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24.001 Access Permits


24.002 Atomic Energy Motion Picture Film Libraries 24.003 Granting of Patent Licenses

24.004 Nuclear Education and Training-Faculty Research Participation

24.005 Nuclear Education and Training-Faculty-Student Conference 24.006 Nuclear Education and Training-Faculty-Student Experiments

24.007 Nuclear Education and Training-Faculty Training Institutes 24.008 Nuclear Education and Training-Faculty Workshops 24.009 Nuclear Education and Training-Honors Program for Senior Science Majors

24.010 Nuclear Education and Training-Laboratory Graduate Participants

24.011 Nuclear Education and Training-Loan of Material to Nonprofit Institutions

24.012 Nuclear Education and Training-Medical Radioisotope Course 24.013 Nuclear Education and Training-Mobile Radioisotope Laboratory

24.014 Nuclear Education and Training-Nuclear Medical Technology Course

24.015 Nuclear Education and Training-Radioisotope Techniques Training Courses

24.016 Nuclear Education and Training-Reactor Fuel Cycle Assistance

24.017 Nuclear Education and Training-Special Fellowships in Nuclear Science and Engineering

24.018 Nuclear Education and Training-Special Fellowships in Radiation Protection

24.019 Nuclear Education and Training-Summer Student Training 24.020 Nuclear Education and Training-Traineeships for Graduate Students in Nuclear Engineering

24.021 Nuclear Education and Training-University Reactor Sharing 24.022 Nuclear Education and Training-Used Nuclear-Type Equipment Grants

24.023 Nuclear Science and Technology-Literature and Information Services

24.024 Nuclear Science and Technology-Research and Developmen 24.025 Nuclear Science Lecture Demonstration for Secondary School 24.026 Payments in Lieu of Property Taxes

24.027 Radiation Control-Training Assistance and Advisory Counseling

24.028 Radiological Emergency Assistance 24.029 Uranium Industry Workshops 24.030 Work Experience

24.031 Nuclear Materials Safeguards Training

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30.001 Job Discrimination-Investigation and Conciliation of 30.003 Job Discrimination-Technical Assistance to Employe Complaints Unions, and Employment Agencies

30.002 Job Discrimination-Special Project Grants


31.002 Commercial Bank Export Credit Loans

31.005 Export Financing-Guarantees and Insurance 31.003 Export Credit Information Service for U.S. Commercial Banks 31.006 Export Financing-Preliminary Commitments 31.004 Export Financing-Direct Loans and Participation Financing


32.001 Communications Information, Regulation, and Investigation

of Complaints

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37.004 Claims of Civilian American Citizens Interned in Southeast 37.005 Claims of Prisoners of War in Vietnam Asia

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41.001 Interstate Commerce-Cooperative Enforcement Agreements 41.002 Interstate Commerce-Investigation of Complaints

with States

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National Endowment for the Arts-Continued

45.006 Promotion of the Arts-Public Media

45.007 Promotion of the Arts-State and Community Operations

45.008 Promotion of the Arts-Theatre

45.009 Promotion of the Arts-Visual Arts

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