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United States and Canada, International Joint Commission
United States and Mexico, International Boundary and Water
Commission, United States Section

Utah Reclamation Mitigation and Conservation Commission
Veterans Affairs Department

Federal Acquisition Regulation

Veterans' Employment and Training, Office of the Assistant
Secretary for

Vice President of the United States, Office of
Vocational and Adult Education, Office of

Wage and Hour Division

Water Resources Council

Workers' Compensation Programs, Office of
World Agricultural Outlook Board

31, IV

31, Subtitle A

12, V


22, IV

22, XI

43, ΙΙΙ

38, I

48, 8

41, 61; 20, IX


34, IV

29, V

18, VI

20, I


Redesignation Table No. 1

At 55 FR 27428, July 2, 1990, a document was published restructuring part 1228 of chapter XII. For the convenience of the user, the following Derivation Table shows the relationship of the new regulations to the old regulations.

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