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The "Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance" is a comprehensive listing and description of Federal programs and activities which provide assistance or benefits to the American public. It includes 1,049 programs administered by 61 different Federal departments, independent agencies, commissions, and councils.

The primary purpose of the Catalog is to aid potential beneficiaries in identifying and obtaining available assistance. The Catalog is also intended to improve coordination and communication on Federal program activities among Federal, State, and local governments as well as to coordinate programs within the Federal Government.

Each program is described in terms of the specific type of assistance provided, the purpose for which it is available, who can apply for it and how they should apply. It also identifies Federal offices that can be contacted for additional information on the program.

The Catalog includes various programs, activities, and services which can be requested or applied for by a State or States, territorial possession, county, city, other political subdivision, grouping, or instrumentality thereof; any domestic profit or nonprofit corporation, institution, or individual, other than an agency of the Federal Government.

It includes:

• Grants, loans, loan guarantees, scholarships, mortgage loans, and insurance or other types of financial assistance.

Assistance in the form or provision of Federal property, facilities, equipments, goods or services, including the donation of surplus real and personal property.

• Technical assistance, counseling, and training.

Statistical and other expert information.

Service activities of regulatory agencies.

It does not include:

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Automatic payment programs for which the assistance or benefits do not have to be applied for. Personnel recruitment programs of the individual Federal departments which offer employment opportunities as part of their normal recruitment operations. (The overall government-wide employment programs of the Civil Service Commission are included, however.)

Benefits or assistance available only to current employees of the Federal Government, either civilian or military.

Federal procurement or contracting which is normally conducted through solicited competitive bidding.

• Programs which are no longer active or programs for which no funding is currently available.

The user is the best judge of the degree to which this Catalog meets his needs. An easily filled out self-addressed and stamped questionnaire has been provided for your convenience in making suggestions for improvement. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

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