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Bilingual education

children's classes, 13.403

personnel development, 13.506
Biological and medical sciences

aeronautics and space technology utilization, 43.002
Antarctic research, 47.001
Chesapeake Bay Center for environmental studies, 60.004
faculty training by mobile radioisotope laboratory, 24.013
foreign currency programs, Smithsonian Institution, 60.016
general medical sciences, see General medical sciences
institutional science support, 13.310
international biological program, 47.017
laboratory animals, see Laboratory animals
marine science, see Marine sciences
nuclear science, see Nuclear science and technology
publication assistance, see Publication assistance programs
radioisotope training, 24.012
radiological health, 13.012, 13.013, 66.200, 66.201
research 47.002, 47.017
short-lived phenomena, 60.011
specialized research facilities and equipment, 47.031

see also Medical research
Biomedical research, see Medical research
Biomedical science, see Biological and medical sciences
Bird banding, record analysis, 15.606
Blindness and the blind

Civil Service employment, 27.005
educational materials, 42.001
income support, 13.704
libraries, special services and resources, 13.467, 42.001
library services in institutions, 13.466
preschool, school education, 13.449
regional centers, children, 13.445
social services, 13.754
veterans prosthetics, 64.013
veterans rehabilitation program, 64.007
vocational rehabilitation services support, 13.746,
see also Education for the handicapped; Visual disorders;

Vocational rehabilitation
Boating safety, U.S. Coast Guard, 20.001
Bonding program, 17.206
Braille publications, 42.001
Broadcasting, see Education media and audiovisual aids; Radio

and television
BRS, 20.301
Building codes

earthquake hazards, technical information, 11.403
National Bureau of Standards, information, 11.600

see also Housing codes

ļongshoremen and harbor workers, 17.302
Burial, veterans

funeral and burial allowance, 64.101
headstones and markers, 12.202

National cemeteries, 12.201
Buses, see Urban mass transportation
Business economic analyses, U.S., 11.700
Business schools, see Colleges and universities
Calibration and test services, scientific instruments, 11.601
CAMPS, 17.205


Clinical training, 13.311
Leukemia 13.372
oral, research grants, 13.325
post-doctoral research fellowships, 13.313
regional medical programs, 13.249
research 13.372
research centers, 13.312
research grants,

research training, 13.315, 13.373

smoking research, 13.250
Captioned films for the deaf, 13.446
Cardiovascular diseases, see Heart diseases
Career Opportunities Program (COP), teachter training, 13.421

geological survey, 15.801
Catalog cards, Library of Congress, 42.003
CCC credit, 10.300
CCSS projects

CCI projects, 47.020
CDS 11.500
Cemeteries see National cemeteries; Veterans

computer tapes and cards, 11.005
intergovernmental services, 11.004
mapping and statistical areas, 11.003
personal search, 11.006
publications and reports, 11.001
special tabulations and services, 11.005
summary tape processing centers, 11.002

technical assistance, local government, 11.004
Center for community planning, model cities, 13.604
Center for short-lived phenomena, 60.011
Central research, less-developed countries, 19.007
CEP 17.204
Cerebrovascular diseases, see Neurological diseases

narcotics and dangerous drugs, forensic training, 16.004
narcotics and drugs, forensic laboratory assistance, 16.001,

see also Science education
Chesapeake Bay Center for Environmental Studies, 60.004
Child health

crippled children, 13.211
crippled children research, 13.231
deaf-blind regional centers, 13.445
dental care, 13.212
Follow Through, 13.433
handicapped and retarded, technical assistance, 13.601
Head Start, 13.600
health and development, fellowships, 13.316
health and development, research grants, 13.317
health and development, training grants, 13.318
Indian 13.228
infants, intensive care, 13.230
low income areas, special projects, 13.218
maternal and child health, research, 13.231
maternal and child health, services, 13.232
maternity and infant care, 13.234
mental health research grants, 13.242

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Child health-Continued

mentally retarded children, 13.232
training, personnel, 13.233
see also Maternal and child health
Child health research grants program, 13.231
Child labor certification, 17.303
Child welfare

Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC), 13.703
Appalachia, 23.013
child care, work incentive program (WIN), 13.748
child development assistance, 13.601
child labor standards, 17.303
crippled children, services, 13.211
CW R&D 13.076
demonstration 13.608
dental care, 13.212
food assistance, 10.553, 10.554, 10.556
foster grandparents, 13.710
Head Start, 13.600
Indians, 15.103
learning disabilities research, 13.520
nutrition, 13.433
nutrition, non-school children, 10.552
personnel training, 13.708
research, 13.608
research and demonstration grants, 13.706
school lunches, see School lunches
services grants, 13.707
see also Education for the disadvantaged; Education for the


early childhood education, see Education, early childhood
Children and youth projects, 13.218
Chronic diseases

Hill-Burton facilities construction program, 13.253
kidney disease control, 13.247
long-term care facilities construction, 13.253
mental illness, see Mental health
nutrition survey, 13.248
see also Arthritis, Mental health; Nursing homes;


disaster relief loans, 59.008

education and training, 16.400
City planning, see Urban planning
Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB), subsidies to certificated air

carriers, 26.001
Civil Defense

architect/engineer faculty development, 12.300
architect/engineer professional development, 12.301
business participation, 12.309
civil defense education, 13.404
community leadership, 12.302
community shelter planning (CSP), 12.304
continuity of government and management of resources,

emergency operating center (EOC), 12.305
emergency water system, 12.306
engineering stockpile, 12.306

Civil Defense-Continued

equipment, 12.321
fallout protection, new construction, 12.301, 12.316
fallout Shelter equipment, 12.317
Federal matching funds, 12.315, 12.319
Federal property donations, 12.308
Federal surplus property, 39.003
government facilities participation, 12.309
hardware, 12.321
industrial participation, 12.309
medical self-help program, 13.213
national fallout Shelter survey (NFSS), 12.312
National Guard facilities, 12.400
national organizations liaison, 12.313
nuclear attack recovery, 10.506
OCD Staff College, 12.314
personnel and administrative expenses, 12.315
public information exhibits, 12.307
radiation shielding, advisory services, 12.316
radiation shielding, new construction, 12.301, 12.316
radiological equipment donation, 12.317
radiological equipment inspection, maintenance, 12.310
radiological monitor training, 13.404
shelter information, 12.318
shelter manager training, 13.404
shelters, marking and stocking, 12.311
surplus Federal property, 12.322
survival supplies, equipment and training, 12.319
University Extension Program (UEP), 12.320
university programs, 12.300
voluntary organizations liaison, 12.313

see also Disaster relief; Emergency health services
Civil disturbances

Prevention, 16.502
Civil disturbances, reinsurance, 14.002
Civil rights

civil rights information clearinghouse, 29.001
community relations service, race relations, 16.200
compliance activities, 13.602
education, 16.100
employment, 16.101
employment, State agency assistance, 30.002
employment, technical assistance, 30.003
Federal contractor compliance, 17.301
housing, 14.400, 16.103
job discrimination, 30.001
public accommodation, 16.102
school desegregation, see School desegretation
voting rights, 16.104

see also School desegregation
Civil Service

employment in the Federal service, 27.001
handicapped, employment, 27.005
State assistance, personnel management, 27.007
State assistance, recruiting and staffing, 27.008
State assistance, training, 27.009
State merit systems, 27.010
stay-in-school campaign, 27.003
veterans assistance, 27.002
youth employment, part-time or summer, 27.004

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Civil Service-Continued

Colleges and universities-Continued
youth employment, summer, 27.006

handicapped, graduate programs for teachers of, 13.417
Claim of color of title, 15.212

humanities education, see Humanities
Clinical research centers, grants, 13.333

juvenile delinquency prevention, training, 13.713
Coal mining

land-grant, 13.453
Appalachia, mining area restoration, 23.010

language instructions, see Language and foreign area studies
disabled miners, special benefits, 13.806

librarian training, 13.468, 13.475
fire control, 15.301

libraries, see College and university libraries
health and safety projects, 15.300, 59.014

manpower education and research, 17.219
worker health and safety research, 23.011

national defense student loans, 13.469, 13.470, 13.471
workmen's compensation, 15.300

research and development laboratories, education, 13.411,
Coast Guard

boating safety, 20.001

school desegregation centers, 13.405
Coast Guard Auxiliary, 20.001

science program improvement, 47.010
marine sciences, cooperative program, 20.002

sea grant program, 14.417, 14.418
Coastal protection and rehabilitation, 12.101, 12.102

social work training support, 13.740
Coastal waterways, see Navigable waterways

staff education, short-term, 13.461
Coasts, tidelands, waterways

student financial aid, see Student financial aid
maps and charts, 11.400

Talent Search, 13.488
nautical charts, 11.401

teacher education, see Teacher education
tide and current predictions, 11.401

Upward Bound, 13.492
Collective bargaining, see Labor-management relations

vocational education, teacher training, graduate, 13.503
College and university facilities

water pollution control education, 66.410
community, construction, 13.459

work-study programs, 13.463
construction loans, interest subsidies, 13.457

see also Community colleges
disaster relief loans, 59.008

Color of title, 15.212
housing and related facilities debt service, 14.100

Commercial fisheries, see Fisheries industry
planning, 13.456

Commodity distribution, see Agricultural commodities
State administration, 13.455

Commodity Exchange Act, 10.100
College and university faculties

Communicable diseases
college teacher programs, summer institutes and short laboratory improvement, 13.201
courses, 47.032

measles control, 13.224
undergraduate science instructional improvement, 47.033, prevention and control technical assistance, 13.200

see also Educational personnel development; Fellowships research grants, 13.202

and traineeships; Science education; Teacher education rubella control, 13.224
College and university libraries

training, public health workers, 13.203
Interlibrary cooperation, 13.406, 13.465

tuberculosis control, 13.204
library materials acquisition, 13.406

venereal disease control, 13.205
see also Libraries

see also Infectious diseases
College housing, 14.100

College work study program, 13.463

licensing and regulation, 32.001
Colleges and universities

rights-of-way, public lands, 15.203
area studies, see Language and foreign area studies

see also Educational media and audiovisual aids; Radio and
child welfare traineeships, 13.708

civil defense activities, 12.300, 12.320

Community action program
civil rights compliance, 13.602

aged, opportunities and services, 49.010
community service programs, 13.491

alcoholic counseling and recovery, 49.001
computer applications and computing services, 47.003

comprehensive health services, 49.003
cooperative education, 13.510

concentrated employment program (CEP), 17.204
developing institutions, strengthening of, 13.454

drug rehabilitation, 49.004
disadvantaged, student counseling, 13.482

emergency food and medical services, 49.005
early childhood, graduate educational programs in, 13.416 employment and employment services, 49.002
Educational Opportunity Grants (EOG), 13.418

family planning, 49.006
educational research centers, 13.411, 13.412

legal services, 49.008
educational research training, 13.424

migrant and seasonal farmworkers assistance, 49.009
facilities construction, see College and university facilities poverty areas, special impact grants, 49.011
faculty education, see Educational personnel development; Community colleges

Fellowships and traineeships; Science education; construction, 13.459
Teacher education

cooperative education, 13.510
foreign aid research and training, 19.006, 19.007

developing institutions, 13.454



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Community colleges --Continued

humanities, faculty fellowships, 45.108
science teacher education, 47.032

staff education, short-term, 13.461
Community contract (nursing home care), 64.002
Community coordinated child care (4-C) program, 13.601
Community development

basic water and sewer facilities, grants, 14.301
center for community planning, 13.604
college community service programs, 13.491
comprehensive planning assistance grants, 14.203
extension services, 10.500
Federal program information, 49.007
group decision-making assistance, 10.500
income and employment opportunities, 10.500
Indians, see Indians
local development companies, 59.013
medical resource sharing, 64.018
military base closing, 12.600
model cities supplementary grants, 14.300
model cities, planning assistance, 13.604
neighborhood center construction, rehabilitation grants,

neighborhood development grants, loans, 14.306
new community site development loan insurance, 14.153
new community supplementary grants, 14.208
new development loan guarantees, 14.207
New Town in Town demonstration, 14.211
open space land, 14.303
operation mainstream, 17.223
public facility construction loans, 14.304
regional, Coastal Plains, 28.001
regional, Four Corners, 38.001
regional, New England, 48,001
regional, Ozarks, 52.001
regional, Upper Great Lakes, 63.001
rehabilitation grants, loans, 14.305
rural areas, see Rural areas
special impact programs, 49.011
systems engineering demonstration grants, 14.214
Tennessee Valley Region, 62.002
training grants, 14.202
urban planning research and demonstration, 14.504
urban renewal projects, 14.307
Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA), 49.012

women's volunteer services, 17.305
Community environmental management, see Environmental

Community health services

Appalachian health demonstrations, 23.004
emergency preparedness, 13.214
formula grants to States, 13.210
migrant workers, see Migrant workers
neighborhood health center, 49.003
planning, see Comprehensive health planning
project grants, 13.224
Community mental health centers

facility construction, narcotics addiction, 13.235
Federal treatment centers, community aftercare, 13.239
formula grants to States, 13.210

Comminity mental health centers-Continued

initial staffing, 13.235, 13.240
narcotics addiction treatment, 13.235

see also Narcotics and drug abuse
Community planning

Aging, 13.700
Community relations service, race relations, 16.200
Community services

educational television and radio, 13.413
Complaint investigation

agricultural commodities, 10.154
air transportation, commercial, 26.002
civil rights, 29.001
commodity futures markets, 10.100
communications, 32.001
job discrimination, 30.001
meat and poultry unfair business practices, 10.800
monopolistic practices, 36.001
railroads, 20.301

shipping, 33.001
Comprehensive health planning

areawide grants, 13.206
education and training, 13.208
formula grants to States, 13.210
neighborhood health center, 49.003
State grants, 13.207

studies and demonstrations, 13.208

census data, 11.002, 11.005
criminal justice applications, 16.509
education applications, 47.003
geocoding, 11.003
medical research, special resources, 13.371
national crime information center, FBI, 16.304
research in computer science, 47.003
water pollution and water quality data, 66.411, 66.412
see also Information sciences; Information sources and

Condominium housing, mortgage or loan insurance

construction or rehabilitation, 14.112
conversion from rental, 14.113

purchase, 14.133

flood prevention and erosion control, 10.901
Great Plains, 10.900
land and water conservation fund grants, 15.400
land and water conservation fund State plan program,

soil and water, 10.508
water management, 10.901
water resources planning, 65.001
wildlife management, 10.507
see also Environmental management; Environmental

Consumer price index, 17.003
Consumer promotion

agricultural trade, 10.600
Consumer protection

air transportation-consumer complaints, 26.002
deceptive trade practices, control, 36.001

Consumer protection-Continued

fisheries products inspection, 11.413

see also Law enforcement
food and drug research, 13.101, 13.103

Crippled children
health planning, 13.208

health services research, 13.231
improved family living, 10.502

medical care, 13.211
investor complaints and inquiries, 58.001

see also Child health; Maternal and child health:
meat and poultry inspection, 10.151, 10.157

Office of Consumer Affairs, 69.001

Crop insurance, 10.450
prevention of monopolistic and unfair trade, 36.001

rail transportation - safety, 20.301

animal damage control, 15.601
unfair business practices, meat and poultry, 10.800

CRS, 16.200
wage garnishment restrictions, 17.306

CSCE programs, 13.491
welfare and pension plan reports, 17.103

CSP, 12.304
Contact service or contact office (veterans information), Cuban refugees

assistance in seeking Federal aid, 25.001
Continuing professional education

education, college student loans, 13.409
education, see Educational personnel development; teacher health services, 13.725

resettlement, 13.726
medical see Allied health professions; health manpower welfare assistance and services, 13.727
mental health, see Mental health

Cuban student loan program, 13.409
mental hospital, see Mental hospitals

Curriculum development
police, see Law enforcement personnel training

civil defense education, 13.404
teachers, see Educational personnel development; teacher consumer and homemaking education, 13.494

drug abuse, 13.420
Continuity of government and management of resources in humanities, 45.101
emergencies, 50.001

language and foreign area studies, 13.439
Contracting opportunities, developing market potential, regional laboratories, 13.412

vocational education, 13.493, 13.496, 13.498
Contracts, see Government contracts

see also Educational personnel development; Educational
Cooperative agricultural extension services, see Agricultural

extension services

Dairy industry
Cooperative Area Manpower Planning System (CAMPS), 17.205 contaminated milk, indemnities, 10.053
Cooperative education program, 13.510

marketing agreements, 10.155
Cooperative forestry, 10.650

milk for school use, 10.5,56
Cooperative housing, mortgage or loan insurance

pesticides residue, milk, 10.053
construction, 14.115

Dams and levies, see Flood prevention and control; Navigable
conversion from rental, 14.114

improvement, repair rehabilitation, 14.150

Dance and choreography, support, 45.002
investor sponsored, 14.124

Day care for children
low or moderate income families, 14.137

day care centers, staff education, 13.416
low or moderate income families loan insurance and interest information and advisory services, 17.305
subsidies, 14.103

migrant children, 49.009
management type, 14.126

special good assistance, 10.552
rural cooperative housing, 10.415

Work Incentive Program (WIN), 13.748
sales type, 14.132

4-C technical assistance, 13.601
Cooperative research, 13.422

Deaf-Blind regional centers, children, 13.445
Copyright, 42.002

Deafness and the deaf
Correctional institutions

captioned films, media services, 13.446
employment services, 17.207

children, education, 13.427
library services in institutions, 13.466

civil service employment, 27.005
Correctional services

deaf-blind regional centers, 13.445
technical assistance, 16.600

library services in institutions, 13.466

preschool, school education, 13.449
agricultural research, 10.200

rehabilitation research and training centers, 13.729
agricultural stabilization, direct payments, 10.052

veterans hearing aids, 64.013
Counterfeiting, police training, 21.100

Defense base act, 17.302
Credit unions, see Federal credit unions

Defense languages, see Language and foreign area studies

Demolition of buildings
civil rights actions, see Civil rights

urban renewal projects, 14.307
mental health research grants, 13.242

Demonstration grants




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