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Professors emeriti

teaching and research in developing institutions, 13.454 Property improvement loan insurance

construction, nonresidential, farm structures, 14.143 construction, nonresidential, nonfarm structures, 14.144 existing structures, 14.142

multi-family, 14.145

Property tax aid

federal payment, in lieu of, 24.026 Prosthetics

appliances and services for veterans, 64.013

research, Veterans Administration, 64.006 Psychiatric nursing, see Nursing


mental health training grants, 13.244

see also Mental health


mental health training grants, 13.244

Public accommodation, civil rights protection, 16.102
Public broadcasting, 13.413

Public documents, see Government publications
Public facilities

construction, 11.300

Public health

alcoholism, prevention and treatment, 13.252 clinics, construction, see Health facilities construction communicable disease prevention and control, 13.200 comprehensive health planning, see Comprehensive health planning

comprehensive public health services, see Health Services comprehensive services, State, 13.210

disaster relief, see Disaster relief

education, see Public health education and training foods and drugs, see Food and drug research.

immunization, see Communicable diseases; Infectious


Indians, see Indian health

laboratory improvement, 13.201

maternal and child health, see Maternal and child health nurses, see Nursing

occupational health, see Occupational health

public health clinics construction, 13.200
radiological health research, 13.012, 66.200
solid waste management demonstrations, 66.300
solid waste management planning, 66.301
solid waste management research, 66.302
water hygiene research, 66.414

see also Communicable diseases; Community health services Health professions; Infectious diseases; Venerea diseases

Public health education and training

communicable diseases, 13.203

comprehensive health planning, 13.207, 13.208

emergency services, 13.214

facilities construction, 13.340

graduate grants, 13.338

Product safety

disaster loan, 59.010

food and drug research, 13.101 Professional organizations Theatre companies, 45.008

laboratory skills, 13.201

radiological health, 13.013, 66.201

radiological health research, 13.012, 66.200

schools of public health, formula grants, 13.370

Public health education and training -Continued

solid waste management training, 66.303 traineeships, 13.366

see also Allied health professions

Public health projects, 13.338

Public health traineeships, 13.366

Public housing

Public works-Continued

public land lease, 15.201

sewage facilities, see Sewage facilities and treatment works systems engineering demonstration grants, 14.214

urban renewal projects, 14.307

water facilities, see Water systems and treatment

see also Flood prevention and control; Urban renewal

acquisition, construction, rehabilitation, loans and grants, Publication assistance programs 14.146

leased housing, section 23 and section 10 (C), 14.148 management grants, tenant involvement, 14.607 modernization, loans, grants, tenant involvement, 14.607 Turnkey III, Turnkey IV, mutual-help for Indians, 14.147 Public lands

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American historical documents, publication, 39.006
foreign science information program, 47.024

historic American structures, 15.909
humanities, research and writing, 45.105
international exchange service, 60.006

museum publications, 60.007

science information, 60.006

science information services, 47.024, 47.026

Smithsonian Institution publications, 60.015
translations, see Translation programs
Puerto Ricans

assistance in seeking Federal aid, 25.001
R&D centers, 13.411

Radiation monitoring

civil defense equipment, 12.310, 12,317
control training, 24.027

radiological emergency, safety assistance, 24.028

see also Civil Defense

Radio and television

educational, see Educational media and audiovisual aids licensing and regulation, 32.001

public media arts programming, 45.006

rights-of-way, public lands, 15.203

Radiological health

fellowships, 24.018

interagency radiological assistance program, 24.028

radiological emergency, safety assistance, 24.028
research grants, 13.012, 66.200

training, 13.013, 24.012, 24.027, 66.201


disability insurance, 57.001

high speed ground transportation research, 20.300

railroad retirement and supplemental annuities, 57.001

railroad transportation regulation, 41.002

railroad unemployment and sickness insurance, 57.001 safety, 20.301

safety, BRS, 20.301

supplemental annuities, 57.001

unemployment insurance, 57.001

Rat control, see Rodent control
RD&D program, 20.504

REA, 10.850, 10.851

Real property, disposal of Federal, 39.002
REAP, 10.050


Hawaii, 15.503

irrigation, see Irrigation

rehabilitation and betterment, 15.502 western States, 15.501, 15.503, 15.504 Recordings, see Tapes and recordings Recreation

Agricultural extension services, 10.507


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water and sewer systems, comprehensive planning, 10.400 Science and technology reference services, see Information

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