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Program Descriptions Not Updated for FY 2012

This index lists those CFDA programs previously published in the Catalog, but were not updated by their issuing agencies in FY 2012. The program descriptions can be found on the CFDA web site at, but do not appear elsewhere in this Catalog. Please contact the issuing agency for further information on the programs listed below.

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DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE 10.500 Cooperative Extension Service (A,B) DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE 12.101 Beach Erosion Control Projects (J) 12.105 Protection of Essential Highways, Highway Bridge Approaches, and

Public Works (J) 12.106 Flood Control Projects (J) 12.107 Navigation Projects (J) 12.108 Snagging and Clearing for Flood Control (J) 12.110 Planning Assistance to States (J) 12.112 Payments to States in Lieu of Real Estate Taxes (A) 12.116 Department of Defense Appropriation Act of 2003 (J) 12.118 North Dakota Environmental Infrastructure (Section 594) - ARRA (B) 12.119 Northern Wisconsin Environmental Infrastructure (Section 154)

ARRA (B) 12.120 Northeastern Minnesota Environmental Infrastructure (Section 569)

ARRA (B) 12.121 Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Idaho, & Wyoming

Environmental Infrastructure (Section 595) - ARRA (B) 12.123 South Central Pennsylvania Envrionmental Infrastructure (Section

313) - ARRA (B) 12.124 Mississippi Environmental Infrastructure (Section 592) - ARRA (B) 12.125 Southern WV Environmental Infrastructure (Section 340) - ARRA (B) 12.126 Central WV Environmental Infrastructure (Section 571) - ARRA (B) 12.127 Southern and Eastern KY Environmental Infrastructure (Section 531)

ARRA (B) 12.128 Florida Keys Water Quality Improvement Program (Section 109)

ARRA (B) 12.330 Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) for K-12 &

Institutions of Higher Learning- NAVY (B) 12.335 Navy Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence,

Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (B) 12.360 Research on Chemical and Biological Defense (B) 12.369 Marine Corps Systems Command Federal Assistance Program (B) 12.431 Basic Scientific Research (B) 12.550 The Language Flagship Grants to Institutions of Higher Education (B) 12.551 National Security Education Program David L. Boren Scholarships (B) 12.552 National Security Education Program David L. Boren Fellowships (B) 12.553 The Language Flagship Fellowships (B) 12.555 English for Heritage Language Speakers Scholarships (B) 12.560 DOD, NDEP, DOTC-STEM Education Outreach Implementation (B) 12.597 Task Force for Business & Stability Operations (B) 12.750 Uniformed Services University Medical Research Projects (B) 12.800 Air Force Defense Research Sciences Program (B) 12.901 Mathematical Sciences Grants Program (B) 12.902 Information Security Grant Program (B) DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT 14.319 Multifamily Energy Innovation Fund (B) 14.506 General Research and Technology Activity (J) 14.516 Doctoral Dissertation Research Grants (B) 14.524 Transformation Initiative Research Grants: Natural Experiments (B) 14.525 Transformation Initiative Research Grants: Demonstration and Related

Small Grants (B)

14.529 Fellowship Placement Pilot Program (M) 14.887 Native American Housing Block Grants (Competitive) Recovery Act

Funded (B) 14.900 Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control in Privately-Owned Housing (B) 14.902 Lead Technical Studies Grants (B) 14.905 Lead Hazard Reduction Demonstration Grant Program (B) 14.906 Healthy Homes Technical Studies Grants (B) 14.913 Healthy Homes Production Grant Program (B) 14.914 Asthma Interventions in Public and Assisted Multifamily Housing (B) DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR 15.020 Aid To Tribal Governments (C) 15.021 Consolidated Tribal Government Program (C) 15.025 Services to Indian Children, Elderly and Families (C) 15.029 Tribal Courts (C) 15.030 Indian Law Enforcement (C) 15.036 Indian Rights Protection (C) 15.037 Water Resources on Indian Lands (C,J,K) 15.038 Minerals and Mining on Indian Lands (C,J,L) 15.040 Real Estate Programs_Indian Lands (C) 15.041 Environmental Management Indian Programs (C) 15.045 Assistance for Indian Children with Severe Disabilities (C) 15.048 Bureau of Indian Affairs Facilities_Operations and Maintenance (C) 15.051 Endangered Species on Indian Lands (C,K,L) 15.052 Litigation Support for Indian Rights (C) 15.053 Attorney Fees_Indian Rights (C) 15.062 Replacement and Repair of Indian Schools (C) 15.108 Indian Employment Assistance (C) 15.124 Indian Loans_Economic Development (F) 15.141 Indian Housing Assistance (B,L) 15.144 Indian Child Welfare Act_Title II Grants (B) 15.146 Ironworker Training Program (B) 15.148 Tribal Energy Development Capacity Grants (C) 15.150 Juvenile Detention Education (B) 15.426 Coastal Impact Assistance Program (CIAP) (A) 15.434 Geothermal Resources (C) 15.435 GOMESA (C) 15.437 Minerals Leasing Act (C) 15.438 National Forest Acquired Lands (C) 15.440 South Half of the Red River (C) 15.668 Coastal Impact Assistance Program (A) 15.669 Cooperative Landscape Conservation (B) 15.670 Adaptive Science (B) 15.671 Yukon River Salmon Research and Management Assistance (B) 15.672 Wildlife Without Borders Amphibians in Decline (B) 15.673 Wildlife Without Borders Critically Endangered Animal

Conservation Fund (B) 15.674 National Fire Plan-Wildland Urban Interface Community Fire

Assistance (B,I,J,K,L,M) 15.675 National Fire Plan- Rural Fire Assistance (B,C,I,J,K,L,M) DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE 16.012 Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms_Training Assistance (M) 16.601 Corrections_Training and Staff Development (BJ,L,M) 16.602 Corrections_Research and Evaluation and Policy Formulation (B,J,L)

Program Descriptions Not Updated for FY 2012


October 2012

Program Descriptions Not Updated for FY 2012

81.104 Office of Environmental Waste Processing (B) 81.106 Transport of Transuranic Wastes to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant:

States and Tribal Concerns, Proposed Solutions (B) 81.108 Epidemiology and Other Health Studies Financial Assistance Program

(B) 81.124 Predictive Science Academic Alliance Program (B) 81.126 Federal Loan Guarantees for Innovative Energy Technologies (E,F) 81.130 Carbon Capture and Storage-FutureGen 2.0 (B) 81.131 Expand and Extend Clean Coal Power Initiative (B) 81.132 Geologic Sequestration Site Characterization (B) 81.133 Geologic Sequestration Training and Research Grant Program (B) 81.134 Industrial Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Application (B) CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS FELLOWSHIP FOUNDATION 85.101 Homeland Security Award (D) NATIONAL ARCHIVES AND RECORDS ADMINISTRATION 89.001 National Archives Reference Services_Historical Research (I,K,L) 89.003 National Historical Publications and Records Grants (B) 89.005 Cooperative Agreements to Support the Programs of the National

Archives and Records Administration (NARA) (C)

DENALI COMMISSION 90.100 Denali Commission Program (B)

JAPAN U.S. FRIENDSHIP COMMISSION 90.300 Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission Grants (B) AGENCY FOR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT 98.006 Foreign Assistance to American Schools and Hospitals Abroad

(ASHA) (B)

16.603 Corrections_Technical Assistance/Clearinghouse (BJ,L) DEPARTMENT OF LABOR 17.002 Labor Force Statistics (B,L) 17.003 Prices and Cost of Living Data (L) 17.004 Productivity and Technology Data (L) 17.005 Compensation and Working Conditions (B,L) 17.604 Safety and Health Grants (B) 17.720 Disability Employment Policy Development (B) U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE 19.012 Professional and Cultural Exchange Programs - Special Professional

and Cultural Programs (B) 19.014 One-Time International Exchange Grant Program (B) 19.024 Soft Target Program for Overseas Schools (B) 19.026 Global Peace Operations Initiative (B) 19.040 Public Diplomacy Programs (B) 19.087 International Fisheries Commissions (A) 19.123 EUR/ACE Humanitarian Assistance Program (B) 19.124 East Asia and Pacific Grants Program (B) 19.221 Near East Regional Democracy (B) 19.300 Program for Study of Eastern Europe and the Independent States of the

Former Soviet Union (B) 19.440 IIP Individual Grants (B) 19.500 Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) (B) 19.515 Contributions to International Organizations for Overseas Assistance

(B,C) 19.600 Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs (NEA) (B) 19.666 EUR/ACE National Endowment for Democracy Small Grants (B) 19.703 CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEMS (B) 19.704 COUNTERNARCOTICS (B) 19.705 TRANSNATIONAL CRIME (B) 19.750 Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs (WHA) Grant Programs

(including Energy and Climate Partnership for the Americas) (B) 19.800 Weapons Removal and Abatement (B) 19.801 Office of Global Women's Issues (B) 19.878 EUR-Other (B) 19.901 Export Control and Related Border Security (B) NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR THE HUMANITIES 45.168 Promotion of the Humanities_We the People (B) SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 59.059 Congressional Grants (B) 59.060 Small Business Teaming Pilot Program (B) 59.061 State Trade and Export Promotion Pilot Grant Program (B) 59.062 Intermediary Loan Program (E) DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS 64.034 VA Assistance to United States Paralympic Integrated Adaptive Sports

Program (B) NUCLEAR REGULATORY COMMISSION 77.007 U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Minority Serving Institutions

Program (MSIP) (B,C) 77.009 U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Office of Research Financial

Assistance Program (B) DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY 81.003 Granting of Patent Licenses (L) 81.049 Office of Science Financial Assistance Program (B) 81.057 University Coal Research (B) 81.089 Fossil Energy Research and Development (B)

Program Descriptions Not Updated for FY 2012


October 2012


This index provides a list of CFDA programs archived within the fiscal year. Administering agencies archive programs for a variety of reasons to include budget authority expiration, program consolidation, or change in operational status. The date archived is provided for each program.

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