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FEBRUARY 6, 1945

Texts of the bills-

S. 36 as introduced by Senators Bailey and Brewster -

H. R. 1752 as introduced by Representative Andrew J. May and as

passed by the House on February 1, 1945.----

S. 36 with proposed amendment in the nature of a substitute, Com-

mittee Print No. 2, February 3, 1945.--

H. R. 1752 as ordered by the committee, February 22, 1945, to be

reported to the Senate...

Statements of -

Hon. Henry L. Stimson, Secretary of War.

Hon. Robert P. Patterson, Under Secretary of War..

Inserted or quoted materials:

Letter of January 16, 1945, to the President by Admiral King and

General Marshall...

General Marshall on critical shortages.-

Congressional authorization to mobilize industry for war-

Statutes affecting property in wartime..

Selective Training and Service Act of 1940, section 9.

War Manpower Commission: Letter addressed to the chairman of the

committee, signed by 25 Members of the House of Representatives,

urging “that the War Manpower Commission continue in its role as

mobilizer of the Nation's manpower".

FEBRUARY 7, 1945

Statements of-

Hon. James V. Forrestal, Secretary of the Navy-

Hon. Ralph A. Bard, Under Secretary of the Navy

Hon. Paul V. McNutt, Chairman, War Manpower Commission.

Inserted or quoted materials:

Why This Nation Needs the Bailey-May Bill, by Mr. Bard..

War Manpower Commission Program for Meeting the Current Man-

power Emergency

Report on employment at Allentown, Pa.

FEBRUARY 8, 1945

Statements of -

Hon. J. A. Krug, Chairman, War Production Board.

Maj. Gen. Lewis B. Hershey, Director, Selective Service System ---

Mr. Ira Mosher, president, National Association of Manufacturers...

Inserted or quoted materials:

Letter from Senator Wayne Morse-

Letter from Staff Sgt. Charles V. Foreman, United States Marine

Corps Reserve..

Telegram from Steamfitters Local 590, San Francisco, Calif.

War Production Board release of December 7, 1944, regarding critical

programs (cited)

War Production Board release of January 15, 1945, regarding prelim-

inary estimates of new construction volume in the United States in


Table showing decline in employment in industry

Letter from Mr. W. H. Wheeler, Jr, president, Pitney-Bowes Postage

Meter Co., Stamford, Conn..

Memorandum by General Hershey regarding procedures in connection

with employment




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tional War Service Act..

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