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10.449 Boll Weevil Eradication Loan Program (E)
10.450 Crop Insurance (G)
10.451 Noninsured Assistance (D)
10.456 Partnership Agreements to Develop Non-Insurance Risk

Management Tools for Producers (Farmers) (B)
10.458 Crop Insurance Education in Targeted States (B)
10.459 Commodity Partnerships for Small Agricultural Risk

Management Education Sessions (B)
10.460 Risk Management Education and Outreach Partnerships

Program (B)
10.465 Farmworker Training Grant Program (B)

Cooperative Agreements with States for Intrastate Meat and

Poultry Inspection (B)
10.477 Meat, Poultry, and Egg Products Inspection (J)
10.479 Food Safety Cooperative Agreements (B)
10.551 Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (C)
10.553 School Breakfast Program (A)
10.555 National School Lunch Program (A)
10.556 Special Milk Program for Children (A)
10.557 Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women,

Infants, and Children (A)
10.558 Child and Adult Care Food Program (A)
10.559 Summer Food Service Program for Children (A)
10.560 State Administrative Expenses for Child Nutrition (A)
10.561 State Administrative Matching Grants for the Supplemental

Nutrition Assistance Program (A)
10.565 Commodity Supplemental Food Program (A,H)
10.566 Nutrition Assistance For Puerto Rico (C)
10.567 Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (B,H)
10.568 Emergency Food Assistance Program (Administrative Costs)

10.569 Emergency Food Assistance Program (Food Commodities)

10.572 WIC Farmers' Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) (A)
10.574 Team Nutrition Grants (B)
10.575 Farm to School Grant Program (B,L,M)
10.576 Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program (B)
10.577 SNAP Partnership Grant (B)
10.578 WIC Grants To States (WGS) (B)

Child Nutrition Discretionary Grants Limited Availability


Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program,

Outreach/Participation Program (B)
10.582 Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (B)
10.583 Hunger Free Communities (B)
10.584 SNAP Research Grants (B)
10.585 FNS Food Safety Grants (B)
10.586 Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants

and Children; Nutrition Education Innovations (B)
10.587 National Food Service Management Institute Administration

and Staffing Grant (B)
10.588 Assessment of Alternatives to Face-to-Face Interviews in

10.589 Child Nutrition Direct Certification Performance Awards (C)
10.600 Foreign Market Development Cooperator Program (C)
10.601 Market Access Program (C)
10.602 CCC's Dairy Export Incentive Program (C)
10.603 Emerging Markets Program (C)

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10.604 Technical Assistance for Specialty Crops Program (C)

Quality Samples Program (C)
10.606 Food for Progress (H)
10.608 Food for Education (H)

Trade Adjustment Assistance (D)
10.610 Export Guarantee Program (F)

USDA Local and Regional Food Aid Procurement Pilot

Project (B)

Faculty Exchange Program (B,C)

Scientific Cooperation Exchange Program with China (B,C)
10.652 Forestry Research (B)
10.664 Cooperative Forestry Assistance (A,B)
10.665 Schools and Roads - Grants to States (A)
10.666 Schools and Roads - Grants to Counties (A)

Rural Development, Forestry, and Communities (B)
10.674 Forest Products Lab: Technology Marketing Unit (TMU)

10.675 Urban and Community Forestry Program (B)
10.676 Forest Legacy Program (B)
10.678 Forest Stewardship Program (B)
10.679 Collaborative Forest Restoration (B)
10.680 Forest Health Protection (A,B)
10.681 Wood Education and Resource Center (WERC) (B)
10.682 National Forest Foundation (C)
10.683 National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (C)
10.684 International Forestry Programs (B)
10.685 Community Wood Energy Program (B)
10.686 Forest Biomass for Energy (B)

Recovery Act of 2009: Capital Improvement and

Maintenance (B)

Recovery Act of 2009: Wildland Fire Management (B)

Community Forest and Open Space Conservation Program

(CFP) (B)
10.690 Lake Tahoe Erosion Control Grant Program (B)
10.691 Good Neighbor Authority (B)
10.693 Watershed Restoration and

Restoration and Enhancement

Enhancement Agreement
Authority (B)

Southwest Forest Health and Wildfire Prevention (C)
10.700 National Agricultural Library (L)
10.759 Part 1774 Special Evaluation Assistance for Rural

Communities and Households Program (SEARCH) (B)
10.760 Water and Waste Disposal Systems for Rural Communities

10.761 Technical Assistance and Training Grants (B)
10.762 Solid Waste Management Grants (B)

Emergency Community Water Assistance Grants (B)

Community Facilities Loans and Grants (B,E,F)
10.767 Intermediary Relending Program (E)
10.768 Business and Industry Loans (F)
10.769 Rural Business Enterprise Grants (B)

Water and Waste Disposal Loans and Grants (Section 306C)


Rural Cooperative Development Grants (B)
10.773 Rural Business Opportunity Grants (B)
10.777 Norman E. Borlaug International Agricultural Science and

Technology Fellowship (B,C)
10.778 Research on the Economic Impact of Cooperatives (C)
10.781 Water and Waste Disposal Systems for Rural Communities -

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10.850 Rural Electrification Loans and Loan Guarantees (E,F)
10.851 Rural Telephone Loans and Loan Guarantees (E,F)
10.854 Rural Economic Development Loans and Grants (BE)
10.855 Distance Learning and Telemedicine Loans and Grants (BE)

1890 Land Grant Institutions Rural Entrepreneurial Outreach

Program (C)
10.857 State Bulk Fuel Revolving Fund Grants (B)
10.858 Denali Commission Grants and Loans (B)
10.859 Assistance to High Energy Cost Rural Communities (B)
10.861 Public Television Station Digital Transition Grant Program

10.862 Household Water Well System Grant Program (B)
10.863 Community Connect Grant Program (B)
10.864 Grant Program to Establish a Fund for Financing Water and

Wastewater Projects (B)
10.865 Biorefinery Assistance (F)
10.866 Repowering Assistance (C)

10.868 Rural Energy for America Program (F)
10.870 Rural Microentrepreneur Assistance Program (BE)
10.874 Delta Health Care Services Grant Program (B)
10.886 Rural Broadband Access Loans and Loan Guarantees (E,F)
10.901 Resource Conservation and Development (K)
10.902 Soil and Water Conservation (K)
10.903 Soil Survey (L)
10.904 Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention (K)
10.905 Plant Materials for Conservation (J)
10.907 Snow Survey and Water Supply Forecasting (L)
10.912 Environmental Quality Incentives Program (C)
10.913 Farm and Ranch Lands Protection Program (C)
10.914 Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program (C)
10.916 Watershed Rehabilitation Program (K)
10.917 Agricultural Management Assistance (C)
10.920 Grassland Reserve Program (C)
10.921 Conservation Security Program (C)
10.922 Healthy Forests Reserve Program (HFRP) (C)
10.923 Emergency Watershed Protection Program (B)
10.924 Conservation Stewardship Program (B)
10.925 Agricultural Water Enhancement Program (C)
10.926 Chesapeake Bay Watershed Program (C)
10.950 Agricultural Statistics Reports (L)
10.960 Technical Agricultural Assistance (B,C)
10.961 Scientific Cooperation and Research (B,C)
10.962 Cochran Fellowship Program International Training-Foreign

Participant (B,C)

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11.312 Research and Evaluation Program (B)

Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms (B)
11.400 Geodetic Surveys and Services (Geodesy and Applications

of the National Geodetic Reference System) (B)
11.407 Interjurisdictional Fisheries Act of 1986 (A)

Fishermen's Contingency Fund (D)
11.413 Fishery Products Inspection and Certification (J)
11.415 Fisheries Finance Program (E)
11.417 Sea Grant Support (B)
11.419 Coastal Zone Management Administration Awards (A,B)
11.420 Coastal Zone Management Estuarine Research Reserves (B)
11.426 Financial Assistance for National Centers for Coastal Ocean

Science (B)
11.427 Fisheries Development and Utilization Research and

Development Grants and Cooperative Agreements Program

11.429 Marine Sanctuary Program (B)
11.430 Undersea Research (B)

Climate and Atmospheric Research (B)
11.432 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Cooperative Institutes (B)
11.433 Marine Fisheries Initiative (B)
11.434 Cooperative Fishery Statistics (B)
11.435 Southeast Area Monitoring and Assessment Program (B)
11.436 Columbia River Fisheries Development Program (B)
11.437 Pacific Fisheries Data Program (B)
11.438 Pacific Coast Salmon Recovery_Pacific Salmon Treaty

Program (B)
11.439 Marine Mammal Data Program (B)
11.440 Environmental Sciences, Applications, Data, and Education


Regional Fishery Management Councils (B)
11.452 Unallied Industry Projects (B)
11.454 Unallied Management Projects (B)
11.457 Chesapeake Bay Studies (B)
11.459 Weather and Air Quality Research (B)
11.460 Special Oceanic and Atmospheric Projects (B)
11.462 Hydrologic Research (B)
11.463 Habitat Conservation (B)
11.467 Meteorologic and Hydrologic Modernization Development

11.468 Applied Meteorological Research (B)
11.469 Congressionally Identified Awards and Projects (B)
11.472 Unallied Science Program (B)
11.473 Coastal Services Center (B)
11.474 Atlantic Coastal Fisheries Cooperative Management Act (B)
11.478 Center for Sponsored Coastal Ocean Research_Coastal

Ocean Program (B)
11.481 Educational Partnership Program (B)
11.482 Coral Reef Conservation Program (B)
11.549 State and Local Implementation Grant Program (B)
11.550 Public Telecommunications Facilities Planning and

Construction (B)

Public Safety Interoperable Communications Grant Program

11.557 Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) (B)
11.558 State Broadband Data and Development Grant Program (B)
11.559 Low-Power Television and Translator Upgrade Program (B)

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12.130 Estuary Habitat Restoration Program (B)
12.217 Electronic Absentee Systems for Elections (B)
12.340 Naval Medical Research and Development (B)
12.369 Marine Corps Systems Command Federal Assistance

Program (B)
12.579 Language Training Center (B)
12.598 Centers for Academic Excellence (B)
12.610 Community Economic

Economic Adjustment Assistance for
Compatible Use and Joint Land Use Studies (B)
12.611 Community Economic Adjustment Assistance for

Reductions in Defense Industry Employment (B)
12.614 Community Economic Adjustment Assistance for Advance

Planning and Economic Diversification (B)
12.801 Air Force Academy Athletic Programs (B)

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14.008 Transformation Initiative: Choice Neighborhoods

Demonstration Small Research Grant Program (B)
14.103 Interest Reduction Payments_Rental and Cooperative

Housing for Lower Income Families (C,F)
14.108 Rehabilitation Mortgage Insurance (F)
14.110 Manufactured Home Loan Insurance_Financing Purchase of

Manufactured Homes as Principal Residences of Borrowers

14.117 Mortgage Insurance_Homes (F)
14.119 Mortgage Insurance_Homes for Disaster Victims (F)
14.122 Mortgage Insurance_Homes in Urban Renewal Areas (F)
14.123 Mortgage Insurance_Housing in Older, Declining Areas (F)
14.126 Mortgage Insurance_Cooperative Projects (F)
14.127 Mortgage Insurance_Manufactured Home Parks (F)
14.128 Mortgage Insurance_Hospitals (F)
14.129 Mortgage Insurance_Nursing Homes, Intermediate Care

Facilities, Board and Care Homes and Assisted Living

Facilities (F)
14.133 Mortgage Insurance_Purchase of Units in Condominiums (F)
14.134 Mortgage Insurance_Rental Housing (F)
14.135 Mortgage Insurance_Rental and Cooperative Housing for

Moderate Income Families and Elderly, Market Interest Rate

14.138 Mortgage Insurance_Rental Housing for the Elderly (F)
14.139 Mortgage Insurance_Rental Housing in Urban Renewal

Areas (F)
14.142 Property Improvement Loan Insurance for Improving All

Existing Structures and Building of New Nonresidential

Structures (F)
14.149 Rent Supplements_Rental Housing for Lower Income

Families (C)
14.151 Supplemental Loan Insurance_Multifamily Rental Housing

14.155 Mortgage Insurance for the Purchase or Refinancing of

Existing Multifamily Housing Projects (F)
14.157 Supportive Housing for the Elderly (C)
14.159 Section 245 Graduated Payment Mortgage Program (F)
14.162 Mortgage Insurance_Combination and Manufactured Home

Lot Loans (F)

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