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see, Railroads, 66.701

independent living, 64.116 job training, apprenticeships, 17.801 service-connected disabled, 17.802

U U.S. flag ship operation 20.813 UDAG

small business, 64.116

transportation for medical care, 64.035

nuclear science, 19.033

school administrators, 84.363

science, mathematics, 84.256, 84.336 teacher corps, 84.044 teacher exchange, 66.950, 66.951, 84.018

training assistance, 84.200, 84.256, 84.264,

see, Urban Development Action Grants, 66.701

vocational rehabilitation, 64.116

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[blocks in formation]

see, Social services, 15.543, 15.614, 15.623, 15.630, 15.633, 15.637, 66.120, 66.124, 66.461 Wildlife


see, Fish and wildlife, 15.543, 15.614, 15.623, 15.630, 15.633, 15.637, 66.120, 66.124, 66.461 Women

10.318, 16.529, 19.032, 19.750, 93.453

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Index

This index identifies those CFDA programs that are funded in whole or in part by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009, Public Law 111-5, the stimulus plan designed to reinvigorate the economy.

15.934 Abandoned Mine Hazard Mitigation (B,C) 15.935 National Trails System Projects (B) 15.937 Redwood National Park Cooperative Management with the State of

California (B,H,I,K,L,M) 15.938 Boston African-American National Historic Site Cooperative

Agreement with the Museum of African American History

(B,H,I,K,L,M) 15.940 New Bedford Whaling National Historic Park Cooperative

Management (C) 15.941 Mississippi National River and Recreation Area State and Local

Assistance (B) 15.942 Environmental Education and Conservation - North Cascades

Bioregion (CJ)

DEPARTMENT OF LABOR 17.225 Unemployment Insurance (A,D) 17.260 WIA Dislocated Workers (A,B) 17.275 Program of Competitive Grants for Worker Training and Placement in

High Growth and Emerging Industry Sectors (B) 17.276 Health Care Tax Credit (HCTC) National Emergency Grants (NEGs)

(B) DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION 20.205 Highway Planning and Construction (A,B) 20.319 High-Speed Rail Corridors and Intercity Passenger Rail Service

Capital Assistance Grants (B) 20.500 Federal Transit_Capital Investment Grants (A,B) 20.932 Surface Transportation _ Discretionary Grants for Capital Investment.


10.090 Supplemental Revenue Assistance Program (C)
10.219 Biotechnology Risk Assessment Research (B)
10.315 Trade Adjustment Assistance for Farmers Training Coordination

Program (TAAF) (B) 10.406 Farm Operating Loans (E,F) 10.551 Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (C) 10.561 State Administrative Matching Grants for the Supplemental Nutrition

Assistance Program (A) 10.566 Nutrition Assistance For Puerto Rico (C) 10.609 Trade Adjustment Assistance (D) 10.687 Recovery Act of 2009: Capital Improvement and Maintenance (B) 10.688 Recovery Act of 2009: Wildland Fire Management (B) 10.781 Water and Waste Disposal Systems for Rural Communities - ARRA

(B,E) 10.904 Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention (K) 10.916 Watershed Rehabilitation Program (K) 10.923 Emergency Watershed Protection Program (B) DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE 11.557 Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) (B) 11.558 State Broadband Data and Development Grant Program (B) DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT 14.262 Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program Technical

Assistance (B) DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR 15.108 Indian Employment Assistance (C) 15.504 Water Reclamation and Reuse Program (A) 15.507 WaterSMART (Sustaining and Manage America's Resources for

Tomorrow) (B) 15.509 Colorado River Basin Salinity Control Program (B) 15.510 Colorado Ute Indian Water Rights Settlement Act (B,C) 15.512 Central Valley Project Improvement Act, Title XXXIV (B) 15.514 Reclamation States Emergency Drought Relief (B,C,J,K) 15.516 Fort Peck Reservation Rural Water System (B,C) 15.517 Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act (B) 15.518 Garrison Diversion Unit (B) 15.519 Indian Tribal Water Resources Development, Management, and

Protection (B,C) 15.520 Lewis and Clark Rural Water System (B) 15.522 Mni Wiconi Rural Water Supply Project (B) 15.524 Recreation Resources Management (B) 15.525 Rocky Boy's/North Central Montana Regional Water System (B) 15.531 Yakima River Basin Water Enhancement Project (YRBWEP) (B) 15.534 Miscellaneous Public Law 93-638 Contracts, Grants, and Cooperative

Agreements (B,C) 15.538 Lower Colorado River Multi-Species Conservation Program. (B) 15.546 Youth Conservation Program (B) 15.656 Recovery Act Funds - Habitat Enhancement, Restoration and

Improvement. (B) 15.926 American Battlefield Protection (B) 15.929 Save America's Treasures (B) 15.931 Conservation Activities by Youth Service Organizations (B) 15.932 Preservation of Historic Structures on the Campuses of Historically

Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). (B)

RAILROAD RETIREMENT BOARD 57.005 Economic Recovery Payments (D)

DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS 64.027 Post-9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance (C) ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY 66.039 National Clean Diesel Emissions Reduction Program (B) 66.040 State Clean Diesel Grant Program (A) 66.418 Construction Grants for Wastewater Treatment Works (B) 66.454 Water Quality Management Planning (A) 66.458 Capitalization Grants for Clean Water State Revolving Funds (A) 66.468 Capitalization Grants for Drinking Water State Revolving Funds (A) 66.508 Senior Environmental Employment Program (B) 66.802 Superfund State, Political Subdivision, and Indian Tribe Site-Specific

Cooperative Agreements (B) 66.805 Leaking Underground Storage Tank Trust Fund Corrective Action

Program (A) 66.815 Environmental Workforce Development and Job Training Cooperative

Agreements (B) 66.818 Brownfields Assessment and Cleanup Cooperative Agreements (B) DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY 81.127 Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program (EEARP) (A) 81.128 Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program (EECBG)

(A,B) 81.129 Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Technology Deployment,

Demonstration and Commercialization (B) DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Index


October 2012

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Index

84.033 Federal Work-Study Program (C) 84.063 Federal Pell Grant Program (C)

to Work Funding Opportunities Announcement (FOA) (B) 93.725 ARRA - Communities Putting Prevention to Work: Chronic Disease

Self-Management Program (B) 93.726 ARRA Accelerating Adoption of Comparative Effectiveness Research

(CER) (B) 93.727 ARRA - Health Information Technology - Beacon Communities (B) 93.728 ARRA - Strategic Health IT Advanced Research Projects (SHARP)

(B) 93.729 ARRA Health Information Technology and Public Health (B) 93.730 ARRA Prevention Research Centers Comparative Effectiveness

Research Program (B) 93.731 ARRA - Prevention and Wellness - Leveraging National Organizations

(B) 93.745 PPHF-2012: Health Care Surveillance/Health Statistics Surveillance

Program Announcement: Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System
Financed in Part by 2012 Prevention and Public Health Funds

(PPHF-2012) (B) 93.773 Medicare_Hospital Insurance (C) 93.774 Medicare_Supplementary Medical Insurance (C) DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY 97.113 Rail and Transit Security Grant Program (ARRA) (B) 97.114 Emergency Food and Shelter National Board Program (ARRA) (B) 97.115 Assistance to Firefighters Grant (ARRA) (B) 97.116 Port Security Grant Program (ARRA) (B)

DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES 93.048 Special Programs for the Aging_Title IV_and Title II_Discretionary

Projects (B) 93.090 Guardianship Assistance (A) 93.400 National Health Service Corps Scholarship Program (C) 93.401 ARRA - National Health Service Corps Loan Repayment (C) 93.402 ARRA - State Loan Repayment Program (B,C) 93.403 ARRA Grants for Training in Primary Care Medicine and Dentistry

Training and Enhancement (B) 93.404 ARRA Dental Public Health Residency Training Grants (B) 93.405 ARRA - Public Health Traineeship Program (A) 93.406 Nursing Education Loan Repayment Program (NELRP) (C) 93.407 ARRA - Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students (B) 93.408 ARRA - Nurse Faculty Loan Program (B) 93.409 Faculty Loan Repayment Programs (C) 93.410 ARRA Licensure Portability Grant Program (B) 93.411 ARRA Equipment to Enhance Training for Health Professionals (B) 93.412 ARRA - Preventive Medicine Residency Program (B) 93.414 ARRA - State Primary Care Offices (B) 93.415 ARRA - Centers of Excellence (B) 93.416 ARRA - Health Careers Opportunity Program (B) 93.417 ARRA - Nursing Workforce Diversity (B) 93.420 ARRA - Community Health Applied Research Network (B,C) 93.500 Pregnancy Assistance Fund Program (B) 93.542 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Research Centers: PPHF

2012 - Affordable Care Act Projects (B) 93.658 Foster Care_Title IV-E (A,B) 93.659 Adoption Assistance (A) 93.701 Trans-NIH Recovery Act Research Support (B) 93.702 National Center for Research Resources, Recovery Act Construction

Support (B) 93.703 ARRA Grants to Health Center Programs (B) 93.704 Trans-NIH Recovery Act Loan Repayment Support (C) 93.706 Aging Nutrition Services for Native Americans (B) 93.708 ARRA - Head Start (B) 93.709 ARRA - Early Head Start (B) 93.710 ARRA - Community Services Block Grant (A) 93.711 ARRA Strengthening Communities Fund (B) 93.712 ARRA - Immunization (B) 93.713 ARRA Child Care and Development Block Grant (A) 93.714 ARRA Emergency Contingency Fund for Temporary Assistance for

Needy Families (TANF) State Program (A) 93.715 Recovery Act Comparative Effectiveness Research - AHRQ (B) 93.716 ARRA Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

Supplemental Grants (A) 93.717 ARRA - Preventing Healthcare-Associated Infections (B) 93.718 Health Information Technology Regional Extension Centers Program

(B) 93.719 ARRA - State Grants to Promote Health Information Technology (B) 93.720 ARRA - Survey and Certification Ambulatory Surgical Center

Healthcare-Associated Infection (ASC-HAI) Prevention Initiative (B) 93.721 ARRA - Health Information Technology Professionals in Health Care

(B) 93.722 ARRA - IHS Tribal Agreements (B) 93.723 ARRA - Prevention and Wellness-State, Territories and Pacific Islands

(B) 93.724 ARRA - Prevention and Wellness Communities Putting Prevention

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Index


October 2012

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