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Agricultural loans and loan insurance-Continued

grazing association loans, 10.408

housing, see Housing, mortgage or loan insurance; rural


loans, self-help groups, 10.411

operating loans, 10.406

recreational development, farmers, 10.413

sewer systems, 10.418

soil and water conservation loans, 10.416

veterans, guaranteed and insured farm loans, 64.112

water conservation, 10.409

water systems, 10.418

Agricultural marketing

commodity market, 10.100

cooperatives, 10.350

crop and livestock estimates, 10.950

foreign market development, 70.001
market news, 10.153

market supervision, 10.154

marketing agreements and orders, 10.155

marketing services, 10.156

meat and poultry inspection, 10.151, 10.157

product grading, 10.150

supply and distribution expansion, 10.505

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farmer cooperative service, 10.350

grain storage and dryers, 10.056
Indian lands, see Indian lands
irrigation, see Irrigation

libraries, 10.700

livestock, see Livestock industry

loan programs, see Agricultural loans and loan insurance

milk indemnity, 10.053

pesticides residue, milk, 10.053

price support, cotton, 10.052

soil conservation, see Soil conservation

soil surveys, 10.903

stabilization, see Agricultural stabilization
unintentional trespass sale, 15.209

see also Rural areas; Rural poverty

Agriculture extension services, see Agricultural extension

Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC)

income support, 13.703

medical assistance (Medicaid), 13.714

social services, 13.754

work incentive program child care,

Air carrier subsidies, 26.001

Air pollution

coal mine fire control, 15.301

control, graduate training, 66.002

control, program grants, 66.001


environmental health, see Environmental health

environmental management, see Environmental manage-


fellowships, 66.002

manpower training grants, 66.003

research grants, 66.004

solid waste disposal, see Solid waste disposal

survey and demonstration grants, 66.005

training, environmental management, see Environmental


weather forecasts, pollution information, 11.404

Air transportation

air carrier subsidies, 26.001

systems planning, 20.103


development aid program, 20.102

Federal surplus property, 39.003

planning grants, 20.103

public land, lease of, 15.200

public lands, lease or purchase, 39.002

Alaska natives, see Indians


community action agencies, 49.001

mental health research grants, 13.242

prevention and control, 13.251, 13.252
Aleuts, see Indians


citizenship education and training, 16.400
labor certification, non-farm, 17.203

labor certification, temporary, farm, 17.202

fellowships, 13.300


research 13.301

training grants, 13.302
Allied health professions

advanced traineeship grants, 13.303
basic improvement grants, 13.304

developmental grants, 13.305

facilities construction, see Health facilities construction

public health, traineeships, 13.366

training teachers, administrators, specialists, 13.303
training, health technology, 13.304, 13.305

training, veterans hospitals, 64.003,

see also Emergency health services; Health manpower;
Health professions; Medical education; Public

health education and training

Ambulance service standards, guidelines, training, 13.215

American flag vessels, operating subsidies, see Sea


damage control, 15.601

Animals, diseases, see Laboratory animals; Veterinary


Annual allotment program, 15.951

Annual interest grant program, 13.457

Antarctic research, 47.001

Anthropology, see Social sciences

Anthropology research grants, 47.029

AOP, 17.200

Appalachian region

access roads, 23.008

Appalachian corridors, 23.003

child development, 23.013

Federal grants-in-aid, supplementation, 23.002

health projects, demonstrations, 23.004

highway system, 23.003

housing fund, 23.005

housing, technical assistance, 23.006

LDD, 23.003

local development districts, 23.009

mining area restoration, 23.010

regional commission, 23.001

research and demonstration projects, 23.011

state research, 23.011

supplemental grants, 23.002

vocational school construction, 23.012

Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA), 49.012


information centers, 17.207

minimum wage exemption, 17.303

Outreach program, 17.200

training 17.201

APTD 13.705

Aquatic plant control, U.S. waters, 12.100


foreign currency programs, Smithsonian Institution, 60.016

preservation of significant sites, 15.904

salvage of threatened remains, 15.908


arts program support, 45.001

civil defense shelter design, 12.300, 12.301


landscape architecture, 45.001

preservation of historic buildings, 15.904
records, American structures, 15.909

surveys, historic American buildings, 15.903
Arctic research program, 47.001

Area studies, see Language and foreign area studies

Arid lands, reclamation, see Irrigation


graduate training grants, 13.308

post-doctoral research fellowships, 13.307
research grants, 13.309


architecture and design, environmental, 45.001
art collections, see Smithsonian Institution
arts and artists encouragement programs, 45.007
creative writer support, 45.004

dance and choreography, 45.002
education 45.003

educational material, 68.001

Freer Gallery of Art, oriental art, 60.003
Indian arts and crafts, marketing, 15.850
literary 45.004

museum objects and specimens, 60.008

musicians, assistance to, 45.005

orchestra assistance, 45.005

painters and sculptors assistance, 45.009

program development, 45.007

public media arts programming, 45.006

registral programs, art works, 60.008

research, educational, 13.474

sculptors, assistance to, 45.009

Smithsonian Institution, see Smithsonian Institution

Smithsonian Institution, traveling exhibits, 60.013

state and community arts councils, 45.007

theatre artists and company assistance, 45.008

visual arts, 45.009


specialized research facilities and equipment, 47.031

foreign currency programs, Smithsonian Institution, 60.016
Smithsonian Institution, 60.019

Smithsonian visiting scientist program, 60.019

Atmospheric sciences

global atmospheric research program, 47.017
research 47.008

river and flood forecasts, 11.402

weather and marine forecasts, 11.404

weather modification research, 47.017

Atomic energy see Nuclear science and technology
Automatic data processing, see Computers
Automobile grants for disabled veterans, 64.100
Automobiles see Highway safety; Motor vehicles
Ballet see Dance and choreography

Beach erosion control

public beaches and shores, 12.101
Behavioral sciences

education, see Educational research
research grants, 47.029

see also Mental health


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