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Housing, mortgage or loan insurance-Continued
Federal surplus property donations, 13.606

condominium, conversion from rental, 14.113
housing and related facilities debt service, 14.100

condominiums, see Condominium housing, mortgage or
mental, see Mental hospitals

loan insurance
mortgage insurance, 14.128

construction, nonresidential farm structures, 14.143
research, renovation, 13.333

construction, nonresidential, nonfarm structures, 14.144
veterans, see Veterans medical facilities and services

cooperative housing, see Cooperative housing, mortgage or
see also Emergency services

loan insurance

disaster victims, 14.119
Appalachian region, 23.005, 23.006

experimental homes, 14.152
civil rights, 16.103

experimental housing multifamily rental, 14.154
college housing debt service, 14.100

fee-simple title purchase by lessees, 14.130
condominiums, see Condominium housing, mortgage or HOAP, 71.001
loan insurance

home improvement in urban renewal areas, 14.107
cooperative, see Cooperative housing, mortgage or loan home improvement in urban renewal areas, rental housing,

developing nations, 19.008

home improvement outside urban renewal areas, 14.108
disabled veterans, 64.106, 64.118

improvement, multifamily structures, 14.145
discrimination in housing, 14.400, 29.001

low or moderate income, see Low or moderate income
fair housing, 14.400

housing, mortgages
flood insurance, 14.001

mobile home courts, 14.127
foreign housing investment guaranties, see Foreign


mobile homes, 14.110
commerce and investment

new communities or subdivisions, 14.125
HIG-Worldwide, 19.008

outlying areas, 14.121
Home ownership, see Home ownership

property improvement, all structures, 14.142
Indian housing, 15.115, 15.116

purchase or rehabilitation, urban renewal areas, 14.122
low income, see low or moderate income housing

rental housing, see Rental housing, mortgage or loan
mobile homes, 64.119

mortgage insurance, see Housing, mortgage or loan rural, 10.410

section 213, development of sales, 14.115
non-profit sponsors, direct interest-free loans, 14.141

section 220, homes, 14.122
public housing, see Public housing

self-help housing, 10.411, 10.420
public lands, lease or purchase, 39.002

special credit risks, 14.140
rehabilitation, see Rehabilitation of buildings

urban declining areas, 14.123
rental, see Rental housing

veterans housing, 14.118
repair loans, low income, 10.417

HP scholarships, 13.341
research, see Housing research

veterans, direct loans, 64.113, 64.118

veterans, guaranteed and insured loans, 64.114

education experiments, 45.101
veterans, mobile home loans, 64.119

fellowships and summer stipends, 45.102
see also Housing, mortgage or loan insurance

fellowships for guided study in selected fields, 45.107
Housing and Urban Development Act, Section 106, nonprofit fellowships for Junior College Teachers, 45.108
sponsor loan, 14.141

fellowships, senior, 45.106
Housing codes

literary publications exchange, 60.006
home improvement loan insurance, 14.107, 14.122

public programs, 45.104
home improvement loan insurance, rental housing, 14.109 research and publication, 45.105
rehabilitation grants, loans, 14.305

research assistance, 45.105
see also Building codes

research, educational, 13.474
Housing research

Smithsonian Institution programs, 60.002
mortgage insurance, experimental housing, 14.152

teaching, 45.101
mortgage insurance, experimental multifamily rental, Hydroelectric power, see Electric power

IDOE (Ocean Decade Program), 47.037
urban planning research and demonstration, 14.504

Housing, mortgage or loan insurance

citizenship education and training, 16.400
acquisitions, one-to-four family, 14.117

labor certification, agricultural, 17.202
allowance program, 71.001

labor certification, nonagricultural, 17.203
code enforcement areas, home improvement, 14.107

Immunization and immunology, see Communicable diseases;
code enforcement areas, home improvement, rental housing, Infectious diseases

Impact aid
condominium construction or rehabilitation, 14.112

aid to schools, construction, 13.477

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Impact aid-Continued

aid to schools, maintenance and operation, 13.478
Impacted areas, see Federally affected area aid
Import credit, agricultural commodities, 10.300
In-service summer institutes for science teachers, 47.019
Income support

aged, 13.722
Aid to Families with Dependent Children, 13.703
blind, 13.704
disability insurance, 13,802
Indians, 15.113
manpower classroom training, 17.215

permanently and totally disabled, 13.705
Indian agriculture, see Agriculture extension services
Indian education

adult education, 15.100
educationally disadvantaged children, 15.130
Federal schools, 15.110
Head Start, 13.600
higher education scholarships, 15.114
Indian school boards, 15.105
Johnson-O'Malley program, 15.130
public schools, 15.130
public schools, pupil housing, 15.109
surplus Federal school properties, 15.128
tribe operated schools, 15.105

vocational training, 15.108 Indian health

inpatient and outpatient care, 13.228

sanitation facilities, 13.229 Indian lands

appraisal and valuation, 15.120
burned lands rehabilitation, 15.111
coal mine fire prevention and control, 15.361
electrical power, 15.106
fire prevention and control, 15.111
forestry program, 15.112
irrigation, 15.106
landscape architecture, 15.120
law enforcement, 15.131
mineral resources valuation, 15.120
oil valuation, 15.120
range lands, 15.119
real property management, 15.121
road and bridge construction, 15.122
road and bridge maintenance, 15.125
soil and moisture conservation, 15.126
sport fish management assistance, 15.608
tourist enterprise development, 15.117
urban planning, 15.120

wildlife management assistance, 15.609 Indians

agricultural extension services, 15.101
arts and crafts marketing, 15.850
buildings and utilities, 15.107
child welfare, 15.103
commercial enterprise development, 15.117
community development, 15.104
counseling, 67.001
economic development loans, 11.301


economic development planning assistance, 11.302
education, see Indian education
employment, 15.117
employment assistance, 15.108
engineering technical assistance, 15.107
Federal surplus property acquisition, 15.127
forest fire suppression, see Indian lands
forestry, see Indian lands
health, see Indian health
higher education, see Indian education
housing authorities, 15.115
housing construction and improvement, 15.116
housing construction and management, 15.115
housing, turnkey, 14.147
Indian claims, loans for expert assistance, 15.123
individual Indian money (IIM) investments, 15.118
industrial plant development, 15.117
information on Federal programs, 67.001
law enforcement on Indian lands, 15.131
loans and loan assistance, 15.124
tourist enterprise development, 15.117
tribal corporation loans, 10.421
tribal funds, accounting services, 15.129
tribal funds, investments, 15.118
tribal government operations, 15.102
water resource development, 15.106

welfare payments, 15.113 Industrial development

Indian areas, 15.117 Industrial development loans

area development, 11.300

redevelopment areas, 11.301 Industrial waste

solid, see Solid waste disposal

water pollutants, see Water pollution Industry and market information, 11.200 Infants

development, research, 13.316, 13.317
development, teacher and physician training, 13.318
intensive care,

maternity and infant care projects, 13.234
mortality, 13.234
research for less developed countries, 19.007

see also Child health; Maternal and child health Infectious diseases

fellowships, 13.300 Institutional Center to Aid Foreign Development, 19.006 research for less developed countries, 19.007 research grants, 13.301 training grants, 13.302

see also Communicable diseases Information science and technology

computers, see Computers dissemination systems research, 47.024

financial information systems, 49.007 Information sources and services, Federal programs

Federal Information Exchange System (FIXS), 49.007
Indians, 67.001
Institutional Centers to Aid Foreign Development, 19.006

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Information sources and services, Federal programs-Continued Information sources and services, scientific and technical urban, 39.008

migratory bird data, 15.606 veterans, 64.107, 64.115

mining industry, 15.304 information sources and services, general

narcotics and drugs, 16.001, 16.003 agricultural marketing information, 10.153, 10.156

national referral center for science and technology, 42.007 agricultural statistical reports, 10.950

national standard reference data system, 11.603 arts materials, 68.001

nuclear science, 24.023 census, see Census

nuclear science exhibits, 24.002, 24.025 civil rights clearinghouse, 29.001

park planning and management, 15.906 commodity market, 10.100

patent and trademark, 11.900 crime, uniform reports, FBI, 16.305

recreational facilities, demands for, 15.906 environmental health, 10.510

science information exchange, 60.009 foreign trade, see Foreign commerce and investment

science information research, 47.025 government procurement, 11.200

science information services, 47.024, 47.025 government publications, 40.002

science intergovernment, 47.036 handicapped, educational opportunities, 13.452

scientific and technical publications, 47.026 industry and market information, 11.200

standards data, see Standards programs intergovernmental relations, 22.001

state invention program, 11.605 interlibrary cooperation, 13.465

statistical data, see Statistical data and services international commerce, 11.103

topographic maps and surveys, 15.803 libraries, see Libraries; Medical libraries

water pollution, 66.402 Library of Congress, see Library of Congress

water pollution and water quality computer data, 66.411, maps and air photos, see Maps and charts

66.412 minimum wage and hour standards, educational compliance water resources,

15.804 (CUE), 17.303

weights and measures, 11.606 National Archives reference services, 39.004

wildlife, data on, 15.610 science, public information, 47.038

Insurance small business management, 59.005

disabled veterans, 64.103 Smithsonian public affairs programs, 60.017

mortgage insurance for housing, see Housing, mortgage or smoking and health clearinghouse, 13.250

loan insurance tax information, 21.003

railroad - health, retirement, dependents, disability, 57.001 Information sources and services, sci ific and technical Intergovernmental relations AEC restricted data access permits, 24.001

advisory services, 22.001 aeronautics and space, 43.002

census services, 11.004 agricultural exhibits, 10.750

liaison, 51.001 building codes, National Bureau of Standards, 11.600

science program,

47.036 calibration and testing, 11.601

uniform drug laws, 16.002 chemical and physical properties of materials, 11.603 Intergovernmental services program, 11.004 civil defense, shelter specifications, 12.318

International claims, 19.200 clearinghouse, Federal, scientific, and technical, 11.650 International cooperative science activities, 47.014, 47.015 communicable diseases, 13.200

International education crime, National Crime Information Center, FBI, 16.304 Fulbright-Hays program, see Fulbright-Hays program criminal justice, 16.509, 16.510

publications exchange, 60.006 economic statistics, 11.007

science cooperation, exchanges, travel grants, 47.014 educational research information, 13.513

travel grants, 47.015 export credit informations, 31.003

Interstate commerce FAA aviation education assistance, 20.100

highway transportation regulation, 41.001,41.002 fingerprint files, FBI, 16.303

railroad transportation regulation, 41.002 fish data, 15.604

Invention and Innovation, see Technology transfer and fishery industry, 11.408

utilization forensic laboratory assistance, 16.003

Investment surveys, 70.004 forensic science laboratory, 16.001, 16.301

Irrigation geological and mineral resource surveys, 15.800

distribution systems, construction loans, 15.501 geological maps and aerial photography, 15.801

Indian lands, 15.106 government management, 14.2:6

reclamation program, 15.504 health statistics analysis and technical assistance, 13.227 rehabilition and betterment loans, 15.502 medical, see Medical libraries

small projects, 15.503 medical information, veterans hospitals, 64.004

snow survey, 10.907 mental health, national clearinghouse, 13.243

soil and water conservation, 10.409 mental retardation, 13,603

soil and water loans, individual farmers, 10.416

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watershed management, 10.419

see also Water resources
IRRPOS, 47.013
Isolated tract act; R.S. 2455, 15.211
Isotopes see Nuclear science and technology
Jellyfish control, 11.416
Job Bank, 17.210
Job Corps, 17.211
Job discrimination

assistance to interested parties, 30.003
civil rights, 29.001, 30.001
civil rights information clearinghouse, 29.001
employment, state agency assistance, 30.002
equal pay regardless of sex, 17.303
Federal contractors and subcontractors, 17.301
older workers, 17.300

women, 17.305
Job training, see Manpower development and training; Work

JOBS, 17.212
JOBS optional, 17.227
Johnson-O'Malley program, 15.130
Juvenile delinquency

institutionalized children, education of, 13.431
mental health research grants, 13.242
model programs and technical assistance, 13.712
prevention and rehabilitation, planning, 13.711

prevention and rehabilitation, training, 13.713
Kidney disorders

hemodialysis, 13.247

regional medical programs, 13.247
Kings Point, 11.507
Labor and manpower statistics

employment statistics, 17.002
foreign labor, 17.001
research, see manpower research
sectoral employment conditions, 17.207

wage and industrial relations, 17.005
Labor standards

foreign labor standards, 17.001
safety and health standards, 17.307

wage-hour standards, 17.303
Labor surplus areas

government contracts assistance, 12.601
Labor unions

disclosure and reporting (union affairs), 17.101
representation elections, 46.001

unfair practices, regulation, 46.001
Labor-management relations

arbitration, 17.100
assistance, 17.100
disclosure requirements, 17.101
discrimination in employment, see Job discrimination
mediation and counciliation, 34.001
unfair labor practices, regulation, 46.001

union representation elections, 46.001

clinical involved in interstate commerce, 13.201
forensic, see Forensic science


health, construction, see Health facilities construction
public health improvement grants, 13.201
radiation biology laboratory, 60.001

Smithsonian astrophysical laboratory, 60.001
Laboratory animals

animal resources, 13.306
disposal of surplus wildlife, 15.900
fellowships, animal medicine, 13.367

training, animal medicine, 13.368
Land acquisition programs

fish restoration, 15.605
historic sites, preservation, see Historic sites and monuments
land exchange in the national forests, 10.653
new communities or subdivisions, 14.125
wildlife restoration, 15.611

see also Rural housing; Other housing entries
Land and water conservation fund grants, 15.400
Land development

grazing association loans, 10.408
Land development, mortgage or loan insurance

new communities or subdivisions, 14.125
Land management

forestry, 10.650
Land pollution

chemical contamination, monitoring of, 15.607
Land-Grant college endowment, 13.453
Land-Grant colleges and universities

agricultural research, special grants, 10.200

Morrill and Bankhead-Jones acts, 13.453
Landrum-Griffin act

Labor organization reports, 17.101
Landscape architecture

Indian lands, 15.120
Language and foreign area studies

centers and summer programs, 13.435
curriculum development and planning, 13.439
faculty research and study overseas, 13.438
fellowships, 13.434, 13.441
foreign consultants, 13.439
Fulbright-Hays faculty research, see Fulbright-Hays program
group research and study overseas, 13.440
intensive study, 13.435
research, 13.436

teacher exchange, 13.437
Language programs

adult education, 13.400
bilingual education, 13.403
language and area studies, see Language and foreign area

translation, see Translation programs
Law enforcement

alcohol, tobacco, and firearms laboratory services, 21.001
civil rights, 29.001
crime control, 16.500, 16.501, 16.502, 16.503
explosives analysis, 21.001
facilities construction, 16.502
Federal wage-hour law, 17.303
fingerprint identification, FBI services, 16.303
Indian lands, 15.131

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Law enforcement-Continued

information services, FBI, 16.304, 16.305
innovation, 16.501
laboratory services, dangerous drugs, 16.001, 16.003
laboratory services, FBI, 16.301
minimum wage hour standards, coverage and exemptions,

narcotics, see Narcotics and drug abuse
National Crime Information Center, FBI, 16.304
personnel training, see Law enforcement personnel training
planning, 16.500, 16.502
research and development, 16.505, 16.506, 16.507,16.508
safe streets, comprehensive plan implementation, 16.502
safe streets, comprehensive planning assistance, 16.500
safe streets, crime control, 16.500, 16.501, 16.502, 16.503
safe streets, discretionary grants, 16.501
safe streets, technical assistance, 16.503
statistics, 16.503, 16.509, 16.510
student financial aid, 16.504
uniform crime reports, FBI, 16.305

see also Correctional institutions; Juvenile delinquency
Law enforcement personnel training

academic programs, student grants and loans, 16.504
alcohol, tobacco, and firearms police instruction, 21.002
crime control, comprehensive plan implementation, 16.502
drug abuse, 13.420
FBI advanced police training, 16.300
FBI field police training, 16.302
FBI National Academy, 16.300
fellowships, research and development, 16.505, 16.508
narcotics and dangerous drugs, 16.004
pilot grants, research and development, 16.506
project grants, research and development, 16.507
secret service training activities, 21,100

state conservation officers, 15.602
Law enforcement workshop, 15.620
Learning disabilities, 13.502

public land, 15.201
LEEP. 16.504
Legal services for the poor, 49.008

agricultural, 10.700
college and university libraries, 13.406
depository libraries, government publication, 40.001
handicapped, library services for, 13.467
humanities promotion, 45.104
information networks development, see Information science

and technology
interlibrary cooperation, 13.465
languages, 13.435
librarian training, 13.468
library institute and fellowship program, 13.468
Library of Congress, see Library of Congress
LSCA, Title IV-A, 13.466
LSCA, Title IV-B, 13.467
medical libraries, see Medical libraries
National Archives reference services, 39.004
promotion of educational use, 45.101
public libraries, see Public libraries


research and demonstration projects, 13.475
resources and instructional materials, 13.480
school, elementary and secondary, 13.479
Smithsonian institution library services, 60.012
state institutions, 13.466
see also Public libraries; College and university libraries;

Colleges and universities; School libraries
Libraries and Museums

humanities promotion, 45.104
Library of Congress

books for the blind, 42.001
catalog cards, distribution, 42.003
copyright service, 42.002
national referral center for science and technology, 42.007
photoduplication service, 42.004
preservation, restoration, and protection of library

materials, 42.008
publications, 42.005
reference and bibliographic services, 42.006

research and referral, science and technology, 42.007
Library resources

school resources support, 13.480
Life insurance, veterans, see Veterans
Literacy training, see Adult education

development of literary arts, 45.004

research, 10.200
Livestock industry

animal damage control, 15.601
farm emergency loans, 10.404
grazing privileges, 15.206
Indian range lands, 15.119
loans, see Agricultural loans and loan insurance
unfair business practice, 10.800

see also Meat and poultry
Loans for matching requirements, 13.469
Local development companies

loans, 59.013
Local government

science planning and policy, 47.027
Longshoremen's and Harbor Workers Compensation Act,

Low income areas

child health, 13.218
consumer education, 13.494
dental care for children, 13.212
education personnel development, 13.417, 13.505
maternal and child care, 13.232
medical care for crippled children, 13.211
special projects, 13.511

teacher training, 13.421
Low income persons and families

food stamps, 10.551
Head Start, 13.600
housing repair loans, 10.417
legal services, 49.008
Neighborhood Youth Corps, 17.222
public service careers, 17.224

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