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12.100 Aquatic Plant Control

12.001 Machine Tool Loan to Educational Institutions



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13.010 Occupational Health Research Grants.. 13.011 Occupational Health Training Grants

Bureau of Radiological Health

13.012 Radiological Health Research Grants 13.013 Radiological Health Training Grants

Food and Drug Administration

13.101 Product Safety Research Grants 13.103 Food Research Grants 13.104 Food Research Training Grants

Health Services and Mental Health Administration

13.200 Communicable Disease Prevention and Control-Consultation

and Technical Assistance 13.201 Communicable Diseases-Laboratory Improvement 13.202 Disease Control-Research Grants 13.203 Disease Control Training Public Health Workers 13.204 Communicable Diseases-Tuberculosis Control 13.205 Communicable Diseases-Venereal Disease Control 13.206 Comprehensive Health Planning - Areawide Grants 13.207 Comprehensive Health Planning-Grants to States 13.208 Comprehensive Health Planning - Training, Studies, and

Demonstrations 13.210 Comprehensive Public Health Services - Formula Grants 13.211 Crippled Children's Services 13.212 Dental Health of Children 13.213 Emergency Health-Civil Defense Medical Self-Help 13.214 Emergency Health-Community Preparedness

13.215 Emergency Health-Hospital and Ambulance Services 13.216 Emergency Health - Medical Stockpile 13.217 Family Planning Projects 13.218 Health Care of Children and Youth 13.220 Health Facilities Construction -Grants 13.223 Health Facilities Construction-Technical Assistance 13.224 Health Services Development-Project Grants 13.225 Health Services Research and Development-Fellowships and

Training 13.226 Health Services Research and Development Grants and

Contracts 13.227 Health Statistics Training and Technical Assistance 13.228 Indian Health Services 13.229 Indian Sanitation Facilities 13.230 Intensive Infant Care Projects 13.231 Maternal and Child Health Research 13.232 Maternal and Child Health Services 13.233 Maternal and Child Health Training 13.234 Maternity and Infant Care Projects 13.235 Mental Health-Community Assistance Grants for Narcotic

Addiction and Drug Abuse 13.237 Mental Health-Hospital Improvement Grants 13.238 Mental Health-Hospital Staff Development Grants 13.239 Mental Health-Narcotic Addict Treatment 13.240 Mental Health-Staffing of Community Mental Health Centers 13.241 Mental Health Fellowships 13.242 Mental Health Research Grants 13.243 Mental Health Scientific Communications and Public

Education 13.244 Mental Health Training Grants 13.246 Migrant Health Grants 13.247 Regional Medical Programs-Kidney Disease Control

Health Services and Mental Health Administration-Continued

National lastitutes of Health-Continued

13.248 Center for Disease Control-Nutrition 13.249 Regional Medical Programs-Operational and Planning Grants 13.250 Regional Medical Programs-Smoking and Health 13.251 Mental Health-Staffing of Comprehensive Alcoholism Services 13.252 Mental Health-Direct Grants for Special Projects 13.253 Health Facilities Construction-Loans and Loan Guarantees

National Institutes of Health

13.359 Special Project Grants for Improvement in Nurse Training 13.360 Special Predoctoral and Postdoctoral Fellowships in Nursing

Research 13.361 Nursing Research Project Grants 13.362 Nurse Scientist Graduate Training Grants 13.363 Nursing Scholarships 13.364 Nursing Student Loans 13.366 Professional Public Health Personnel - Traineeships 13.367 Animal Resources-Fellowships 13.368 Animal Resources-Training Grants 13.369 Construction Grants for Schools of Nursing 13.370 Schools of Public Health-Grants 13.371 Biotechnology Resources 13.372 Cancer-Leukemia Research Support Centers 13.373 Cancer-Graduate Training

Office of Education

13.300 Allergy and Infectious Diseases-Fellowships and Research

Career Development Awards 13.301 Allergy and Infectious Diseases - Research Grants 13.302 Allergy and Infectious Diseases-Training Grants 13.303 Allied Health Professions Advanced Traineeship Grants for

Advanced Training 13.304 Allied Health Professions Basic Improvement Grants 13.305 Allied Health Professions Special Project Grants 13.306 Animal Resources 13.307 Arthritis and Metabolic Diseases-Fellowships 13.308 Arthritis and Metabolic Diseases-Graduate Training Grants 13.309 Arthritis and Metabolic Diseases-- Research Grants 13.310 Biomedical Sciences Support Grants 13.311 Cancer-Clinical Training 13.312 Cancer-Specialized Research Centers 13.313 Cancer Research Fellowships 13.314 Cancer Research-Grants 13.315 Cancer Research-Career Development 13.316 Child Health and Human Development – Fellowships 13.317 Child Health and Human Development - Research Grants 13.318 Child Health and Human Development - Training Grants 13.319 Dental Auxiliary Utilization Training Grants 13.320 Dental Health Continuing Education Training Grants 13.321 Dental Health Fellowships 13.322 Dental Health Research Grants 13.323 Dental Health Research Training Grants 13.324 Dental Research-Fellowships 13.325 Dental Research-Grants 13.326 Dental Research-Training Grants 13.327 Environmental Health Sciences-Fellowships 13.328 Environmental Health Sciences-Research Grants 13.329 Environmental Health Sciences-Training Granos 13.330 Eye Research-Fellowships 13.33). Eye Research-Research Grants 13.332 Eye Research-Training Grants 13.333 General Clinical Research Centers 13.334 General Medical Sciences-Fellowships 13.335 General Medical Sciences - Research Grants 13.336 General Medical Sciences, Training Grants 13.337 General Research Support Grants 13.338 Graduate Training in Public Health - Project Grants 13.339 Health Professions Educational Improvement Grants 13.340 Health Professions Facilities Construction 13.341 Health Professions Scholarships 13.342 Health Professions Student Loans 13.344 Heart and Lung Research-Fellowships 13.345 Heart and Lung Research-Graduate Training Grants 13.346 Heart and Lung Research-Research Grants 13.347 Heart and Lung Research-Undergradaute Training Grants 13.348 Medical Library Assistance-Library Resources Grants 13.349 Biomedical Scientific Publications Grants 13.350 Medical Library Assistance-Regional Medical Libraries 13.351 Medical Library Assistance-Research Grants 13.352 Medical Library Assistance-Special Scientific Project Grants 13.353 Medical Library Assistance-Training Grants 13.354 Neurological Diseases and Stroke-Fellowships 13.355 Neurological Diseases and Stroke-Graduate Training Grants 13.356 Neurological Diseases and Stroke-Research Grants 13.357 Neurological Diseases and Stroke-Training Grants 13.358 Professional Nurse Traineeships

13.400 Adult Education-Grants to States 13.401 Adult Education-Special Projects 13.402 Adult Education-Teacher Education 13.403 Bilingual Education 13.404 Civil Defense Education 13.405 Civil Rights Technical Assistance and Training 13.406 College Library Resources 13.407 College Teacher Graduate Fellowships 13.408 Construction of Public Libraries 13.409 Cuban Education Student Loans 13.410 Dropout Prevention 13.411. Educational Research and Development Centers 13.412 Educational Research and Development-Regional Educational

Laboratories 13.413 Educational Broadcasting Facilities 13.416 Educational Classroom Personnel Training-Early Childhood 13.417 Educational Classroom Personnel Training-Special Education 13.418 Educational Opportunity Grants 13.420 Educational Personnel Training-Drug Abuse Education 13.421 Educational Personnel Training Grants-Career Opportunities 13.422 Educational Research and Development-General Education

(Project) Research 13.424 Educational Research Training 13.425 Educational Staff Training-School Personnel Utilization 13.427 Educationally Deprived Children-Handicapped 13.428 Educationally Deprived Children-Local Educational Agencies 13.429 Educationally Deprived Children-Migrants 13.430 Educationally Deprived Children-State Administration 13.431 Educationally Deprived Children in State Administered

Institutions Serving Neglected or Delinquent Children 13.432 Elementary and Secondary Education-State Planning and

Evaluation 13.433 Follow Through 13.434 Foreign Language and Area Studies-Fellowships 13.435 Foreign Language and Area Studies--Centers 13.436 Foreign Language and Area Studies-- Research 13.437 Teacher Exchange 13.438 Fulbright-Hays Training Grants-Faculty Research Abroad 13.439 Fulbright-Hays Training Grants-Foreign Curriculum

Consultants 13.440 Fulbright-Hays Training Grants-Group Projects Abroad 13.441 Fulbright-Hays Training Grants--Doctoral Dissertation

Research Abroad 13.443 Handicapped - Research and Demonstration 13.444 Handicapped Early Childhood Assistance 13.445 Handicapped Innovative Programs-Deaf-Blind Centers 13.446 Handicapped Media Services and Captioned Films 13.447 Handicapped Physical Education and Recreation Research 13.448 Handicapped Physical Education and Recreation Training 13.449 Handicapped Preschool and School Programs 13.450 Handicapped Regional Resource Centers



Office of Education - Continued

Office of Education-Continued

13.510 Higher Education Cooperative Education 13.511 Educationally Deprived Children-Special Grants for Urban

and Rural Schools 13.512 Educationally Deprived Children-Special Incentive Grants 13.513 Educational Dissemination 13.514 Educational Personnel Development-Educational Leadership 13.515 Educational Staff Training -Volunteers in Education 13.516 Preschool, Elementary and Secondary Education-Special

Programs and Projects 13.517 Vocational Education - Project Research Grants 13.519 Supplementary Educational Centers and Services, Guidance,

Counseling, and Testing 13.520 Special Programs for Children with Specific Learning

Disabilities 13.521 Experimental Schools

Office of the Secretary

13.600 Child Development-Head Start 13.601 Child Development-Technical Assistance 13.602 Civil Rights Compliance Activities 13.603 Mental Retardation Coordination and Information 13.604 Planning for Human Resources Development 13.606 Surplus Property Utilization 13.607 Facilities Engineering and Construction Activities, Technical

Assistance 13.608 Child Development-Child Welfare Research and Demonstra

tion Grants

Social and Rehabilitation Service

13.451 Handicapped Teacher Education 13.452 Handicapped Teacher Recruitment and Information 13.453 Higher Education-Land-Grant Colleges and Universities 13.454 Higher Education-Strengthening Developing Institutions 13.455 Higher Education Academic Facilities-State Administration 13.456 Higher Education Academic Facilities --State Comprehensive

Planning 13.457 Higher Education Academic Facilities Construction-Interest

Subsidization 13.459 Higher Education Academic Facilities Construction-Public

Community Colleges and Technical Institutes 13.460 Higher Education Act Insured Loans 13.461 Higher Education Personnel Development-Institutes,

Short-Term Training, and Special Projects 13.462 Higher Education Personnel Fellowships 13.463 Higher Education Work-Study 13.464 Library Services-Grants for Public Libraries 13.465 Library Services-Interlibrary Cooperation 13.466 Library Services-State Institutional Library Services 13.467 Library Services to the Physically Handicapped 13.468 Library Training Grants 13.469 National Defense Education Act Loans to Institutions 13.470 National Defense Student Loan Cancellations 13.471 National Defense Student Loans-Direct Loan Contributions 13.473 Preschool, Elementary and Secondary Personnel Develop

ment-Grants to States 13.474 Research and Development-Arts and Humanities 13.475 Research and Development-Library Research 13.476 Research and Development-Regional Research 13.477 School Assistance in Federally Affected Areas-Construction 13.478 School Assistance in Federally Affected Areas-Maintenance

and Operation 13.479 School Equipment Loans to Nonprofit Private Schools 13.480 School Library Resources, Textbooks, and Other Instructional

Materials 13.481 Educational Activities Overseas-Inter-Institutional Cooper

ative Research 13.482 Special Services for Disadvantaged Students in Institutions of

Higher Education 13.483 Strengthening Instruction Through Equipment and Minor

Remodeling 13.485 Strengthening State Departments of Education-Grants for

Special Projects 13.486 Grants to Strengthen State Departments of Education 13.488 Talent Search 13.489 Teacher Corps-Operations and Training 13.490 Training of Teacher Trainers 13.491 University Community Service-Grants to States 13.492 Upward Bound 13.493 Vocational Education-Basic Grants to States 13.494 Vocational Education-Consumer and Homemaking 13.495 Vocational Education-Cooperative Education 13.49 Vocational Education-Curriculum Development 13,498 Vocational Education-Research 13.499 Vocational Education-Special Needs 13500 Vocational Education-State Advisory Councils 13501 Vocational Education-Work Study 13502 Vocational Education-Innovation 13 503 Vocational Education Personnel Development Awards 13.304 Vocational Education Personnel Development --Professional

Personnel Development for States 13505 Education Personnel Development-Urban/Rural School

Development 13.506 Educational Classroom Personnel Training - Bilingual

Education 13507 Educational Classroom Personnel Training -- Teacher Develop

ment for Desegregating Schools 13908 Educational Personnel Development--Media Specialists 13519 Educational Personnel Development-Pupil Personnel


13.700 Aging-Grants to States for Community Programs 13.701 Aging-Research and Development Grants 13.702 Aging-Training Grants 13.703 Aid to Families with Dependent Children 13.704 Aid to the Blind 13.705 Aid to the Permanently and Totally Disabled 13.706 Child Welfare Research and Demonstration Grants 13.707 Child Welfare Services 13.708 Child Welfare Training 13.709 Emergency Welfare Assistance 13.710 Aging-Foster Grandparents 13.711 Juvenile Delinquency Planning, Prevention, and Rehabilitation 13.712 Juvenile Delinquency Prevention and Control-Model

Programs and Technical Assistance 13.713 Juvenile Delinquency Prevention and Control-Training of

Youth Service Personnel 13.714 Medical Assistance Program 13.715 Developmentally Disabled-Community Service Facility Initial

Staffing 13.717 Developmentally Disabled - Hospital Improvement 13.718 Developmentally Disabled-Rehabilitation Service Projects 13.722 Old-Age Assistance 13.723 Public Assistance Demonstration Grants 13.724 Public Assistance-State and Local Training 13.725 Refugee Assistance-Health Services 13.726 Refugee Assistance --Resettlement 13.727 Refugee Assistance-Welfare Assistance and Services 13.728 Rehabilitation Research and Demonstration Grants 13.729 Rehabilitation Research and Training Centers 13.730 Rehabilitation Services Projects-Projects with Industry 13.731 Rehabilitation Services Projects-Expansion Grants 13.732 Rehabilitation Services Projects-Innovation Grants 13.733 Rehabilitation Training 13.734 Repatriated United States Nationals Assistance 13.739 Social Welfare Cooperative Research and Demonstration

Grants 13.740 Social Work Manpower-Training Grants 13.741 State and Local Administration of Public Assistance 13.742 Rehabilitation Facilities Projects-Improvement Grants

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14.001 Flood Insurance

14.133 Mortgage Insurance-Purchase of Units in Condominiums 14.002 Urban Property Protection and Reinsurance

14.134 Mortgage Insurance-Rental Housing

14.135 Mortgage Insurance-Rental Housing for Moderate Income Housing Production and Mortgage Credit/FHA


14.137 Mortgage Insurance-Rental Housing for Low and Moderate 14.100 Housing for Educational Institutions

Imcome Families, Market Interest Rate 14.103 Interest Reduction Payments-Rental and Cooperative 14.138 Mortgage Insurance-Rental Housing for the Elderly Housing for Lower Income Families

14.139 Mortgage Insurance-Rental Housing in Urban Renewal Areas 14.104 Interest Subsidy-Acquisition and Rehabilitation of Homes for 14.140 Mortgage Insurance-Special Credit Risks Resale to Lower Income Families

14.141 Non-Profit Housing Sponsor Loans-Planning Projects for Low 14.105 Interest Subsidy-Homes for Lower Income Families

and Moderate Income Families 14.106 Interest Subsidy-Purchase of Rehabilitated Homes by Lower 14.142 Property Improvement Loan Insurance-All Existing Income Families

Structures 14.107 Major Home Improvement Loan Insurance-Homes in Urban 14.143 Property Improvement Loan Insurance-Construction of Renewal Areas

Nonresidential Farm Structures 14.108 Major Home Improvement Loan Insurance-Housing Outside 14.144 Property Improvement Loan Insurance-Construction of Urban Renewal Areas

Nonresidential or Nonfarm Structures 14.109 Major Home Improvement Loan Insurance-Rental Housing in 14.145 Property Improvement Loan Insurance-Existing Multifamily Urban Renewal Areas

Dwellings 14.110 Mobile Home Loan Insurance-Financing Purchase of Mobile 14.146 Public Housing-Acquisition (With or Without Rehabilitation) Homes as Principal Residence

and Construction 14.112 Mortgage Insurance-Construction or Rehabilitation of 14.147 Public Housing - Home Ownership for Low Income Families Condominium Projects

14.148 Public Housing - Leased 14.113 Mortgage Insurance-Conversion of Below Market Rate Rental 14.149 Rent Supplements-Rental Housing for Lower Income Housing to Condominium Ownership

Families 14.114 Mortgage Insurance-Conversion of Below Market Rate Rental 14.150 Supplemental Loan Insurance-Management Type Cooperative Housing to Cooperative Housing

Projects 14.115 Mortgage Insurance-Development of Sales-Type Cooperative 14.151 Supplemental Loan Insurance--Multifamily Rental Housing Projects

14.152 Mortgage Insurance-Experimental Homes 14.116 Mortgage Insurance-Group Practice Medical Facilities

14.153 Mortgage Insurance-Experimental Projects Other than 14.117 Mortgage Insurance-Homes

Housing 14.118 Mortgage Insurance-Homes for Certified Veterans

14.154 Mortgage Insurance-Experimental Rental Housing 14.119 Mortgage Insurance-Homes for Disaster Victims 14.120 Mortgage Insurance-Homes for Low and Moderate Income

Community Planning and Management Families 14.121 Mortgage Insurance-Homes in Outlying Areas

14.202 Community Development Training Grants 14.122 Mortgage Insurance-Homes in Urban Renewal Areas

14.203 Comprehensive Planning Assistance 14.123 Mortgage Insurance-Housing in Older, Declining Areas

14.207 New Communities Loan Guarantees 14.124 Mortgage Insurance--Investor Sponsored Cooperative Housing 14.208 New Communities Supplementary Grants for Public Facilities 14.1 25 Mortgage Insurance-Land Development and New Commu- 14.211 Surplus Land for Community Development nities

14.214 Urban Systems Engineering Demonstration Grants 14.126 Mortgage Insurance-Management Type Cooperative Projects 14.216 Governmental Management-Technical Assistance and Informa14.127 Mortgage Insurance-Mobile Home Courts

tion Services
14.128 Mortgage Insurance-Hospitals
14.129 Mortgage Insurance-Nursing Homes and Intermediate Care

Community Development
14.130 Mortgage Insurance-Purchase by Homeowners of Fee Simple 14.300 Model Cities Supplementary Grants
Title From Lessors

14.301 Basic Water and Sewer Facilities-Grants
14.132 Mortgage Insurance-Purchase of Sales Type Cooperative 14.302 Neighborhood Facilities Grants
Housing Units

14.303 Open Space Land Programs



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