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Demonstration grants-Continued

Section 1110, social welfare cooperative grants, 13.739

Section 1115, public assistance grants, 13.723
Dental care

children, 13.212
Indian, 13.228

veterans, 64.011
Dental care projects, 13.212
Dental education

dental auxiliary utilization training grants, 13.319
dental service improvement research grants, 13.322
educational improvement grants, 13.339
facilities construction, 13.340
fellowships, pre- and post-doctoral, 13.324
fellowships, research, 13.321
health professions scholarships, 13.341
health professions student loans, 13.342
oral health, research grants, 13.325
practitioner, continuing education training grants, 13.320
research training, 13.323
research training grants, 13.326
training in veterans facility, 64.003
see also Dental research
Dental research

clinical and non-clinical, grants, 13.325
dental health fellowships, 13.321
dental health research training grants, 13.323
disease prevention and control, 13.322
recruitment, 13.322
research fellowships, pre- and post-doctoral, 13.324
services, improvement, 13.322
training grants, 13.326

see also Dental education
Dental services, see Child health; Health services

American civilians captured in Southeast Asia, 37.004
survivors insurance (Social Security), 13.805

veterans, 64.102, 64.105, 64.110
Depository libraries, Government publications, 40.001

arts program support, 45.001
Developmental disabilities program, 13.753
Developmentally disabled, see Mental retardation
DIC (veterans dependency-indemnity compensation), 64.110

coal miners, special benefits, 13.806
disability insurance (Social Security), 13.802
permanently and totally disabled, aid, 13.705
permanently and totally, social services, 13.754
rehabilitation services support, 13.746
rehabilitation training, 13.733
rehabilitation training services grants, 13.745
rehabilitation training, industry contracts, 13.730
rehabilitation, expansion of services, 13.731
rehabilitation, innovative programs, 13.732
Social Security beneficiaries, vocational rehabilitation,

Social Security benefits, 13.803
veterans, see Veterans medical facilities and services
see also Handicapped

Disadvantaged pupils, see Education for the disadvantaged
Disadvantaged workers

Concentrated Employment Program (CEP), 17.204
counseling and placement, 17.207
Job Corps, 17.211
Job Opportunities in the Business Sector (JOBS), 17.212
JOBS optional, 17.227
journeyman training, 17.213
Neighborhood Youth Corps, 17.222
public service careers, 17.224
rural, Operation Mainstream, 17.223
vocational education, 13.499
vocational education, work study, 13.501

see also Manpower development and training; Work training
Disaster relief

aid to schools, construction, 13.477
aid to States and local governments, 50.002
crop insurance, 10.450
disaster hospitals, 13.216
emergency conservation, 10.054
farm emergency loans, 10.404
Federal-aid highway reconstruction, 20.200
fisheries industry, 11.406, 11.407
flood insurance, 14.001
forestry, 10.650
housing purchase, loan insurance, 14.119
medical self-help program, 13.213
medical stockpiles, 13.216
natural disasters, 10.506
physical property loss, 59.008
school maintenance, 13.478
school reconstruction, 13.477
small business loans, 59.002, 59.008
State disaster plans and programs, 50.003
State plans for assistance to individuals, 50.003
victim identification, FBI services, 16.303

see also Civil defense; Emergency health services
Discount loan facility, 31.002
Diseases, see Chronic diseases; Communicable diseases;

Infectious diseases
Displaced Business Loans (DBL), 59.001
Dollar loans, 70.005
Domestic commerce, see Economic and business development
Donation program, 39.003
Dropout prevention

civil service, stay-in-school campaign, 27.003

innovative projects, grants, 13.410
Drug abuse, see Narcotics and drug abuse
Drugs see Food and drug research
Duty-free importation, educational and scientific material,

Early childhood education, see Education, early childhood
Early education program, 13.444

building codes, earthquake hazards, 11.403
hazard potential, information, 11.403
seismological investigations, 11.403

study, 60.011

leases of public lands, 15.201

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ECM, 10.054
Ecology, see Environmental health; Environmental science
Economic and business development

agriculture, see Agricultural loans and loan insurance
community, special impact, 49.011
economic analyses, U.S. economy, 11.700
foreign, see Foreign aid programs; Foreign commerce

and investment
Indian areas, 15.117
information, see Information sources and services, general
institutional centers to aid foreign development, 19.006
materials, production, quality control, 11.604
minority business enterprise, 11.800
research for less developed countries, 19.007
small business, see Small business
State and local development companies, 59.013
technical assistance, economic, 11.200
Tennessee Valley, see Tennessee Valley Region
see also Community development; Economic development

areas; Minority enterprises; Redevelopment areas
Economic development areas

business loans, 11.301
feasibility studies, 11.303
financial assistance, 11.300
planning assistance for distressed areas, 11.302
planning, Appalachia, 23.009
redevelopment, 11.301, 11.302
regional, Appalachia, 23.001, 23.002
regional, Coastal Plains, 28.001
regional, Four Corners, 38.001
regional, Great Plains, 10.900
regional, New England, 48.001
regional, Ozarks, 52.001
regional, Upper Great Lakes, 63.001
technical and other assistance, 11.303

unemployment assistance, 11.302
Economic indicators, see Economic statistics
Economic Opportunity Act, Title I-D, 49.011
Economic opportunity loans, 59.003
Economic statistics

agricultural, 10.250
Consumer Price Index, 17.003
economic growth data, 17.006
GNP, 11.007
labor and manpower, see Labor and manpower statistics
prices, living conditions, 17.003
productivity and growth, 17.004
technology, 17.004
U.S. economy, 11.700

see also Statistical data and services

adult education, see Adult education
arts, 45.003, 68.001
aviation, FAA assistance program, 20.100
colleges and universities, see Colleges and universities
continuing education, see Continuing professional education
cooperative education, 13.510
counseling, 13.519
early childhood, see Education, early childhood
elementary and secondary education, see Elementary and


secondary education
environmental awareness, 15.902
equipment, see Educational equipment
experimental, 13.485
facilities, see College and university facilities; Educational

facilities; School construction
guidance, 13.519
Head Start, 13.600
health professions, see Health professions
higher, see Higher education
humanities, see Humanities
importation of educational materials, duty-free, 11.201
Indians, see Indian education
marine sciences, see Marine sciences
maritime, 11.506
media, see Educational media and audiovisual aids
medical, see Medical education
Merchant Marine Academy, 11.507
Morrill Act grants, see Land-grant colleges and universities
music education projects, 45.005
nonpublic school testing arrangements, 13.519
nursing, see Nursing
public health, see Public health education and training
school library assistance, 13.480
science, see Science education
State agencies, see State educational agencies
technician training, see Technical training
testing, 13.519
veterans assistance, see Veterans
vocational, see Vocational education
volunteers in education, 13.515
water pollution control, see water pollution

see also Adult education
Education for the disadvantaged

administrative assistance, 13.430
bilingual education, 13.403
Career Opportunities Program (COP), 13.421
college, Educational Opportunity Grants (EOG), 13.418
college, special services, 13.482
Cuban refugee student loans, 13.409
Dropout Prevention, 13.410
Follow Through, 13.433
Head Start, 13.600
incentive grants, 13.512
institutionalized neglected or delinquent children, 13.431
local school assistance, 13.428
migrant children, 13.429
preschool, Head Start, 13.600
Talent Search, 13.488
teacher education, Teacher Corps, 13.489
Title I ESEA - Part B, 13.512
Title I ESEA - Part C, 13.511
Upward Bound, 13.492
veterans, counseling, 64.107
vocational education, 13.493, 13.499, 13.502
vocational education, work study, 13.501
vocational education, special needs, 13.499
see also Indian education

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Education for the handicapped

children, 13.427
Deaf-Blind regional centers, 13.445
demonstration projects, 13.516
early childhood, 13.444, 13.449
educational opportunities, 13.452
learning disabilities research, 13.520
physical education, 13.447, 13.448
recreation, 13.447
regional centers, children, 13.450
research and demonstration, 13.443
supplementary centers and services, 13.519
teacher and teacher aide education, 13.417
teacher education, 13.451
teacher recruitment, 13.452

vocational education, 13.493 Education, early childhood

demonstration projects, 13.516
Follow Through, 13.433
handicapped, 13.444, 13.449
Head Start, 13.600
research, 13.412
special projects, 13.511

staff education, 13.416
Education, medical, see Medical education
Educational administration, see State educational agencies
Educational administration program, 13.514
Educational curriculum development, see Curriculum

development Educational equipment and resources audio-visual materials, see Educational media and

audiovisual aids elementary and secondary schools, 13.479, 13.483 equipment program, 10.554 Federal surplus property, 39.003 libraries, see College and university libraries; Libraries machine tool loan to vocational training institutions, 12.001 nonprofit private school loans, 13.479 nuclear equipment, grants of used, 24.022 nuclear reactor fuel cycling assistance, 24.016 nuclear reactor sharing, 24.021

television, see Radio and television Educational evaluation

experimental program, 13.521
Federally affected areas, see Federally affected areas

State planning and evaluation, 13.432, 13.486
Educational exchange programs

Fulbright, graduate students, 19.101
Fulbright, professors and research scholars, 19.102

C.S. research in excess currency countries, 13.481
Educational facilities

architectural-engineering evaluation, 13.607
community colleges, construction, 13.459
construction, Appalachia, vocational, 23.012
construction, colleges and universities, 13.457
disaster relief, 13.477
Federal surplus property donations, 13.606
Federally affected areas, 13.477
handicapped, 13.427
higher education act, planning, 13.456

Educational facilities-Continued

higher education act, State administration, 13.455
nurse training, improvement grants, 13.359
nursing school construction, 13.369
public lands, lease or purchase, 39.002
remodeling assistance, 13.479

technical institutes, construction, 13.459 Educational media and audiovisual aids

adult education, 13.401 agricultural exhibits, 10.750 art exhibits, 68.001 deaf, captioned films, 13.446 drug abuse prevention, 16.004, 16.005 fisheries industry motion pictures, 11.412 media specialists, 13.508 National Audiovisual Center, 39.005 nuclear science exhibits, films, demonstration, 24.025 nuclear science literature and information services, 24.023 nuclear science, public information, 24.002 radio and television, see Radio and television radio and TV equipment, 13.413 Smithsonian public affairs programs, 60.017

see also Films, slides, film strips Educational personnel development

administrators, training, 13.514
bilingual education, 13.506
career ladder, 13.425
college teacher fellowships, 13.462
drug abuse education, 13.420
early childhood, educators of, 13.416
handicapped, teachers of, 13.417
higher education personnel, 13.461
higher education teachers, 13.407
language and area study, 13.435
learning disabilities research, 13.520
media specialists, 13.508
physical fitness clinics, 55.004
physical fitness demonstration center schools, 55.005
professors emeriti, 13.454
pupil personnel specialists, 13.509
social work, 13.740
teacher development for desegregating schools, 13.507
teacher training, 13.425
training of teacher trainers, 13.490
urban/rural school development, 13.505
vocational education, 13.503, 13.504
vocational educational training, 13.498
volunteers in education, 13.515

see also Teacher education; Teacher recruitment Educational research

art education, 13.474
basic research and development projects, 13.422
computer applications and computing services, 47.003
curriculum development, see Curriculum development
dissemination, 13.513
foreign area studies, 13.436
foreign countries, excess currency, 13.481
handicapped children, 13.443, 13,447
humanities education, 13.474
institutional centers to aid foreign development, 19.006

Educational research-Continued

language instruction, 13.436
manpower development, see Manpower research
project support, 13.422, 13.476
regional laboratories, 13.412
research and development centers, 13.411
research for less developed countries, 19.007
resource development, 13.476
Smithsonian Institution programs, 60.002
training, 13.424

vocational education, 13,498, 13.517
Educational staff training, see Educational personnel

Eggs, see Meat and poultry
Election civil rights protection, 16.104
Electric power

compulsory interconnection and wholesale service, 35.002
hydroelectric plants regulation, 35.001
Indian lands, 15.106
nuclear power, see Nuclear science and technology

rural electrification, 10.850
Elementary and secondary education

administrators, training, 13.514
bilingual education, 13.403
Dropout Prevention, 13.410
early childhood education, see Education, early childhood
equipment, 13.483
experimental projects, 13.521
Federally affected area aid, 13.477, 13.478
high school, civil defense education, 13.404
projects to advance creativity in education (PACE), 13.519
remodeling, minor, 13.483
research, 13.411, 13.412, 13.422
school desegregation assistance, 13.405
science, see Science education
Smithsonian elementary and secondary educational services,

special programs and projects, 13.516
State planning and evaluation, 13.432
supplementary centers and services, 13.519
Talent Search, 13.488
teacher education, see Educational personnel development;

Teacher education
teacher exchange, 13.437

Upward Bound, 13.492
Elementary education

demonstration projects, 13.516
incentive grants, 13.512

special projects, 13.511
Emergency bank protection, 12.015
Emergency conservation, farmlands damage, 10.054
Emergency health services

ambulance service, 13.215
civil defense, 13.213
health and medical eduation and training, 13.214
hospital service, 13.215
medical stockpiles, 13.216

see also Civil defense; Disaster relief
Emergency preparedness, see Civil defense; Disaster relief
Emergency welfare assistance

Emergency welfare assistance-Continued

food and medical, 49.005

general, 13.709
EMI (Exchange of Medical Information), 64.004
Employment and employment services

apprenticeship training, 17.201
bonding, 17.206
civil service, see Civil service
community action agencies, 49.002
dishonorable discharges, rehabilitation certificate, 17.208
employment statistics, 17.002
Federal personnel management assistance, 27.007
Federal recruiting and staffing assistance, 27.008
Federal training assistance, 27.009
grants to States, 17.207
handicapped, President's Committee on Employment,

Indians, 15.117
Job Bank, 17.210
job discrimination, see Job discrimination
Job Opportunities in the Business Sector (JOBS), 17.212
mass layoff reaction, 17.207
older workers, see older workers
Outreach Program, 17.200
public service careers, 17.224
rural, Operation Mainstream, 17.223
trade adjustment assistance, 61.003
unemployment insurance, 17.225
veterans employment rights, 17.102
work incentive program, 17.226
see also Equal employment opportunity; Labor-

management relations; Manpower development

and training
Employment discrimination, see Job discrimination
Engineering education

civil defense, see Civil deiense
fellowships, graduate, postdoctoral, faculty, NATO, 47.009
institutional grants, 47.012
nuclear engineering and technology, see Nuclear science and

radioisotopes, techniques of handling, 24.015
research initiation grants, 47.006
research project support, 47.007
space science education project, 43.001

traineeships, graduate, 47.009
Environmental sciences

soil, water, and wildlife conservation, 10.050
Environmental health

agricultural extension services, 10.510
air pollution, see Air pollution
environmental management, see Environmental manage-

fellowships, 13.327
Indian, 13.229
occupational health, see Occupational health
pesticides, see Pesticides
radiological health, see Radiological health
research career development awards, 13.327
research grants, 13.328
solid waste disposal, see Solid waste disposal

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Environmental health-Continued

training grants, 13.329

water pollution, see Water pollution Environmental management

research grants, 15.950

solid waste disposal, see Solid waste disposal Environmental sciences

center for short-lived phenomena, 60.011
Chesapeake Bay Center for Environmental Studies, 60.004
earthquake hazards, 11.403
forecasting, 47.037
foreign currency programs, Smithsonian Institution, 60.016
Geodetic maps and charts, 11.400
health see Environmental health
institutional centers to aid foreign development, 19.006
nuclear, research and development support, 24.024
research, 60.004
research for less developed countries, 19.007
research project support, 47.008
river and flood forecasts, 11.402
soil, water, and wildlife conservation, 10.905
study areas and laboratories, 15.902
water resources planning, 65.001
see also Atmospheric sciences; Biological and medical

sciences; Environmental health; Marine sciences
EOC, 12.305
EOG, 13.418
EPDA, Part E fellowship program, 13.462
EPDA, Part Einstitutes, 13.461
Equal employment opportunity

age discrimination in employment, 17.300
civil actions, 16.101
community relations services, 16.200
equal pay regardless of sex, 17.303
Federal contractors and subcontractors, 17.301
see also Job discrimination; Employment and

employment service
Erosion control, public shores and beaches, 12.101
Escape clause (tariff adjustment), 61.001
Eskimos, see Indians
Exchange of persons, see Educational exchange programs;

International education

agricultural commodities, 10.152, 10.300, 10.301, 10.600
agricultural commodity credit, 10.300
controls, 11.100
credit information, 31.003
insured loans, 31.005
Letter of Intent, 31.006
licensing and information, 11.100
loans, 31.002, 31.004
promotion, 11.101, 11.103

quotas and tariffs, 11.103
Exporters, see Foreign commerce and investment
Extension services, see Agricultural extension services
Eye research, see Medical research
Facilities engineering and construction agency, 13.607
Fair employment; see Job discrimination
Fair housing, civil rights, 14.400, 16.103
Fair labor standards, 17.303

Family planning

community action agencies, services, 49.006
contraception and fertility information, 13.217
Indians, see Indian health
maternal care, 13.232
research for less developed countries, 19.007

see also Maternal and child health services
Farm labor, see Agricultural labor; Migrant workers
Farm structures, see Agricultural loans and loan insurance
FBI field police training, 16.302
FBI identification division, 16.303
FBI laboratory, 16.301
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

aviation education assistance, 20.100
Federal consumer programs, see Consumer protection
Federal contracts, see Government contracts
Federal credit unions

charter assistance, 44.001
Federal Information Exchange System (FIXS), 49.007
Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, 34.001
Federal records centers

reference services, 39.004 Federal surplus property

disposal of real property, 39.002
donation for civil defense, 12.308
donation for health and education programs, 13.606
donation of DOD to veterans, 12.700
donation of personal property, 39.003
Federal property donation program, 13.606
Indian acquisition, 15.127
Indian school properties, 15.128
land for New Town in Town demonstration, 14.211
sales of personal property and scrap, 39.007
sales program, 39.007

ship exchange and sales, 11.505
Federal Wage Garnishment Law, 17.306
Federal aid highway program, 20.205
Federal aid highways - emergency relief, 20.200
Federal-State cooperative program, 15.800, 15.803, 15.804
Federally affected area aid

payments in lieu of property taxes, 24.026 school construction, 13.477

school maintenance and operation, 13.478 Feed grains

direct payments, 10.055 Fellowships and traineeships

advanced science education program, 47.010
advanced training projects, 47.010
air pollution control, 66.002, 66.003
allergies and infectious diseases, 13.300
allied health professions, 13.303
arthritis and metabolic diseases, 13.307, 13.308
bilingual education, 13.506
cancer post-doctoral, 13.313
cancer research, 13.315
child health and human development, 13.316
child welfare, 13.708
college and university teachers, 13.462
dental health, 13.321
dental research, 13.324

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