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State Mediation Grants (B)
State Medicaid Fraud Control Units (A)
State Memorandum of Agreement Program for the Reimbursement of Technical Services (B)
State Partnership Grant Program to Improve Minority Health (B)
State Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs (A)
State Planning and Research (A)
State Planning Grants Health Care Access for the Uninsured (B)
State Public Water System Supervision (A)
State Rural Hospital Flexibility Program (B)
State Senior Environmental Employment Program (B)
State Survey and Certification of Health Care Providers and Suppliers (A)
State Traffic Safety Information System Improvement Grants (B)
State Underground Water Source Protection (A)
State Wildlife Grants (A)
Statewide Automated Victim Information Notification (SAVIN) Program (BL)
Statewide Data Systems (B)
Steps to Healthier Girls Program (B)
Stewardship Science Grant Program (B)
Strengthening Public Health Services at the Outreach Offices of the U.S.-Mexico Border Health Commission (B)
Strengthening the Management and Services of the Women's and Children's Hospitals in Kabul (B)
Striving Readers (B)
Structural Fire Protection-Bureau of Indian Affairs Facilities (C)
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services-Access to Recovery (B)
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services-Projects of Regional and National Significance (B)
Summer Food Service Program for Children (A)
Summer Watershed Intern (C)
Superfund State and Indian Tribe Core Program Cooperative Agreements (B)
Superfund State, Political Subdivision, and Indian Tribe Site-Specific Cooperative Agreements (B)
Superfund Technical Assistance Grants (TAG) for Community Groups at National Priority List (NPL) Sites (B)
Supervised Visitation, Safe Havens for Children (B)
Supplemental Loan Insurance-Multifamily Rental Housing (F)
Supplemental Security Income (C,D)
Supplementary Training (M)
Supported Employment Services for Individuals with Severe Disabilities (A)
Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilities (C)
Supportive Housing for the Elderly (C)
Supportive Housing Program (B,C)
Surplus Property Utilization (H)
Surveillance of Hazardous Substance Emergency Events (B)
Surveys, Studies, Demonstrations and Special Purpose Grants - Section 1442 of the Safe Drinking Water Act (B)
Surveys, Studies, Investigations and Special Purpose Activities Relating to Environmental Justice (B)
Surveys, Studies, Investigations and Special Purpose Grants within the Office of Research and Development (B)
Surveys, Studies, Investigations and Special Purpose Grants within the Office of the Administrator (B)
Surveys, Studies, Investigations, Demonstrations and Special Purpose Activities Relating to the Clean Air Act (B)
Surveys, Studies, Investigations, Demonstrations, and Training Grants and Cooperative Agreements - Section 104(b)(3) of the Clean Water Act
Surveys, Studies, Investigations, Training Demonstrations and Educational Outreach (B)
Surveys, Studies, Investigations, Training, Demonstrations, and Special Purpose Grants for Regional Geographic Initiatives (B)
Survivors and Dependents Educational Assistance (C)
Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (B)

10.435 93.775 12.113 93.296 93.786 20.515 93.256 66.432 93.241 66.518 93.777 20.610 66.433 15.634 16.740 84.372 93.014 81.112 93.018 93.017 84.371 15.064 93.275 93.243 10.559 15.254 66.809 66.802 66.806 16.527 14.151 96.006 20.810 84.187 14.181 14.157 14.235 93.291 93.204 66.424 66.309 66.510 66.610 66.034 66.436

66.716 66.112 64.117 10.215


Targeted Watersheds Grants (B)
Tax Counseling for the Elderly (B)
Taxpayer Service (K)
Teacher Incentive Fund (B)
Teacher Next Door Initiative (H)
Teacher Quality Enhancement Grants (B)
Team Nutrition Grants (B)
Tech-Prep Demonstration Grants (B)
Tech-Prep Education (A,B)
Technical Agricultural Assistance (B)
Technical and Non-Financial Assistance to Health Centers (B)
Technical and Supervisory Assistance Grants (B)
Technical Assistance and Training Grants (B)
Technical Assistance for Specialty Crops Program (C)
Technical Assistance to Cooperatives (J,K,L,M)
Technical Preservation Services (J,K,L)

66.439 21.006 21.003 84.374 14.310 84.336 10.574 84.353 84.243 10.960 93.129 10.441 10.761 10.604 10.350 15.915 15.808 20.807 19.510 93.579 93.676 11.452 11.454 11.472


Technology Transfer (L)
Telehealth Network Grants (B)
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (A)
Temporary Labor Certification for Foreign Workers (A,J)
Thermal Imaging Inspection System Demonstration Project (B)
Title I Grants to Local Educational Agencies (A)
Title I Program for Neglected and Delinquent Children (A)
Title V-Delinquency Prevention Program (A)
Title VI Federal Guarantees for Financing Tribal Housing Activities (F)
Tobacco Transition Payment Program (D)
Toxic Substances Compliance Monitoring Cooperative Agreements (B)
Trade Adjustment Assistance (A,D)
Trade Adjustment Assistance (B)
Trade Adjustment Assistance (D)
Training and Technical Assistance (B)
Training Interpreters for Individuals who are Deaf and Individuals who are Deaf-Blind (B)
Training Resource and Data Exchange (TRADE) (B)
Trans-NIH Research Support (B,M)
Transition Assistance Program (M)
Transition to Teaching (B)
Transitional Housing Assistance for Victims of Domestic Violence, Stalking, or Sexual Assault (B)
Transitional Living for Homeless Youth (B)
Transport of Transuranic Wastes to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant: States and Tribal Concerns, Proposed Solutions (B)
Transportation Planning, Research and Education (B)
Transportation Services (KM)
Transportation-Consumer Affairs (N)
Trauma Care Systems Planning and Development (B)
Traumatic Brain Injury State Demonstration Grant Program (B)
Tree Assistance Program (D)
Tribal Colleges and Universities Program (B)
Tribal Colleges Education Equity Grants (A)
Tribal Colleges Endowment Program (A)
Tribal Court Assistance Program (B)
Tribal Courts (C)
Tribal Courts-Trust Reform Initiative (B)
Tribal Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Coalitions Program (B)
Tribal Educational Outreach on Lead Poisoning and Baseline Assessment of Tribal Childrens Existing and Potential Exposure and Risks
Associated With Lead (B)
Tribal Landowner Incentive Program (B)
Tribal Recruitment and Retention of Health Professionals into Indian Health Programs (B)
Tribal Self-Governance Program: Planning and Negotiation Cooperative Agreements and IHS Compacts/Funding Agreements (B)
Tribal Self-Governance (C)
Tribal Wildlife Grants Program (B)
Tribal Work Grants (A)
Tribal Youth Program (B)
Tribally Controlled Community College Endowments (B)
Tribally Controlled Postsecondary Vocational and Technical Institutions (B)
TRIO Staff Training Program (B)
TRIO-Dissemination Partnership Grants (B)
TRIO-Educational Opportunity Centers (B)
TRIO-McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement (B)
TRIO-Student Support Services (B)
TRIO-Talent Search (B)
TRIO-Upward Bound (B)
Truck Security Program (B)
TSCA Title IV State Lead Grants Certification of Lead-Based Paint Professionals (B)
Tuberculosis Demonstration, Research, Public and Professional Education (B)
Twenty-First Century Community Learning Centers (A)

43.002 93.211 93.558 17.273 20.236 84.010 84.013 16.548 14.869 10.085 66.701 17.245 11.313 10.609 94.009 84.160 97.097 93.310 17.807 84.350 16.736 93.550 81.106 20.931 10.167 20.900 93.952 93.234 10.082 14.519 10.221 10.222 16.608 15.029 15.147 16.557 66.715

15.638 93.954 93.210 15.022 15.639 93.594 16.731 15.028 84.245 84.103 84.344 84.066 84.217 84.042 84.044 84.047 97.059 66.707 93.947 84.287


U.S. Geological Survey- Research and Data Collection (B)
U.S. Merchant Marine Academy (M)
U.S. Refugee Admissions Program (B)
U.S. Repatriation (B)
Unaccompanied Alien Children Program (B)
Unallied Industry Projects (B)
Unallied Management Projects (B)
Unallied Science Program (B)


Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language Programs (B)
Undergraduate Scholarship Program for Individuals from Disadvantaged Backgrounds (B)
Underground Railroad Educational and Cultural Program (B)
Undersea Research (B)
Unemployment Insurance (A,D)
Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights (K,L,N)
Universal Newborn Hearing Screening (B)
Universities Rebuilding America Program - Community Design (B)
University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research, and Service (B)
University Coal Research (B)
University Reactor Infrastructure and Education Support (B)
University Transportation Centers (B)
Unresolved Indian Hunting and Fishing Rights (C)
Unsolicited Grant Program (B)
Upper Mississippi River System Long Term Resource Monitoring Program (B)
Urban and Community Forestry Program (B)
Urban Areas Security Initiative (A)
Urban Indian Health Services (B)
USAID Development Partnerships for University Cooperation and Development (B)
USAID Foreign Assistance for Programs Overseas (B)
Used Energy-Related Laboratory Equipment Grants (H)

84.016 93.187 84.345 11.430 17.225 17.803 93.251 14.521 93.632 81.057 81.114 20.760 15.050 91.001 15.978 10.675 97.008 93.193 98.012 98.001 81.022


VA Homeless Providers Grant and Per Diem Program (B)
Value-Added Producer Grants (B)
Very Low to Moderate Income Housing Loans (E,F)
Very Low-Income Housing Repair Loans and Grants (BE)
Vessel Hull Design Protection Service (L)
Veteran's Preference in Federal Employment (0)
Veterans Compensation for Service-Connected Disability (D)
Veterans Dental Care (J)
Veterans Dependency and Indemnity Compensation for Service-Connected Death (D)
Veterans Domiciliary Care (1)
Veterans Entrepreneurial Training and Counseling (B)
Veterans Home Based Primary Care (J)
Veterans Housing-Direct Loans for Certain Disabled Veterans (E)
Veterans Housing-Guaranteed and Insured Loans (F)
Veterans Housing-Manufactured Home Loans (F)
Veterans Information and Assistance (K)
Veterans Medical Care Benefits (J)
Veterans Nursing Home Care (J)
Veterans Prescription Service (H)
Veterans Prosthetic Appliances (J)
Veterans Rehabilitation-Alcohol and Drug Dependence (J)
Veterans State Adult Day Health Care (B)
Veterans State Domiciliary Care (A)
Veterans State Hospital Care (A)
Veterans State Nursing Home Care (A)
Veterans' Employment Program (B)
Victims of Child Abuse (B)
Violence Against Women Discretionary Grants for Indian Tribal Governments (B)
Violence Against Women Formula Grants (A)
Violent Offender Incarceration and Truth in Sentencing Incentive Grants (A)
Vision Research (B)
Vital Statistics Re-engineering Program (B)
Vocational and Educational Counseling for Servicemembers and Veterans (K)
Vocational Education-Basic Grants to States (A)
Vocational Education-Indians Set-aside (B)
Vocational Education National Programs (B)
Vocational Education-Occupational and Employment Information State Grants (B)
Vocational Rehabilitation for Disabled Veterans (C,D,E,K)
Vocational Training and Rehabilitation for Vietnam Veterans' Children with Spina Bifida or Other Covered Birth Defects (C)
Voluntary Public School Choice (B)
Volunteers in Service to America (J)
Voting Access for Individuals with Disabilities-Grants for Protection and Advocacy Systems (A,B)
Voting Access for Individuals with Disabilities-Grants to States (A)

64.024 10.352 10.410 10.417 42.009 17.806 64.109 64.011 64.110 64.008 59.044 64.022 64.118 64.114 64.119 64.115 64.009 64.010 64.012 64.013 64.019 64.026 64.014 64.016 64.015 17.802 16.547 16.587 16.588 16.586 93.867 93.066 64.125 84.048 84.101 84.051 84.346 64.116 64.128 84.361 94.013 93.618 93.617



Wage and Hour Standards (K,N)
Wastewater Operator Training Grant Program (Technical Assistance) (B)
Water 2025 (B)
Water and Waste Disposal Loans and Grants (Section 306C) (BE)
Water and Waste Disposal Systems for Rural Communities (B,E,F)
Water Desalination Research and Development Program (B)
Water Pollution Control State, Interstate, and Tribal Program Support (A)
Water Protection Grants to the States (A)
Water Quality Cooperative Agreements (B)
Water Quality Management Planning (A)
Water Reclamation and Reuse Program (A)
Water Resources on Indian Lands (C,J,K)
Water Security Training and Technical Assistance (B)
Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention (B,K)
Watershed Rehabilitation Program (B,K)
Watershed Surveys and Planning (J,K)
Weather and Air Quality Research (B)
Weatherization Assistance for Low-Income Persons (A)
Weights and Measures Service (J,K,L,M)
Welfare Reform Research, Evaluations and National Studies (B)
Wetland Program Grants - State/Tribal Environmental Outcome Wetland Demonstration Program (B)
Wetlands Reserve Program (C)
Wholesale Farmers and Alternative Market Development (KM)
WIA Adult Program (A)
WIA Dislocated Workers (A,B)
WIA Pilots, Demonstrations, and Research Projects (B)
WIA Youth Activities (A)
WIC Farmers' Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) (A)
WIC Grants To States (WGS) (B)
Wild Horse and Burro Resource Management (B,1,J,K,L,M)
Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program (C)
Wildlife Restoration (A)
Wildlife Services (B)
Wildlife Without Borders- Latin America and the Caribbean (B)
Wildlife Without Borders-Mexico (B)
Women's Bureau (K)
Women's Business Ownership Assistance (B)
Women's Educational Equity Act Program (B)
Wood In Transportation Program (B)
Woodrow Wilson Center Fellowships in the Humanities and Social Sciences (B)
Work Incentive Grants (B)
Work Opportunity Tax Credit Program (WOTC) and Welfare-to-Work Tax Credit (WtWTC) (A)

17.303 66.467 15.507 10.770 10.760 15.506 66.419 66.474 66.463 66.454 15.504 15.037 66.478 10.904 10.916 10.906 11.459 81.042 11.606 93.595 66.479 10.072 10.164 17.258 17.260 17.261 17.259 10.572 10.578 15.229 10.914 15.611 10.028 15.640 15.641 17.700 59.043 84.083 10.673 85.300 17.266 17.271

1890 Institution Capacity Building Grants (B)
1890 Land Grant Institutions Rural Entrepreneurial Outreach Program (C)
1994 Institutions Research Program (B)
21st Century Museum Professionals (B)
7(a) Loans (Export Loans) (F)
76) Technical Assistance (B)
8(a) Business Development Program (J)
9/11 Heroes Stamp Program (D)

10.216 10.856 10.227 45.307 59.054 59.007 59.006 97.085


Program Description

Individual Local Non Profit State


Federal Territories Tribal Govern


The alphabet(s) in parenthesis following the program title, shows the type(s) of

assistance available through that program. Thealphabet codes with accompanying
types of assistance are as follows:A-Formula Grants; B-Project Grants; C_Direct
Payments for SpecifiedUse; D-Direct Payments with Unrestricted Use; E-Direct
Loans;F-Guaranteed/Insured Loans;G-Insurance; H-Sale, Exchange, or Donationof
Property and Goods;1-Use of Property, Facilities, and Equipment;J-Provision of
Specialized Services; K-Advisory Services and Counseling; L-Dissem ination of
Technical Information; M-Training;N-Investigation of Complaints,O-Federal

Definitions of the types of applicants used in this Index are given below.
Individual - Any person or persons, as individuals, groups, or profit making

organizations. Such persons and groups do not represent Federally Recognized Indian
Tribal Governments. Includes Indians or other Native Americans who apply as

individuals rather than as a member of a tribe or other Indian organization. Local - Agencies or instrumentalities of political subdivisions within a State, to include

cities, towns, townships, parishes, municipalities, villages, counties,school districts, and other special local districts. Included under local are Indian tribes on State reservations, Indian bands and group, Pueblos, Indian school boards, and State designated Indian tribes. Local does not include institutions of higher education and

hospitals. Nonprofit - A public or private agency or organization established by charter to perform

specialized functions or services for the benefit of all or part of the general public. Functions or services are provided without charge or at cost, and earn no profit. The

agency or organization has no shareholders to receive dividends. State - Any agency or instrumentality of the fifty States of the United States, and the

District of Columbia. State does not include the political subdivisions of the State,

but does include institutions of higher education and hospitals. U.S. Territories - Any agency or instrumentality of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico,

the Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, the Trust Territories of the Pacific Islands, and Mariana Islands. Included are the political subdivisions of the territories,

institutions of higher education, and hospitals. Federally Recognized Indian Tribal Organizations - The governing body or a

governmental agency of an Indian Tribe, nation, or other organized group or community recognized and certified by the Secretary of the Interior. Included are

Native villages as defined in the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act. (Note: The information contained in this Index was taken from the Applicant Eligibility section of the program descriptions and from other sources. As a potential applicant, if you feel you also qualify to apply for assistance under a particular program but the Index says otherwise, always contact the agency contact persons. As regarding whether or not a potential applicant is eligible for a program, the agency is always the best source.

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10.001 Agricultural Research-Basic and Applied Research (B)
10.025 Plant and Animal Disease, Pest Control, and Animal Care (B)
10.028 Wildlife Services (B)
10.029 Avian Influenza Indemnity Program (D)
10.051 Commodity Loans and Loan Deficiency Payments (D,E)
10.053 Dairy Indemnity Program (D)
10.054 Emergency Conservation Program (C)
10.055 Direct and Counter-cyclical Payments Program (C)
10.056 Farm Storage Facility Loans (E)
10.066 Livestock Assistance Program (D)
10.069 Conservation Reserve Program (C)
10.070 Colorado River Basin Salinity Control Program (C)
10.072 Wetlands Reserve Program (C)
10.073 Crop Disaster Program (D)
10.077 Livestock Compensation Program (D)
10.078 Bioenergy Program (C)
10.079 Bill Emerson Humanitarian Trust (D)
10.080 Milk Income Loss Contract Program (D)
10.081 Lamb Meat Adjustment Assistance Program (D)
10.082 Tree Assistance Program (D)
10.084 Dairy Market Loss Assistance Program (D)
10.085 Tobacco Transition Payment Program (D)
10.153 Market News (L)





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