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permitted by available funds.
Deadlines: None.
Range of Approval/Disapproval Time: 3 to 6 months.
Appeals: Not applicable.

Renewals: Available upon submission of continuation proposal.

Formula and Matching Requirements: None.

Length and Time Phasing of Assistance: Normally up to two years. POST ASSISTANCE REQUIREMENTS:

Reports: As described in Program literature.
Audits: Accounting records relating to expenditures under each grant

are subject to audit during the life of the grant and for 3 years
thereafter on research and science education awards. Travel
reports are required on international travel grants. The Foundation
has an audit program which involves sample audits and completely

audits major grants. Records: Grantees are expected to maintain separate records for each

grant to ensure that funds are used for the general purpose for which the grant was made. Records are subject to inspection

during the life of the grant and 3 years thereafter. FINANCIAL INFORMATION:

Account Identification: 31-45-0102-0-1-605.
Obligations: (Grants and contracts) FY 71 est $1,000,000; and FY

72 est $2,000,000. Range and Average of Financial Assistance: $1,000 to $500,000; not


Programs,” NSF 70-14, “Grants for Scientific Research,” NSF 69-23, “Grants for Education in Science,” NSF 69-19, “Application for International Travel Grant,” NSF Form 192, all


Regional or Local Office: None.
Headquarters Office: Head, Office of International Programs,

National Science Foundation, 1800 G Street, N.W., Washington,

D.C. 20550. Telephone: (202) 632-5798. RELATED PROGRAMS: 47.015, Interna onal Travel.

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(Grant-in-Aid Supplements)


Renewals: None. AUTHORIZATION: Public Works and Economic Development Act of ASSISTANCE CONSIDERATIONS:

1965; Public Law 89-136 as amended by Public Law 90-103, and Formula and Matching Requirements: Total Federal assistance Public Law 91-123; U.S.C. 3188a.

cannot exceed 80 percent of eligible project costs. The State of OBJECTIVES: To enable States and other entities to take maximum community must finance the remaining project costs, not less than

advantage of Federal grant-in-aid programs for the construction or 20 percent. equipping of facilities or the acquisition of land.

Length and Time Phasing of Assistance: In the event that the work TYPES OF ASSISTANCE: Project Grants.

intended to be financed by a supplementary grant shall not have USES AND USE RESTRICTIONS: Grant-in-aid supplements provide a been completed or committed by contract within 18 months after

portion of the local share of Federal grant-in-aid programs for the the date thereof, the commission reserves the right at the Federal construction or equipping of facilities or the acquisition of land co-chairman's option to terminate the supplementary grant and all when the community, because of its economic situation, cannot obligations thereunder. supply the matching share. Total Federal assistance cannot exceed POST ASSISTANCE REQUIREMENTS: 80 percent of eligible project cost. When the basic grant agency Reports: As required by basic grant agency. certifies that the proposed project could be funded if funds were Audits: All records relating to the grant are subject to audit by the available, the commission may provide all or any portion of the regional commission and by the Comptroller General of the basic Federal contribution.

United States, or their designee(s). ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS:

Records: As necessary for above-mentioned audit. Applicant Eligibility: States and other entities within the region FINANCIAL INFORMATION:

(generally any political subdivision of private or public nonprofit Account Identification: 06-15-2100-0-1-507. organization). The New England Region covers the States of Obligations: (Grants) FY 70 $2,871,101; FY 71 est $2,050,000; and Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island FY 72 est $2,285,000. and Vermont.

Range and Average of Financial Assistance: $13,000 to $368,000; Beneficiary Eligibility: Same as applicant eligibility.

$151,100. Credentials/Documentation: None.


were funded. Preapplication Coordination: Not applicable.

REGULATIONS, GUIDELINES, AND LITERATURE: “Annual Application Procedure: Apply for basic Federal grant-in-aid with Report,” “Regional Development Plan,” “Monthly Highlights.”

appropriate Federal Agency and obtain determination of INFORMATION CONTACTS: distribution of Federal and local share or project financing. Project Regional or Local Office: Office of the Federal co-chairman, New application must be approved by Governor of State in which the England Regional Commission, 55 Court Street, Boston, project is located. Applicant applies through the Governor's Office Massachusetts 02108. Telephone: (617) 223-6045. for Commission assistance to meet with local share requirements. Headquarters Office: Office of the Federal co-chairman, New Upon State approval, the Commission considers and determines England Regional Commission, Room 2606, Main Commerce level of participation in project.

Building, Washington, D.C. 20230. Telephone: (202) 967-4343. Award Procedure: Commission notifies applicant. Federal RELATED PROGRAMS: 11.300, Economic Development - Grants and

co-chairman notifies basic grant agency of Commission's approval Loans for Public Works and Development Facilities; 11.301, Ecoto assist. Basic grant agency makes award of basic grant according nomic Development - Loans for Business and Development to its own awarding procedures. Notification of award is made to Companies; 23.001, Appalachian Regional Economic Developthe designated State Central Information Reception Agency (SF ment; 28.001, Coastal Plains Regional Economic Development; 240).

38.001, Four Corners Regional Economic Development; 52.001, Deadlines: None.

Ozarks Regional Economic Development; 59.013, State and Local Range of Approval/Disapproval Time: 30 to 90 days.

Development Company Loans; 63.001, Upper Great Lakes Appeals: None.

Regional Development.

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designated State Central Information Reception Agency is made AUTHORIZATION: Economic Opportunity Act of 1964, as amended by SF 240.

by Public Law 91-177, Section 106; 42 U.S.C. 2809; Public Law Deadlines: None.

Range of Approval/Disapproval Time: 60 to 90 days from OBJECTIVES: To discover and treat the disease of alcoholism, submission of application.

emphasizing the reentry of the alcoholic into society rather than Appeals: None, reapplication possible.
institutionalization of the alcoholic, and encouraging the use of Renewals: Refunding possible on yearly submission of new
the services of recovered alcoholics as counselors.

application. TYPES OF ASSISTANCE: Project Grants.

USES AND USE RESTRICTIONS: Funds may be used primarily for Formula and Matching Requirements: 20 percent non-Federal share,

hiring of staff to provide direct services to alcoholics and their cash or in-kind.
families, to develop effective coordination with other service Length and Time Phasing of Assistance: 12 to 24 month grant period
programs, and to stimulate increased community concern with with provision for refunding.
alcoholism. High priority should be given to the necessary training POST ASSISTANCE REQUIREMENTS:
which will enable recovered low-income alcoholics to function as Reports: CAA reporting requirements, plus additional programmatic
counselors. Funds may also be used to support community reports as set forth in grant conditions.
educational activities and to effectively relate other necessary

Audits: For initial grants preliminary audit is required. For all
services. Funds may also be used to support facilities for staff, grants an annual audit (OEO instruction 6801-1) is required.
group meeting rooms for clients, and partial support of halfway Records: Consistent with preparation of required reports.
houses or other residences. No OEO funds may be used to support FINANCIAL INFORMATION:
program elements which can be supported from any other source. Account Identification: 04-37-0500-0-1-999.
Also, OEO funds can support only new program elements. OEO

Obligations: (Grants) FY 70 $8,500,000; FY 71 est $10,800,000; funds will not be used to support major facilities such as and FY 72 est 0. (Refer to HEW programs in the National detoxification centers; and, by and large, will not be used to Institute of Mental Health, e.g., HSMHA programs 13.251 and support programs that are not an integral part of other local

13.252, which have increased funding levels for FY 72.) anti-poverty efforts, e.g., neighborhood service centers, etc.

Range and Average of Financial Assistance: $20,000 to $500,000, ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS:

$50,000 rural, $150,000 urban. Applicant Eligibility: The local Community Action Agency (CAA) or PROGRAM ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Under this program 84 projects other public and private nonprofit agencies may apply.

were funded as a part of CAA Multi-service activities; 11 projects Beneficiary Eligibility: Low-income alcoholics and their families who were funded for Neighborhood Health Centers; and 24 grants were are otherwise eligible to receive services from the CAA or the

made to Indian Community Action Agencies in fiscal year 1970. neighborhood health center.

Grants were made for 3 urban comprehensive demonstration Credentials/Documentation: The applicant must furnish evidence of

projects and training programs to train staff for all projects. In the need for the program in terms of the incidence of alcoholism fiscal year 1971 approximately 100 new programs will be in the low-income target population, relationship to other developed and funded. resources available, and support for the program by residents of REGULATIONS, GUIDELINES, AND LITERATURE: 45 CFR the community.

Chapter 10; OEO Instruction 6710-1; OEO Pamphlet 6136-1. APPLICATION AND AWARD PROCESS:

Distributed free. Preapplication Coordination: Coordination with local agencies is INFORMATION CONTACTS: required. A preapplication conference is recommended.

Regional or Local Office: Contact the appropriate OEO Regional Consultation and assistance is available from CEO Headquarters Office, listed in appendix, or local community action agency. and the OEO Regional Office.

Headquarters Office: Director, Alcoholism, Addiction, and Mental Application Procedure: Applications are forwarded to appropriate

Health Services, Office of Health Affairs, Office of Economic OEO Regional Office (listed in appendix) for community action Opportunity, 1200 19th Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20506. programs and to OEO Headquarters, Office of Health Affairs for

Telephone: (202) 254-5590. programs related to neighborhood health centers and other RELATED PROGRAMS: 13.242, Mental Health Research Grants; resources.

13.251, Mental Health - Staffing of Comprehensive Alcoholism Award Procedure: Awards are issued from OEO Regional office Services; 13.252, Mental Health - Direct Grants for Special

directly to applicant. Notifications to Governors are made by Projects (Alcoholism); 16.600, Correctional Services - Technical letter with a 30-day period for action. Notification to the

Assistance; 20.207, Highway Safety Demonstration Projects.

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directly from OEO Headquarters to the applicant. The Governor is AUTHORIZATION: 42 U.S.C. 2781, et seq., Economic Opportunity notified by letter and has a 30-day period in which to act.

Act of 1964 as amended; Title II; 78 Stat. 508 as amended; 79 Notification to the designated State Central Information Stat. 973; 80 Stat. 1451; 81 Stat. 690; Public Law 88-452.

Reception Agency is made by SF 240. OBJECTIVES: The Community Action Agency (CAA) is the prime Deadlines: Not applicable.

mechanism for implementing Community Action Programs. The Range of Approval/Disapproval Time: Approximately 100 days from objectives of the CAA are to mobilize and channel the resources of submission to OEO of the plans and priorities to approval of the private and public organizations and institutions into antipoverty grant. Then there is an additional 30 days awaiting Governor's action; to increase the capabilities as well as opportunities for approval. participation of the poor in the planning, conduct, and evaluation Appeals: There is no appeal for new fundings. of programs affecting their lives; to stimulate new and more Renewals: May be renewed annually. effective approaches to the solution of poverty problems; to ASSISTANCE CONSIDERATIONS: strengthen communications, mutual understanding and to Formula and Matching Requirements: General rule: 25 percent in strengthen the planning and coordination of antipoverty programs non-Federal contribution. Exceptions: Grantees serving in the community.

communities with per capita incomes below $750 per year will TYPES OF ASSISTANCE: Project Grants.

provide 10 percent of the program cost whenever possible; those USES AND USE RESTRICTIONS: Funds may be used for serving communities with per capita incomes in the $750-$999

administrative costs of CAAs, nonprogram staff activities, range shall provide at least 10 percent but may request exemption neighborhood centers in target areas, and locally developed of that portion above 10 percent which they are unable to programs which further the objectives of community action. provide. Projects may include health, education, housing, family planning, Length and Time Phasing of Assistance: Generally, grants are funded economic development, employment, day care, community on a 12-month basis, with the possibility of renewal. All grants in organization, and other services. Any of these programs also may excess of $250,000 will have the funds made available to the be funded to meet the needs of the American Indian. Technical grantee by letter of credit. All other grants will be paid by check. assistance is also available to communities in developing, POST ASSISTANCE REQUIREMENTS: conducting and administering programs under Title II and for Reports: “Monthly, CAP Form 15, Grantee Monthly Financial training for specialized or other personnel which is needed with Report and Support Data Sheet"; "Quarterly, Management those programs. The Act provides funds for assistance to state Information System Report”; See OEO instruction 6710-1 for agencies designated in accordance with state law to carry out the other required documentation. functions of the State Economic Opportunity Office (SEOO). The Audits: Preliminary audit within 3 months after program begins and State Economic Opportunity Office is the prime mechanism by an annual audit. which OEO seeks to aid state governments in their efforts to Records: All financial records, all source documents supporting eradicate poverty within their boundaries; acts as advisor to the accounting transactions, the general ledger, subsidiary ledgers, Governor on antipoverty matters; mobilizes and coordinates personnel and payroll records, cancelled checks, and all other antipoverty resources at the state level; gives technical assistance related documents and records must be retained by the grantee for to CAAs and other OEO grantees; and participates in the a period of 5 years after the last day of the program year. monitoring and evaluation of OEO-funded programs.


Account Identification: 04-37-0500-0-1-999. Applicant Eligibility: A CAA must be designated by the state, a Obligations: (Grants) FY70 $365,300,000; FY 71

political subdivision of the state, a combination of such political $366,900,000; and FY 72 est $343,400,000. subdivisions or Indian tribal organizations. A state or local Range and Average of Financial Assistance: $10,000 to $35,000,000; government (or a combination of subdivisions) may designate $250,000. itself or another agency which may be either a separate public PROGRAM ACCOMPLISHMENTS: In fiscal year 1970, there were agency or a private nonprofit organization. The Director of OEO 1,004 number of community action agencies. may extend financial assistance for a limited purpose project to a REGULATIONS, GUIDELINES, AND LITERATURE: “CAAs: public or private nonprofit agency which he finds is capable of Eligibility and Establishment,” OEO instruction 6302-1; carrying out the project in an efficient and effective manner. The “Applying for a CAP Grant,” OEO instruction 6710-1; "SEOO Director may provide financial assistance to state agencies Application Procedures,” OEO notice 6710-2; “Mission and designated in accordance with state law to carry out the functions Objectives of Community Action Agencies,” OEO instruction of the SEOO.

6320-1. Beneficiary Eligibility: Low income families and individuals of all INFORMATION CONTACTS: ages, in urban and rural areas.

Regional or Local Office: For information regarding CAA operations Credentials/Documentation: Following its designation as a CAA by a (except Indians) contact the appropriate regional office of the

state or local government, OEO must recognize the CAA as Office of Economic Opportunity listed in the appendix. For meeting certain legislative and administrative requirements.

information regarding technical assistance, SEOO's and Indian APPLICATION AND AWARD PROCESS:

programs contact the appropriate headquarters office listed below. Preapplication Coordination: States, local governments, and Headquarters Office: Assistant Director for Operations, Office of

poverty-related agencies must be given notice and an opportunity Economic Opportunity, Washington, D.C. 20506, telephone: to comment on proposed applications to OEO for recognition of (202) 254-5590. For activities pertaining to Indians contact locally-designated CAAs.

Director, Indians Division, Office of Economic Opportunity, Application Procedure: Initial application: The applicant initially Washington, D.C. 20506, telephone: (202) 254-5960.

must have applied for recognition as a CAA under the provisions RELATED PROGRAMS: 49.008, Legal Services; 49.011, Special of OEO instruction 6302-1. (Note: Due to funding limitations, Impact; 49.012, Volunteers in Service to America; 10.500, OEO will not be able to recognize CAAs designed to serve Extension Programs for Assisting in Community Development; communities which are not now served by a CAA, even if the CAA 11.302, Economic Development - Planning Assistance; 11.303, and the community otherwise meet eligibility requirements.) Economic Development - Technical Assistance; 13.491, University CAA's submit plans and priorities documents (as outlined in OEO Community Service - Grants to States; 14.203, Comprehensive instruction 6710-1), for approval by OEO.

Planning Assistance; 14.300, Model Cities Supplementary Grants; Award Procedure: Awards are issued from the OEO Regional Office 16.200, Community Relations Service; 17.204, Concentrated

directly to the applicant except for Indian grants which are issued Employment Program.


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(Neighborhood Health Center)


Information Reception Agency is made by SF 240.
AUTHORIZATION: Economic Opportunity Act of 1964, as amended,

Deadlines: None.
Title II, Section 222(a)(4); 42 U.S.C. 2809; Public Law 88-452. Range of Approval/Disapproval Time: 30 to 60 days.
OBJECTIVES: To develop better methods of providing comprehensive Appeals: None. Reapplication is possible.
health care to low-income persons, involving consumers actively in

Renewals: Renewals are applied for in the same manner the original planning and operations.

request was submitted. TYPES OF ASSISTANCE: Project Grants.

USES AND USE RESTRICTIONS: To provide for development of Formula and Matching Requirements: None.

comprehensive health services, including treatment and diagnostic Length and Time Phasing of Assistance: 12- to 24-month grant with
services, home care, outreach, rehabilitation, dental care, family provision for refunding.
planning, mental health care and other related services. In POST ASSISTANCE REQUIREMENTS:
addition, the grants may help training of personnel, planning Reports: Monthly financial reports, quarterly data reports, and
activities, evaluation of projects, and transportation for patients. quarterly status reports.

Provision must be made to assume that all health services are Audits: Annual independent audit required.
under competent professional supervision and meet high standards Records: Records necessary for program review and audit.
of quality. All appropriate elements of the community, including FINANCIAL INFORMATION:
those served, must be involved in the projects' planning and Account Identification: 0437-0500-0-1-999.
development. OEO funds are a “last dollar” resource and cannot Obligations: (Grants) FY 70 $74,000,000; FY 71 est $99,000,000;
be used to support services, facilities, equipment or supplies for and FY 72 est $ 114,000,000.
which support is already available. Available reimbursements from Range and Average of Financial Assistance: $500,000 to $5,000,000;
MEDICAID and MEDICARE and other third parties must be $2,000,000.


development of 83 projects. 23 new projects were awarded in Applicant Eligibility: Any public or private nonprofit agency, such as fiscal year 1970. Responsibilities for refunding 16 projects will be

a medical society, medical school, hospital, public health transferred to the Public Health Service, HEW, in fiscal year 1971.

department, group practice plan, or health corporation may apply. Refunding of about 50 existing projects will cost about
Beneficiary Eligibility: Patient resides in the area being served by the $ 70,000,000. New projects will focus on (1) development of

center. Emergency care should be provided without delay. community-wide networks, (2) restructuring of hospital
Eligibility criteria must be established and eligibility outpatient departments, (3) initiation of additional rural projects,
determinations made in ways which are consistent with the (4) extension of group practice, and (5) health manpower
objective of eliminating financial, administrative, and other development.
barriers to needed health services. Income levels are either OEO REGULATIONS, GUIDELINES, AND LITERATURE: 45 CFR
Poverty Index or State Medicaid income standards.

Chapter 10; OEO Guidance 6128-1.
Credentials/Documentation: None.


Regional or Local Office: Contact the appropriate regional office of
Preapplication Coordination: Intent to file application must be the Office of Economic Opportunity listed in the appendix or the

coordinated with SEOO (State Economic Opportunity Office) and local community action agency.
local health and poverty agencies. Informal preapplication Headquarters Office: Director, Comprehensive Health Services
conference is recommended. Consultation is available from OEO Division, Office of Health Affairs, Office of Economic

Opportunity, 1200 19th Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20506.
Application Procedure: An agency which proposes to operate a Telephone: (202) 254-5838.

comprehensive health services project should submit the proposed RELATED PROGRAMS: 13.206, Comprehensive Health Planning project plan to the local CAA for application to OEO, unless there Areawide Grants; 13.207, Comprehensive Health Planning - Grants are special local circumstances.

to States; 13.210, Comprehensive Public Health Services - Formula Award Procedure: Awards are made from CEO directly to the Grants; 13.218, Health Care of Children and Youth; 13.224,

applicant who contracts, if appropriate, with the administering Health Services Development - Project Grants; 13.232, Maternal agency. The Governor is notified by letter and has a 30-day period and Child Health Services; 13.246, Migrant Health Grants; 13.714, in which to act. Notification to the designated State Central Medical Assistance Program.

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