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Fellowships and traineeships-Continued developing colleges, 13.454 drug abuse education, 13.420

early childhood education, 13.416

educational administration, 13.514

educational research, 13.424

engineering, 47.009

environmental health sciences, 13.327

eye research, 13.330

Fulbright-Hays graduate fellowships overseas, 13.441

future college and university teachers, 13.407 graduate traineeships in science, 47.009 graduate, AEC laboratory, 24.010

graduate, law enforcement research and development, 16.505

handicapped rehabilitation, 13.733

handicapped, teachers of, 13.417, 13.448, 13.451

health physics, graduates, 24.018

health services research, 13.225

health, maternal and child, 13.233

heart and lung research, 13.344

heart and lung research grants, 13.346

heart and lung research, graduate training grants, 13.345 humanities, fellowships for Junior College Teachers, 45.108

humanities, fellowships in selected fields, 45.107

humanities, senior fellowships, 45.106

humanities, summer stipends, 45.102

laboratory animal medicine, 13.367

laboratory animal medicine, post-doctoral, 13.368

language and foreign area studies, 13.434

law enforcement research and development, 16.505, 16.506, 16.507, 16.508

law enforcement training, student grants and loans, 16.504 librarians, 13.468

medical libraries, 13.353

medical, general medical sciences, 13.334

mental health, 13.241, 13.244

museum personnel training, 60.007

National Cancer Institute, 13.313

NATO, 47.009

neurological diseases and stroke, 13.357

neurological diseases and stroke, post doctoral, 13.354 nuclear engineering, graduate, 24.020

nuclear science and technology, 24.010, 24.017, 24.018, 24.020

nursing research, 13.360

nursing, teacher and administrator training, 13.358

occupational health, 13.011

public health professional personnel, 13.366

pupil personnel development, 13.509

radiological health, 13.013, 66.201

science, 47.009

solid waste management training, 66.303

teacher education, 13.407, 13,425

teacher training, desegregating schools, 13.507

training of teacher trainers, 13.490

urban transportation, managerial training, 20.503 urban transportation, research grants, 20.502 vocational education, 13.503

water pollution research, 66.406

Fellowships and traineeships-Continued

Woodrow Wilson International Center, 60.020

see also Student financial aid; Scholarships Fertilizer research, 62.001


art, theatre, 45.008

film, 45.006

Films, slides, film strips

agricultural, 10.700, 10.750 arts materials, 68,001

audiovisual materials, center for Government-produced,


deaf, captioned films, 13.446

innovative arts programming, 45.006

mental health, public information, 13.243 nuclear science, public information, 24.002 physical fitness and sports, 55.003 Smithsonian Institution, 60.017

Fingerprints, FBI identification services, 16.303 Fire prevention and control

coal mines and inactive deposits, 15.301 Indian lands, 15.111

Fish and wildlife

anadromous fish conservation, 11.405, 15.600

animal damage control, 15.601

bird banding data, 15.606

commercial fisheries, see Fisheries industry

conservation law enforcement, 15.602

diseases and parasites, 15.610

endangered species, research on, 15.610 farm fish pond management, 15.603 Federal reclamation, 15.504

fish control and culture research, 15.604

floating pests and seaweed, 11.416

hunting improvement, 15.611

Indian lands, 15.608

Institutional Centers to Aid Foreign Development, 19.006 jellyfish control, 11.416

law enforcement training, 15.602

migratory bird data repository, 15.606

pesticides, effect on wildlife, 15.607

range restocking, 15.900

research for less developed countries, 19.007 research on coastal water pests, 14.416 research on sport fish, 15.605

research on wilflife, 15.610

restoration, sport fish, 15.605

scientific specimens, 15.900

soil surveys, 10.903

spawning fish, conservation, 11.405, 15.600

sport fish management, 15.608

surplus wildlife disposal, 15.900

watershed management, 10.419

watershed projects, 10.904

wildlife management assistance, 10.507, 15.609

wildlife restoration, 15.611

Fish hatcheries and restocking

Indian waters, 15.608

Fisheries industry

anadromous fish conservation, 11.405

Fisheries industry-Continued

anadromous fish research, 15.600

cooperatives, 11.411

development, 10.407

disaster relief, 11.406

economic analysis, 11.408

educational motion pictures, 11.412

fisheries loan program, 11.409

Institutional Centers to Aid Foreign Development, 19.006

marketing, 11.412

products inspection service, 11.413

research and development, 11.407

research facilities construction, 11.407
statistics and market news, 11.414
vessels and gear, loans, 11.409

vessels seized by foreign nations, 11.410

vessels, mortgage and loan insurance, 11.415
Fishermen's Protective Act, 19.201

Fishery situation and outlook reports, 11.408
FIXS, 49.007

Flood insurance, 14.001

Flood plain management, 12,104, 12.105

Flood prevention and control

bank protection, highways and bridges, 12.105
cropland rehabilitation, 10.054

emergency flood control and coastal works, 12.103
Federal reclamation, 15.504

flood control and coastal works construction, 12.102
forestry, 10.650

resource conservation, 10.901

river and flood forecasts, 11.402

small flood control projects, 12.106

snagging and clearing, waterways, 12.108

watershed management, 10.419

watershed projects, 10.904

see also Water resources

Florence agreement, 11.201

Follow Through, 13.433

Food and drug research

food hazards, 13.103

food training grants, 13.104

pesticides, 66.100

product safety, 13.101

Food and drugs, see Nutrition

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[blocks in formation]

Foreign studies, see International education; Language and

foreign area studies

Foreign visitors service program, 11.950

Forensic science

fingerprint identification, FBI services, 16.303

laboratory services, FBI, 16.301

narcotics and dangerous drugs, training, 16.004

narcotics and drugs, laboratory assistance, 16.001, 16.003
Forestry and woodlands

cooperative forest management, 10.650

farm operating loans, 10.406

farm ownership loans, 10.407

forest highway construction and maintenance, 20.201

Indian lands, 15.111, 15.112

land exchange in the national forests, 10.653
McIntire-Stennis Act, 10.202

Forestry and woodlands-Continued
public lands, 15.208

research, 10.651, 10.652

timber harvesting and marketing training, 10.501

timber sales, 15.210

Foster grandparents, 13.710
Foster homes

technical assistance, 13.601
see also Child welfare

Four-H youth development
agricultural education, 10.509

FPMS, 12.104

Fruits and vegetables

marketing agreements, 10.155
product grading, 10.150

Fulbright exchange, 13.437

Fulbright-Hays program

educational exchange, graduate students, 19.101

educational exchange, professors and research scholars,


faculty research and study overseas, 13.438

foreign consultants, language and foreign area studies,


graduate fellowships overseas, 13.441

group research and study overseas, 13.440

teacher exchange, elementary and secondary schools,


see also Educational exchange programs; International
education; Language and foreign area studies

Garnishment of wages, restrictions on, 17.306
Gas industry, see Natural gas

General library research, 13.475

General medical sciences

fellowships, 13.334

research grants, 13.335

scientific manpower faculty training, 13.336
training grants, 13.336

General research in arts and humanities, 13.474

geodetic control surveys, 11.400
Smithsonian Institution, 60.019

Smithsonian visiting scientist program, 60.019
Geographic coding system, census, 11.003

research grants, 47.029


Antarctic research, 47.001
basic research, 15.800

Federal-State cooperative program, 15.800
map and survey information, 15.801
oceanographic sorting centers, 60.014
resource surveys and mapping, 15.800
topographic mapping, 15.803
see also Maps and charts

GI bill, 64.111

GI farm loans, 64.112

GI home loans, 64.114

GI insurance, 64.103

Gonorrhea, see Venereal diseases
Government contracts

Government contracts--Continued

advisory services and counseling, 39.001
cancellations, economic adjustment, 12.600
labor surplus area assistance, 12.601

minority enterprises, 59.006, 59.009
opportunities, 39.001

small business, 12.602, 12.603

small business firms, 59.009

small business, prime contracts assistance, 10.602

wage and hour standards, 17.303

see also Minority enterprises

Government employment, see Civil service

Government publications

depository libraries, 40.001
Library of Congress, 42.005

patent and trademark information, 11.900

sales and distribution, 40.002
Smithsonian Institution, 60.006

technical, 11.603, 11.650

Graduate fellowships, see Fellowships and traineeships

Grant-in-Aid supplements, 28.001, 38.001, 48.001, 52.001,


Grazing, see Livestock industry
Grazing association loans, 10.408
Great Lakes

anadromous fish conservation, 15.600
nautical charts, tides and currents, 11.401
Great Plains conservation program, 10.900
Guaranteed student loan program, 13.460
Guidance and counseling

apprenticeship information, 17.201
college, disadvantaged students, 13.482
Concentrated Employment Program (CEP), 17.204
disadvantaged students, Talent Search, 13.488
disadvantaged students, Upward Bound, 13.492
supplementary education centers, 13.519

children, development, 13.601
children, staff training, 13.233

crippled children, health research, 13.231

crippled children, medical care, 13.211

deaf-blind, see Blindness and the blind; Deafness and the


early childhood education, 13.444
education facilities, 13.427

employment, civil service, 27.005

Employment, President's Committee on, 53.001

employment, services, 17.207

facilities construction, 13.753, 13.755

facilities staffing, 13.753

library services, 13.466, 13.467, 42.001

maternal and child care, see Maternal and child care

medical assistance (Medicaid), 13.714

minimum wage exemption, 17.303

new career opportunities, 13.749

permanently and totally disabled, aid, 13.705

physical education, 13.447

planning, 13.753

post-natal care, 13.234

pre-school, school education, 13.449


regional centers, children, 13.450

rehabilitation research and demonstration grants, 13.728
rehabilitation research and training centers, 13.729

rehabilitation services support, 13.746

rehabilitation training, 13.749

rehabilitation training grants, 13.733

rehabilitation training services grants, 13.745
rehabilitation training, industry contracts, 13.730
rehabilitation, expansion of services, 13.731
rehabilitation, innovative programs, 13.732
research facilities, 13.443

teacher education, 13.427, 13.448, 13.451

teacher recruitment, 13.452

see also Maternal and child health

Harbors, see Ports and harbors

Hatch Act

payments to agricultural experiment stations, 10.203

Hazards occupational

research grants, 13.010

training grants, 13.011

HEA - Title II-A, 13.406

Head Start, 13.600

Health communications specialist training, 13.353

Health education

Indians, see Indian health

professions, see Health professions

public health, see public health education and training

Health facilities

Federal surplus property, 39.003

public lands, lease or purchase, 39.002

Health facilities construction

architectural-engineering evaluation, 13.607

community mental health centers, see Community mental
health centers

facilities engineering and construction agency, 13.607
group practice facilities, conventional, mortgage insurance,

group practice facilities, improvements, loan insurance,

group practice facilities, new technology, mortgage
insurance, 14.153

health professions, educational facilities, 13.340
Hill-Burton programs, 13.220, 13.223, 13.253
hospitals, mortgage insurance, 14.128

long-term care facilities, 13.253

mental health, see Community mental health centers
narcotics addiction treatment, 13.235

nursing homes for veterans, State, 64.005

nursing homes, improvements, loan insurance, 14.151
nursing homes, mortgage insurance, 14.129
nursing schools, 13.369

public health clinics, 13.220

rehabilitation facilities, 13.253

remodeling State home hospital/domiciliary facilities for

veterans, 64.017

State health laboratories, 13.220

technical assistance, 13.223

veterans facilities, see Veterans medical facilities and


Health facilities construction-Continued

see also Hospital construction

Health facilities modernization, see Health facilities

Health insurance

aged, hospital (Medicare), 13.800

aged, supplementary (Medicare), 13.801

railroad programs, 57.001

Social Security, see Social Security

Health manpower

education, medical, see Medical education

education, nursing, see Nursing

education, public health, see Public health education and


mental health, see Mental health

see also Allied health professions; Health professions
Health physics

fellowships, 24.018

radiation control training, 24.027

radiological emergency, safety assistance, 24.028

Health planning, see Comprehensive health planning
Health professions

educational facilities construction, 13.340
educational improvement grants, 13.339
general training, 64.003

nurse traineeships, 13.358

nurse training, improvement grants, 13.359
nursing fellowships, 13.360

nursing research grants, 13.361

nursing research training grants, 13.362

nursing scholarships, 13.363

nursing student loans, 13.364

physical fitness education, 55.008

public health traineeships, 13.366

public health, graduate training, 13.338
public health, schools of, 13.370

scholarships, 13.341

student loans, 13.342

see also Public health

Health professions educational improvement grants, 13.339
Health research, see Nutrition; Medical research
Health services

Appalachian region, 23.004

children, see Child health

community action agencies, 49.003

community health services, see Community health services
community mental health centers, see Community mental
health centers

comprehensive health planning, see Comprehensive health

crippled children, research, 13.231
Cuban refugees, 13.725

emergency, see Emergency services

facilities, surplus property donations, 13.606

fisheries industry inspection, 11.413

Indians, see Indian health

Institutional Centers to Aid Foreign Development, 19.006
maternal and child health, research, 13.231

migrant workers and families, 13.246, 49.009

mines, health counseling, 15.302

Health services-Continued

research and development grants, 13.226
research fellowships and traineeships, 13.225
research for less-developed countries, 19.007
smoking and health, see Smoking and health

special research resources, 13.371

see also Child health; Emergency services; Public health;
Regional medical programs

Heart diseases

heart and lung research, fellowships, 13.344

heart and lung research, grants, 13.346

heart and lung research, graduate training grants, 13.345

heart and lung research, undergraduate training, 13.347
regional medical programs, 13.249

HIG, 19.008

High schools, see Elementary and secondary education;
Science education

Historic sites and monuments-Continued

land acquisition and development grants, 14.303
natural landmarks registry, 15.910
preservation planning, 15.904

public lands, purchase or lease, 15.202
records, American buildings, 15.903
surveys, American buildings, 15.903


preservation of significant objects, 15.904

source material, U.S. history, 39.006

History and philosophy of science and technology
research grants, 47.029

Home economics

consumer and homemaking education, 13.494

family living extension programs, 10.502

nutrition and food, 10.503

teacher training, land-grant colleges and universities, 13.453

High speed ground transportation research and development, Home improvement, mortgage or loan insurance

Higher education

arts, see Arts

humanities, see Humanities

Indians, 15.114

science, see Science education

see also Colleges and universities (and related entries);
Community colleges; Scholarships; Student

financial aid

Higher education academic facilities construction, 13.459
Higher education cooperative education program, 13.510
Higher education facilities construction, see College and
university facilities

Higher education personnel development, see Educational

personnel development

Highway beautification

junkyard control, 20.202

landscaping, 20.204

outdoor advertising, control, 20.203

Highway safety

highway capacity and traffic control, 20.211

State and community program, 20.600

Highway transportation regulations, 41.001, 41.002

Appalachian region, 23.003

bank protection, flood damage, 12.105

beautification, advertising control, 20.203

beautification, junkyard control, 20.202

beautification, landscaping, 20.204

emergency relief, Federal-aid highway reconstruction,

forest highway construction and maintenance, 20.201
planning, construction and research, 20.205, 20.206

public lands highways, 20.209

safety, see Highway safety

see also Roads

Hill-Burton health facilities construction, 13.220, 13.223,


Hill-Burton program, 13.220, 13.223

Hill-Rhodes grants, public health, 13.370

Historic sites and monuments

documentation, 15.909

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