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training in veterans facility, 64.003
Nursing homes
construction, see Health facilities construction
hospital insurance (Medicare), 13.800, 13.801
improvements, loan insurance, 14.151
mortgage insurance, 14.1 29
veterans, 64.005
veterans, care, 64.002, 64.010
veterans, State homes, 64.015
children, 10.554
extension services, 10.503
food and nutrition research, 10.001, 13.103
food and nutrition research training, 13.104
food for service institution children, 10.552
food stamps, 10.551
Indian, 13.228
milk program, 10.556
national nutrition survey, 13.248
pre-school, Head Start, 13.600
school breakfasts, 10.553

school lunches, food and equipment, 10.554, 10.555

Title III, 13.700
Title III, statewide planning, 13.751
Title IV, 13.701

Title V, 13.702
Occupational health
coal mines, 15.300
research grants, 13.010
safety, 17.307
training grants, 13.011
workmen's compensation, see Workmen's compensation

see also Accident prevention
Ocean research, 47.037
Oceanography, see Marine sciences
ODS, 11.504
Office of civil defense (OCD), see Civil defense
Old-age assistance, see Aging and the aged; Social security
Older workers

age discrimination protection, 17.300
employment services, 17.207

rural, Operation Mainstream, 17.223
OMBE, 11.800
OME, 15.802
Open space land

urban areas, general, 14.303
Operation Mainstream, 17.223
Opthalmology and optometry, see Blindness and the blind;

Medical education; Visual disorders

educational facilities construction, 13.340

educational improvement grants, 13.339
Oriental art

authentication and repair, 60.003

library services in institutions, 13.466

educational facilities construction, 13.340

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educational improvement grants, 13.339, see Medical

education; Health facilities construction
Outdoor recreation, see Recreation; Urban parks and

Overtime, Federal wage-hour law, 17.303
PACE, 13.519
Painting, see Arts
Paraplegic housing, 64.106

fellowships, 13.300
research grants, 13.301

training grants, 13.302
Parks, see Recreation; Urban parks and playgrounds
Part B, education of the handicapped act, 13.449
Partnership for health, 13.206, 13.207, 13.208, 13.210,

see also Comprehensive health planning; Health services

AEC licensing, 24.003
government-owned, abstracts, 11.650
patent and trademark assistance, 11.900
State invention program, 11.605
see also Information sources and services, scientific and

PCPFS information program, 55.003
PDL (Product Disaster Loans), 59.010

veterans widows and children, 64.105
Personal data, census search, 11.006
Pest control

aquatic plants, 12.100
Plant and animal diseases, 10.002
research for less developed countries, 19.007
rodents, 13.224

see also Pesticides; Agriculture

agricultural extension, safety education, 10.506
dairy products, contamination indemnity, 10.053
fish, effect on, 15.604
research grants, 66.100
wildlife ecology, research on, 15.610

wildlife, effect on, 15.607
PFL, 14.304

planning grant program, 20.103

educational facilities construction, 13.340
educational improvement grants, 13.339, see Medical

education; Health facilities construction
Photoduplication service

Library of Congress, 42.004

assistance, 45.009

aerial, geodetic survey, 15.801
motion pictures, see Films, slides, film strips

visual arts support, 45.009
Physical education

Governors' Councils on Physical Fitness, 55.001

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Physical education-Continued

Professors emeriti health-exercise symposia, 55.008

teaching and research in developing institutions, 13.454 physical fitness and sports information, 55.003

Property improvement loan insurance physical fitness clinics, 55.004

construction, nonresidential, farm structures, 14.143 physical fitness demonstration center schools, 55.005

construction, nonresidential, nonfarm structures, 14.144 physical fitness program development, 55.006

existing structures, 14.142 Presidential Physical Fitness Award, 55.007

multi-family, 14.145 summer youth sports program, 55.002

Property tax aid Physical sciences

federal payment, in lieu of, 24.026 aeronautics and space technology utilization, 43.002

Prosthetics nuclear, research and development support, 24.024

appliances and services for veterans, 64.013 specialized research facilities and equipment, 47.031

research, Veterans Administration, 64.006 see also Science education; Nuclear science and technology Psychiatric nursing, see Nursing Physicians,

Psychiatry see Allied health professions; Health professions; Public mental health training grants, 13.244 health and training

see also Mental health Pipelines

Psychology Compulsory connection, 35.003

mental health training grants, 13.244 Pittman-Robertson program (P-R program), 15.611

Public accommodation, civil rights protection, 16.102
Plentiful foods, agricultural marketing notices, 10.158

Public broadcasting, 13.413
Podiatry, see Medical education; Health facilities construction Public documents, see Government publications
Polar research, 47.001

Public facilities
Police training, see Law enforcement personnel training

construction, 11.300 Pollution, see Air pollution; Land pollution; Water pollution Public health Population see Census; Family planning

alcoholism, prevention and treatment, 13.252 Ports and harbors

clinics, construction, see Health facilities construction development and promotion, 11.501

communicable disease prevention and control, 13.200 nautical charts, 11.401

comprehensive health planning, see Comprehensive health also Coast Guard; Navigable waterways; Sea

planning transportation

comprehensive public health services, see Health Services Postal street academies, 18.001

comprehensive services, State, 13.210 Postdoctoral fellowships, see Fellowships and traineeships disaster relief, see Disaster relief Poultry, see Meat and poultry

education, see Public health education and training Poverty

foods and drugs, see Food and drug research community action program, see Community action program immunization, see Communicable diseases; Infectious education, see Education for the disadvantaged

diseases health, see Health services

Indians, see Indian health housing, see Low or moderate income housing; Public laboratory improvement, 13.201 housing

maternal and child health, see Maternal and child health job training, see Manpower development and training; Work nurses, see Nursing training

occupational health, see Occupational health rural, see Rural areas; Rural poverty

public health clinics construction, 13.200 welfare, see Welfare and social services

radiological health research, 13.012, 66.200 see also Low income persons and families

solid waste management demonstrations, 66.300 Preschool children, see Education, early childhood

solid waste management planning, 66.301 President's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped, solid waste management research, 66.302 53.001

water hygiene research, 66.414 President's Committee on Mental Retardation, 54.001

see also Communicable diseases; Community health services; President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, 55.001, Health professions; Infectious diseases; Venereal 55.002, 55.003, 55.004, 55.005, 55.006, 55.007,55.008

diseases Price support

Public health education and training market news, 10.153

communicable diseases, 13.203 see also Agricultural stabilization

comprehensive health planning, 13.207, 13.208 Prisoners of war

emergency services, 13.214 Vietnam, 37.005

facilities construction, 13.340 Product safety

graduate grants, 13.338 disaster loan, 59.010

laboratory skills, 13.201 foud and drug research, 13.101

radiological health, 13.013, 66.201 Professional organizations

radiological health research, 13.012, 66.200 Theatre companies, 45.008

schools of public health, formula grants, 13.370

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) sale of contiguous lands, 15.209

Public health education and training -Continued

Public works-Continued solid waste management training, 66.303

public land lease, 15.201 traineeships, 13.366

sewage facilities, see Sewage facilities and treatment works see also Allied health professions

systems engineering demonstration grants, 14.214 Public health projects, 13.338

urban renewal projects, 14.307 Public health traineeships, 13.366

water facilities, see Water systems and treatment Public housing

see also Flood prevention and control; Urban renewal acquisition, construction, rehabilitation, loans and grants, Publication assistance programs 14.146

American historical documents, publication, 39.006 leased housing, section 23 and section 10 (C), 14.148

foreign science information program, 47.024 management grants, tenant involvement, 14.607

historic American structures, 15.909 modernization, loans, grants, tenant involvement, 14.607 humanities, research and writing, 45.105

Turnkey III, Turnkey IV, mutual-help for Indians, 14.147 international exchange service, 60.006
Public lands

museum publications, 60.007 airport lease, 15.200

science information, 60.006 color of title, 15.212

science information services, 47.024, 47.026 disposal of for public purposes, 39.002

Smithsonian Institution publications, 60.015 exchange, 15.205

translations, see Translation programs forest products, 15.208

Puerto Ricans free use of timber, 15.208

assistance in seeking Federal aid, 25.001 grazing, 15.206

R&D centers, 13.411 highways, 20.209

Radiation monitoring Indian lands, see Indian lands

civil defense equipment, 12.310, 12,317 isolated land sale, 15.211

control training, 24.027 leases for public buildings and other works, 15.201

radiological emergency, safety assistance, 24.028 mineral leasing, 15.207

see also Civil Defense rental for specific use, 15.213

Radio and television rights-of-way, permits, and easements, 15.203

educational, see Educational media and audiovisual aids sale, 15.212

licensing and regulation, 32.001

public media arts programming, 45.006 sale of unintentional trespass lands, 15.209

rights-of-way, public lands, 15.203 sale or lease, public purposes, 15.202

Radiological health surplus Federal real property, see Federal surplus property fellowships, 24.018 timber sales, 15.210

interagency radiological assistance program, 24.028 Public law 47, transfer-Indian, 15.128

radiological emergency, safety assistance, 24.028 Public law 89-313, 13.427

research grants, 13.012, 66.200 Public law 99 program, 12.102, 12.103

training, 13.013, 24.012, 24.027, 66.201 Public law 480, research in education, 13.481

Railroads Public law 991, transfer-Indian, 15.127

disability insurance , 57.001 Public libraries

high speed ground transportation research, 20.300 building acquisition, 13.408

railroad retirement and supplemental annuities, 57.001 construction, 13.408

railroad transportation regulation, 41.002 interlibrary cooperation, 13.465

railroad unemployment and sickness insurance, 57.001 library services, grants, 13.464

safety, 20.301 renovation and alteration, 13.408

safety, BRS, 20.301 see also libraries

supplemental annuities, 57.001 Public media

unemployment insurance, 57.001 arts programming, radio, TV, film festivals, 45.006

Rat control, see Rodent control experimental projects, 45.006

RD&D program, 20.504 humanities, 45.104

REA, 10.850, 10.851 Public radio and television, see Radio and television

Real property, disposal of Federal, 39.002 Public service careers, 17.224

REAP, 10.050 Public works

Reclamation area financial assistance, 11.300

Hawaii, 15.503 harbor and navigation works, see Ports and harbors; irrigation, see Irrigation Navigable waterways

rehabilitation and betterment, 15.502 highways, see Highways

western States, 15.501, 15.503, 15.504 leases and easements, 15.201

Recordings, see Tapes and recordings protection against flood-caused erosion, 12.105

Recreation public facility construction loans, 14.304

Agricultural extension services, 10.507

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beach erosion control, 12.101
boating safety, 20.001
economic research, 10.250
farm fish pond stocking, 15.603
farm loans, 10.407, 10.413
Federal reclamation, 15.504
fish restoration, 15.605
handicapped, 13.447
hunting improvement, 15.611
Indian lands, 15.117
jellyfish control, 11.416
land acquisition and development, 15.400
open space land acquisition and development grants, 14.303
park facility design, 15.907
park operation, improved, 15.907
park planning and management, 15.906
planning, 15.401
public lands, purchase or lease, 15.202, 39.002
resource development loans, 10.414
soil surveys, 10.903
sport fish management, 15.608
technical assistance, 15.402
watershed management, 10.419
watershed projects, 10.904

waterways, small navigation projects, 12.107
Recreational facilities
neighborhood center construction, rehabilitation grants,

Redevelopment areas

economic development, planning assistance, 11.302

see also Metropolitan development; Urban renewal
Reference services

Federal records, 39.004

Library of Congress, 42.006

Cuban, 13.725, 13.726, 13.727
Regional centers for deaf-blind children, 13.445
Regional economic development

Appalachia, 23.001
Coastal Plains, 28.001
Four Corners, 38.001
Grant-in-Aid supplements, 28.001, 38.001
New England, 48.001
Ozarks, 52.001

Upper Great Lakes, 63.001
Regional medical programs

kidney disease control, 13.247
nutrition survey, 13.248
operational and planning grants, 13.249

see also Chronic diseases

vocational, see Vocational rehabilitation
Rehabilitation facilities

improvement grants, 13.742
initial staffing grants, 13.743
technical assistance, 13.744

see also Health facilities construction
Rehabilitation of buildings

clinical research centers, 13.333

Rehabilitation of buildings-Continued

grants, loans, 14.305
mortgage insurance, experimental housing, 14.152
mortgage insurance, experimental multifamily housing,

mortgage or loan insurance, 14.142
multifamily structures, loan insurance, 14.145
natural disaster loans, agriculture, 10.404
neighborhood centers, grants, 14.302
public housing loans, grants, tenant involvement, 14.607
see also Housing; Home improvement, mortgage or loan

Remedial education services, see Education for the

Renal diseases, see Kidney disorders
Rental housing

conversion to condominium, 14.113
converstion to cooperative, 14.114
low or moderate income families, loan insurance, interest

subsidies, 14.103
low or moderate income families, rent supplements, 14.148,

Rental housing, mortgage or loan insurance

construction or rehabilitation, 14.134
construction or rehabilitation, multifamily, urban renewal,

elderly, 14.138
experimental housing, multifamily, 14.154
improvement, multifamily housing, 14.151
low or moderate income families, 14.135, 14.137
rural rental or cooperative housing, 10.415
section 207, 14.134
section 221(D)(4), 14.135
section 231, 14.138

section 241, 14.151
Repatriated U.S. nationals, assistance, 13.734
Research cooperative aid, 10.651

Cuban refugee, 13.726
Respiratory diseases

coal miners, special benefits, 13.806
heart and lung research, fellowships, 13.344
heart and lung research, grants, 13.346
heart and lung research, graduate training grants, 13.345
heart and lung research, undergraduate training, 13.347
occupational health research, 13.010

tuberculosis control, 13.204

insurance (Social Security), 13.803
over 72, 13.804

Social Security, see Social Security
Rice, export payments, 10.301
Rights-of-way, public lands, 15.203

property damage, 59.008
River and flood forecasts, 11.402
River basin program, 10.906
River basins

comprehensive planning, 66.401
flood control, see Flood prevention and control

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River basins-Continued

Sanitary engineering-Continued
surveys and investigations, 10.906

Tennessee Valley, see Tennessee Valley region

SBIC; MESBIC, 59.011
water resources plans, surveys, 65.001

RMA Act - Agricultural Omnibus bill, 10.001

Indians, higher education, 15.114

Smithsonian Associates classes and courses, 60.101
access roads, Appalachian region, 23.008

see also Fellowships and traineeships
highways, see Highways

School construction
Indian lands, 15.122, 15.125

disaster relief loans, 59.008
Rights-of-way, public lands, 15.203

medical schools, see Health education facilities
Rodent control

university facilities, see College and university facilities
community health services grants, 13.224

see also Educational facilities

School desegregation
senior c.tizens, 13.752

civil rights compliance, 13.602
Rubella control, 13.224

complaints, 16.100, 29.001
Rural areas

public schools, assistance to, 13.405
Appalachia, see Appalachian region

teacher training, 13.507
community development extension programs, 10.500

university school desegregation centers, 13.405
community resource conservation, 10.901

School libraries
cooperatives, 10.350

resources, textbooks, other instructional materials, 13.480
economic research, 10.250

School lunches
electrification and telephone service loans, 10.850

additional food assistance, 49.005
employment services, 17.207

direct food distribution, 10.550
migrant farm workers, see Migrant workers

Indians, 15.130
Operation Mainstream, 17.223

milk, 10.556
soil surveys, 10.903

preparation equipment, 10.554
telephone service, rural, loans, 10.851

School personnel utilization program, 13.425
water and sewer systems, comprehensive planning, 10.400 Science and technology reference services, see Information
water and sewer systems, grants and loans, 10.418

sources and services, scientific and technical
water systems, resource development loans, 10.414

Science education
Rural cooperatives, see Agricultural cooperatives

advanced seminars, 47.010

Antarctic research, 47.001
farm labor housing, grants and loans, 10.405

biological and medical research, 47.002
loans, low to moderate income, 10.410

college teachers institutes, seminars, short courses, 47.032
loans, self-help groups, 10.411

college teachers research participation, 47.032
mortgage or loan insurance, 14.121

colleges, institutional grants, 47.012
repair loans to very low income families, 10.417

computers, see Computers
Tural, 10.411, 14.121

conferences for scientists, 47.028
section 504 housing loans, 10.417

curriculum improvement, elementary and secondary,
site loans, 10.411

technical assistance, 10.420

curriculum improvement, undergraduate, 47.033

fellowships, graduate, AEC laboratory, 24.010
education personnel development, 13.505

fellowships, graduate, postdoctoral, faculty, NATO, 47.009
farm income improvement, 10.504

fellowships, graduate, nuclear science, 24.017
housing, see Rural housing housing repair loans, very low foreign currency, 47.039
income families, 10.417

graduate, 47.010
special projects, 13.511

graduate research, 47.005
work training and employment, operation mainstream, importation of scientific materials, duty-free, 11.201

institutional center to aid foreign development, 19.006
see also Health services

institutional grants for science, 47.012
Sate streets, see Law enforcement

interdisciplinary research, 47.013

intergovernmental science program, 47.036
boating, 20.001

international, see International education
mines, 15.305, 59.014

international cooperation, exchanges, travel, 47.014
mining, research, 15.306

international travel grants, 47.015
occupational, 13.010, 13.011, 17.307

marine sciences, 11.417, 14.418
railroad, 20.301

marine sciences research, 47.018
See also Accident prevention; Occupational health

mathematical and physical science research, 47.016
Sanitary engineering

nuclear conferences, faculty-student, 24.005
community environmental management, see Environmental nuclear equipment, grants to universities, 24.022

Rural housing

Rural poverty

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