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Virus diseases, see Cancer

Visitors service, travel in U.S., 11.950
Visual arts, see Arts
Visual disorders

eye research, fellowships, 13.330
eye research, grants, 13.331

eye research, training grants, 13.332
see also Blindness and the blind
Vocational education

administrators, training, 13.514
basic State grants, 13.493
business schools, EOG, 13.418
consumer education, 13.494

cooperative programs, 13.504

cooperative work-study programs, 13.495

curriculum development, new occupations, 13.496

disadvantaged workers, 13.499

exemplary programs, 13.502

homemaking, nutrition, child care, 13.494

Indians, 15.108

innovative programs, 13.502

insured student loans, 13.460

leadership development, 13.503
machine tool loan, 12.001

Merchant Marine Academy, 11.507
on-the-job training, 13.495

personnel training fellowships, 13.503
personnel training programs, 13.504
postal street academies, 18.001
program planning, evaluation, 13.500
research, 13.498, 13.517

State advisory councils, 13.500

State Merchant Marine Schools, 11.506

student guidance and counseling, 13.493, 13.502

water pollution control, 66.410

work experience, 13.502

work study, 13.501

see also Manpower development and training; Technician

Vocational education facilities

Appalachian region, 23.012

construction, State grants, 13.493

Vocational rehabilitation

basic support, State agencies, 13.746

career opportunities, 13.749

disability insurance (Social Security), 13.802

expansion of services, 13.731

facilities construction, 13.755

facility improvement grants, 13.742

grants for construction of facilities (Section 12 grants)

industry contracts for training handicapped, 13.730

innovative programs, 13.732

research and demonstration grants, 13.728

research and training centers, 13.729

services for Social Security beneficiaries, 13.747

special center program, 13.729

staffing, initial, 13.743

technical assistance, 13.744
training services grants, 13.745

Vocational rehabilitation-Continued

veterans, disabled, 64.116

Volcanic eruptions

study, 60.011

women in Federal and community programs, 17.305
Volunteers in Education (VIE), 13.515

Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA), 49.012
Voting rights

civil rights information clearinghouse, 29.001
protection against discrimination, 16.104
Wage and industrial relations studies, 17.005
Wage statistics, 17.005

see also Labor and manpower statistics
Wage-hour standards, 17.303

War Hazards Compensation Act, 17.302

War orphans and widows educational assistance, 64.117

Water hygiene research, 66.414

Water pollution

Appalachia, mine drainage, 23.010

environmental health, see Environmental health

environmental management, see Environmental manage-


Federal computer data system (STORET), 66.411

Federal computer data system (STORET), training, 66.412
information, 66.402

interstate compacts, 66.404

legal assistance to States, 66.404

planning assistance, 66.413

research and demonstration, 66.405
research fellowships, 66.406

research, water hygiene, 66.414

river basins, comprehensive planning, 66.401
solid waste disposal, see Solid waste disposal
State and interstate agency programs, 66.407
technology application, 66.409

training facilities and programs, 66.410

training, environmental management, see Environmental


training, short courses, 66.403

training, State and local personnel, 66.408

waste treatment plants, see Sewage facilities and treatment
waste water reclamation research, 66.405

Water resources

agricultural extension services, education, 10.508

annual allotment program, 15.951

comprehensive Federal State planning, 65.001

conservation and development loans, agricultural, 10.414

conservation loans, individual farms, 10.409

economic research, 10.250

Federal reclamation project program, Western States, see

Federal-State cooperative program, 15.804

flood plain management, 12.104

flood prevention, see Flood prevention and control
geodetic control surveys, 11.400

Great Plains conservation program, 10.900
hydroelectric projects, regulation, 35.001

hydrologic and hydrometeorological data, 11.402
information, 15.804

Water resources-Continued
irrigation, see Irrigation

matching grant program, 15.952

research grants, 15.950, 15.951, 15.952
research training, 15.951, 15.952

river and flood forecasts, 11.402

river basins, see River basins

seasonal supplies, 10.907

soil and water.conservation, 10.902

SW loans, 10.416

tidewater and estuarine research, 60.004

Title III-Water resources planning program, 65.001

watershed projects, 10.904

Water Resources Research Act, Title II, 15.950

Water systems and treatment

basic facilities, grants, 14.301

construction loans, 14.304

irrigation, see Irrigation

new community site development loan insurance, 14.153

new community supplementary grants, 14.208

planning, comprehensive, rural areas, 10.400

sewage systems, see Sewage facilities and treatment

see also Water resources; Other water entries

Water transportation, see Navigable waterways; Sea trans-

Watershed management and protection
flood control, 10.904

flood prevention, 10.419

see also Water resources

Weather forecasts

routine forecasts, weather data, 11.404

severe weather warnings, 11.404

Weights and measures

calibration services, instruments, 11.601

National Bureau of Standards, technical services, 11.606

Welfare and pension plans, collectively bargained
disclosure requirements, 17.103

Welfare and social services

adoption, 13.601

aged, see Aging and the aged

Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC), 13.703

blind, income support, 13.704

child care, 13.601, 13.754

child care, Work Incentive Program (WIN), 13.748

child welfare, 13.706, 13.707, 13.708

Welfare and social services-Continued

medical care, emergency Medicaid, see Health services

mental retardation facility construction and staffing, 13.753

mental retardation planning, 13.753

mental retardation rehabilitation, 13.718

mental retardation, community facilities, 13.715

mental retardation, foster care, 13.601

mental retardation, treatment improvement, 13.717

old-age assistance, 13.722

permanently and totally disabled, 13.705

protective services, 13.601

public assistance demonstration projects, 13.723
public assistance program administration support, 13.741
public service careers, 17.224

rehabilitation facilities, technical assistance, 13.744
rehabilitation facility improvement grants, 13.742

rehabilitation facility initial staffing grants, 13.743
rehabilitation training services grants, 13.745

repatriated U.S. nationals, assistance, 13.734

research in social work, 13.739

rural areas, Federal program information, see Rural areas;
rural poverty

school lunches, see School lunches

Social Security beneficiaries, vocational rehabilitation,

Social services training, see Social work
training, faculty support, 13.740

veterans, see Veterans

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community action agencies, 49.002, 49.003

Cuban refugees, 13.727

emergency food and medical care, 49.005

emergency welfare assistance, 13.709

family planning, 13.217, 13.754, 49.006

foster family services, 13.601

group and institutional care, 13.601

home management, 13.754

Indians, see Indians

juvenile delinquency prevention, planning, 13.711

juvenile delinquency prevention, training, 13.713

juvenile delinquency, model programs and technical assis-

tance, 13.712

legal services, 13.754

medical assistance (Medicaid), 13.714

survivors insurance (Social Security), 13.805

veterans, 64.102, 64.105, 64.108, 64.110, 64.112, 64.113,


Widows pension (veterans widows and children), 64.105

Wildlife conservation

Federal surplus real property, 39.002


discrimination in employment, 17.301, 30.002

rights and opportunities, enlargement of, 17.305

volunteer services in Federal and community programs,


wage equality with men, 17.303

see also Maternal and child care
Wool and mohair

stabilization, 10.059

Work Incentive Program (WIN)

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As a supplement to the alphabetic subject index list, we have added, in numeric sequence, a listing of program numbers frequently referred to by a popular title which is numeric rather than alphabetic.

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