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research fellowships, pre- and post-doctoral, 13.324

services, improvement, 13.322

training grants, 13.326

see also Dental education

Dental services, see Child health; Health services

American civilians captured in Southeast Asia, 37.004
survivors insurance (Social Security), 13.805

veterans, 64.102, 64.105, 64.1 10

Depository libraries, Government publications, 40.001

arts program support, 45.001

Developmental disabilities program, 13.753
Developmentally disabled, see Mental retardation

DIC (veterans dependency-indemnity compensation), 64.110

coal miners, special benefits, 13.806
disability insurance (Social Security), 13.802
permanently and totally disabled, aid, 13.705
permanently and totally, social services, 13.754

rehabilitation services support, 13.746
rehabilitation training, 13.733

rehabilitation training services grants, 13.745

rehabilitation training, industry contracts, 13.730

rehabilitation, expansion of services, 13.731

rehabilitation, innovative programs, 13.732

Social Security beneficiaries, vocational rehabilitation,


Social Security benefits, 13.803

veterans, see Veterans medical facilities and services
see also Handicapped

Disadvantaged pupils, see Education for the disadvantaged
Disadvantaged workers

Concentrated Employment Program (CEP), 17.204
counseling and placement, 17.207

Job Corps, 17.211

Job Opportunities in the Business Sector (JOBS), 17.212
JOBS optional, 17.227

journeyman training, 17.213

Neighborhood Youth Corps, 17.222
public service careers, 17.224

rural, Operation Mainstream, 17.223
vocational education, 13.499

vocational education, work study, 13.501

see also Manpower development and training; Work training
Disaster relief

aid to schools, construction, 13.477

aid to States and local governments, 50.002

crop insurance, 10.450

disaster hospitals, 13.216

emergency conservation, 10.054
farm emergency loans, 10.404

Federal-aid highway reconstruction, 20.200
fisheries industry, 11.406, 11.407

flood insurance, 14.001

forestry, 10.650

housing purchase, loan insurance, 14.119
medical self-help program, 13.213

medical stockpiles, 13.216

natural disasters, 10.506

physical property loss, 59.008

school maintenance, 13.478

school reconstruction, 13.477

small business loans, 59.002, 59.008

State disaster plans and programs, 50.003

State plans for assistance to individuals, 50.003

victim identification, FBI services, 16.303

see also Civil defense; Emergency health services
Discount loan facility, 31.002

Diseases, see Chronic diseases; Communicable diseases;
Infectious diseases

Displaced Business Loans (DBL), 59.001

Dollar loans, 70.005

Domestic commerce, see Economic and business development
Donation program, 39.003

Dropout prevention

civil service, stay-in-school campaign, 27.003
innovative projects, grants, 13.410

Drug abuse, see Narcotics and drug abuse

Drugs see Food and drug research

Duty-free importation, educational and scientific material,

Early childhood education, see Education, early childhood
Early education program, 13.444


building codes, earthquake hazards, 11.403

hazard potential, information, 11.403
seismological investigations, 11.403

study, 60.011


leases of public lands, 15.201


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Education for the handicapped
children, 13.427

Deaf-Blind regional centers, 13.445
demonstration projects, 13.516
early childhood, 13.444, 13.449
educational opportunities, 13.452
learning disabilities research, 13.520
physical education, 13.447, 13.448
recreation, 13.447

regional centers, children, 13.450 research and demonstration, 13.443 supplementary centers and services, 13.519 teacher and teacher aide education, 13.417 teacher education, 13.451 teacher recruitment, 13.452 vocational education, 13.493 Education, early childhood

demonstration projects, 13.516
Follow Through, 13.433
handicapped, 13.444, 13.449
Head Start, 13.600
research, 13.412

special projects, 13.511

staff education, 13.416

Education, medical, see Medical education.

Educational administration, see State educational agencies
Educational administration program, 13.514

Educational curriculum development, see Curriculum development

Educational equipment and resources

audio-visual materials, see Educational media and audiovisual aids

elementary and secondary schools, 13.479, 13.483 equipment program, 10.554

Federal surplus property, 39.003

libraries, see College and university libraries; Libraries

machine tool loan to vocational training institutions, 12.001

nonprofit private school loans, 13.479

nuclear equipment, grants of used, 24.022 nuclear reactor fuel cycling assistance, 24.016

nuclear reactor sharing, 24.021

television, see Radio and television

Educational evaluation

experimental program, 13.521

Federally affected areas, see Federally affected areas State planning and evaluation, 13.432, 13.486 Educational exchange programs

Fulbright, graduate students, 19.101

Fulbright, professors and research scholars, 19.102
U.S. research in excess currency countries, 13.481
Educational facilities

architectural-engineering evaluation, 13.607
community colleges, construction, 13.459
construction, Appalachia, vocational, 23.012
construction, colleges and universities, 13.457
disaster relief, 13.477

Federal surplus property donations, 13.606
Federally affected areas, 13.477
handicapped, 13.427

higher education act, planning, 13.456

Educational facilities-Continued

higher education act, State administration, 13.455

nurse training, improvement grants, 13.359
nursing school construction, 13.369
public lands, lease or purchase, 39.002
remodeling assistance, 13.479

technical institutes, construction, 13.459
Educational media and audiovisual aids
adult education, 13.401
agricultural exhibits, 10.750
art exhibits, 68.001

deaf, captioned films, 13.446

drug abuse prevention, 16.004, 16.005 fisheries industry motion pictures, 11.412

media specialists, 13.508

National Audiovisual Center, 39.005

nuclear science exhibits, films, demonstration, 24.025

nuclear science literature and information services, 24.023

nuclear science, public information, 24.002

radio and television, see Radio and television radio and TV equipment, 13.413

Smithsonian public affairs programs, 60.017 see also Films, slides, film strips Educational personnel development administrators, training, 13.514 bilingual education, 13.506 career ladder, 13.425

college teacher fellowships, 13.462 drug abuse education, 13.420

early childhood, educators of, 13.416 handicapped, teachers of, 13.417 higher education personnel, 13.461 higher education teachers, 13.407 language and area study, 13.435

learning disabilities research, 13.520

media specialists, 13.508

physical fitness clinics, 55.004

physical fitness demonstration center schools, 55.005 professors emeriti, 13.454

pupil personnel specialists, 13.509

social work, 13.740

teacher development for desegregating schools, 13.507

teacher training, 13.425

training of teacher trainers, 13.490

urban/rural school development, 13.505

vocational education, 13.503, 13.504

vocational educational training, 13.498

volunteers in education, 13.515

see also Teacher education; Teacher recruitment Educational research

art education, 13.474

basic research and development projects, 13.422

computer applications and computing services, 47.003 curriculum development, see Curriculum development dissemination, 13.513

foreign area studies, 13.436

foreign countries, excess currency, 13.481

handicapped children, 13.443, 13,447

humanities education, 13.474

institutional centers to aid foreign development, 19.006

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