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Treaty of commerce with Ethiopia. Signed at Addis-Ababa, June 27, 1914; proclaimed, August
9, 1920....



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Diminishing area of the La Sal National Forest, Útah and Colorado. June 19, 1919..

Diminishing area of the Tahoe National Forest, California and Nevada. June 19, 1919..

Canceling licenses for rice and rice flour dealers as no longer essential. June 19, 1919..

Announcing the licensing of wheat and flour storage, etc., as essential. June 23, 1919.

Prohibiting the importation and exportation of wheat and wheat flour. June 24, 1919.

Canceling requirement for licenses for exporting coin, bullion, and currency. June 26, 1919.

Enlarging area of the Wyoming National Forest, Wyoming. July 10, 1919.

Prohibiting illegal export of arms, etc., to Mexico. July 12, 1919..

Prescribing additional regulations for protection of migratory birds. July 28, 1919.

Abrogating restrictions on flying by aircraft, etc. July 31, 1919...

Enlarging area of the Crook National Forest, Arizona. August 6, 1919.

Diminishing area of the Caribou National Forest, Idaho and Wyoming.

Terminating the Capital Issues Committee. August 30, 1919...

Diminishing area of the Sioux National Forest, South Dakota and Montana. September 3, 1919..

Modifying area of the Prescott National Forest, Arizona. September 29, 1919..

Modifying area of the Coconino National Forest, Arizona. September 29, 1919..

Designating Thursday, November 27, 1919, as a day of general thanksgiving. November 5, 1919..

Urging prompt and accurate answers to census inquiries. November 10, 1919...

Canceling restrictions on importing and exporting wheat and wheat flour. November 21, 1919..

Transferring duties of Food Administration, except wheat and wheat products, to the Attorney

General. November 21, 1919...

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Certificate of adoption of the Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution. August 26, 1921...... 1823


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