,

vice president, to the chairman.-

North Carolina State AFL-CIO, letter of W. M. Barbee, president, to

the chairman --

North Dakota AFL-CIO Federation of Labor, letter and enclosure of

Wallace J. Dockter, president, to the chairman.-

Northwest Canners & Freezers Association, letter and enclosure of ('. R.

Tulley, executive vice president, to the chairman..

Office & Professional Employees International Union, letter of Howard

Coughlin, president, to the chairman..
Ohio AFL-CIO, statement of Frank W. King, president..
Oklahoma State AFL-CIO, letter and enclosures of Alva H. Hollingsworth,

president, Jock Odom, executive vice president, and Henry L. Liker,

secretary-treasurer, to the chairman.--.
Pacific American Steamship Association, letter of Ralph B. Dewey, presi-

dent, to the chairman...
Pattern Makers League of North America, letter of G. Hallstrom, general

president, to the chairman --
Pennsylvania Manufacturers' Association, Pennsylvania Manufacturers'

Association Insurance Co., statement of James F. Malone..
Pennsylvania State Chamber of Commerce, letter of Carl F. Schatz, chair-

man, social legislation committee, to the chairman---
Princeton University, industrial relations section, letter and enclosure of

Richard A. Lester, professor of economics, to the chairman..
Retail Wholesale, & Department Store Union, AFL-CIO, statement of

Max Greenberg, president.---
Rhode Island AFL-CIO, statement of Thomas F. Policastro, president.--
Rubber Manufacturers' Association, letter of W. J. Sears, vice president, to

the chairman.










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