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Prevention_Investigations and Technical Assistance (B)
93.284 Injury Prevention Program for American Indians and

Alaskan Natives_Cooperative Agreements (B)
93.285 National Institutes of Health Pediatric Research Loan

Repayment Program (C)

Discovery and Applied Research for Technological

Innovations to Improve Human Health (B)
93.288 National Health Service Corps Scholarship Program (C)
93.289 President's Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition (K)
93.290 National Community Centers of Excellence in Women's

Health (B)

Surplus Property Utilization (H)
93.296 State Partnership Grant Program to Improve Minority Health

93.297 Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Program (B)
93.300 National Center for Health Workforce Analysis (B)

Small Rural Hospital Improvement Grant Program (B)
93.303 Nursing Scholarship Program (C)
93.307 Minority Health and Health Disparities Research (B)
93.308 National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities

(NIMHD) Extramural Loan Repayment Programs (C)
93.310 Trans-NIH Research Support (B,M)
93.313 NIH Office of Research on Women's Health (B)
93.338 Foreign Public Health Construction (B)
93.339 Public Health Conference Support (B)
93.342 Health Professions Student Loans, Including Primary Care

Loans/Loans for Disadvantaged Students (B)
93.350 National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (B)
93.351 Research Infrastructure Programs (B)
93.352 Construction Support (B)
93.358 Advanced Education Nursing Traineeships (B)
93.359 Nurse Education, Practice Quality and Retention Grants (B)
93.360 Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority

(BARDA), Biodefense Medical Countermeasure

Development (B)
93.361 Nursing Research (B)
93.364 Nursing Student Loans (E)
93.365 Sickle Cell Treatment Demonstration Program (B)
93.389 National Center for Research Resources (B)
93.393 Cancer Cause and Prevention Research (B)
93.394 Cancer Detection and Diagnosis Research (B)
93.395 Cancer Treatment Research (B)
93.396 Cancer Biology Research (B)

Cancer Centers Support Grants (B)
93.398 Cancer Research Manpower (B)
93.399 Cancer Control (B)
93.400 National Health Service Corps Scholarship Program (C)
93.401 ARRA - National Health Service Corps Loan Repayment

93.402 ARRA - State Loan Repayment Program (B,C)
93.403 ARRA Grants for Training in Primary Care Medicine and

Dentistry Training and Enhancement (B)

ARRA Dental Public Health Residency Training Grants

93.405 ARRA - Public Health Traineeship Program (A)
93.406 Nursing Education Loan Repayment Program (NELRP) (C)
93.407 ARRA - Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students (B)
93.408 ARRA - Nurse Faculty Loan Program (B)

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93.409 Faculty Loan Repayment Programs (C)
93.410 ARRA Licensure Portability Grant Program (B)
93.411 ARRA Equipment to Enhance Training for Health

Professionals (B)
93.412 ARRA - Preventive Medicine Residency Program (B)
93.414 ARRA - State Primary Care Offices (B)
93.415 ARRA - Centers of Excellence (B)
93.416 ARRA - Health Careers Opportunity Program (B)
93.417 ARRA - Nursing Workforce Diversity (B)
93.420 ARRA - Community Health Applied Research Network

93.440 National Project Management of the Healthcare

Communities Knowledge Gateway (B)
93.441 Indian Self-Determination (C)
93.442 Special Diabetes Program for Indians (SDPI) Competitive

Grant Program (B)
93.443 Health Promotion/Disease Prevention Program for American

Indians and Alaska Natives (B)
93.444 Tribal Self-Governance Program: Planning and Negotiation

Cooperative Agreement (B)
93.445 Indian Health Service Sanitation Facilities Construction

Program (J)
93.448 Food Safety and Security Monitoring Project (B)
93.449 Ruminant Feed Ban Support Project (B)

The Linkage to Life Program: Rebuilding Broken Bridges

for Minority Families Impacted by HIV/AIDS. (B)

Health Improvement for Re-entering Ex-offenders Initiative

93.453 Coalition for a Healthier Community (B)
93.500 Pregnancy Assistance Fund Program (B)
93.501 Affordable Care Act (ACA) Grants for School-Based Health

Center Capital Expenditures (B)
93.502 Affordable Care Act (ACA) Infrastructure to Expand Access

to Care (B)
93.503 Affordable Care Act (ACA) Nursing Assistant and Home

Health Aide Program (B)
93.504 Affordable Care Act (ACA) Family to Family Health

Information Centers (B)
93.505 Affordable Care Act (ACA) Maternal, Infant, and Early

Childhood Home Visiting Program (A,B)
93.506 ACA Nationwide Program for National and State

Background Checks for Direct Patient Access Employees of

Long Term Care Facilities and Providers (B)
93.507 PPHF 2012 National Public Health Improvement Initiative

93.508 Affordable Care Act (ACA) Tribal Maternal, Infant, and

Early Childhood Home Visiting Program (B)
93.509 Affordable Care Act (ACA) State Health Care Workforce

Development Grants (B)
93.510 Affordable Care Act (ACA) Primary Care Residency

Expansion Program (B)
93.511 Affordable Care Act (ACA) Grants to States for Health

Insurance Premium Review (B)
93.512 Affordable Care Act (ACA) Personal and Home Care Aide

State Training Program (PHCAST) (B)
93.513 Affordable Care Act (ACA) Advanced Nursing Education

Expansion Initiative (B)
93.514 Affordable Care Act (ACA) Expansion of Physician

Assistant Training Program (B)





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93.515 Affordable Care Act (ACA) Nurse-Managed Health Clinics

93.516 Affordable Care Act (ACA) Public Health Training Centers

Program, Resources Development and Academic Support to
the Public Health Training Centers Program and Public

Health Infrastructure and Systems Support (B)
93.517 Affordable Care Act Aging and Disability Resource Center

93.518 Affordable Care Act - Medicare Improvements for Patients

and Providers (A,B)
93.519 Affordable Care Act (ACA) Consumer Assistance Program

Grants (B)
93.520 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Affordable

Care Act (ACA) Communities Putting Prevention to Work

93.521 The Affordable Care Act: Building Epidemiology,

Laboratory, and Health Information Systems Capacity in the
Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity for Infectious
Disease (ELC) and Emerging Infections Program (EIP)

Cooperative Agreements;PPHF (B)
93.522 Affordable Care Act (ACA) Prevention Center for Healthy

Weight (B)

The Affordable Care Act: Human Immunodeficiency Virus

(HIV) Prevention and Public Health Fund Activities (B)
93.524 The Affordable Care Act (ACA): Capacity Building

Assistance to Strengthen Public Health Infrastructure and

Performance (B)

State Planning and Establishment Grants for the Affordable

Care Act (ACA)s Exchanges (B)
93.526 Affordable Care Act (ACA) Grants for Capital Development

in Health Centers (B)

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Grants for New and Expanded

Services under the Health Center Program (B)
93.528 National Forum for State and Territorial Chief Executives

93.529 Pre-existing Condition Insurance Program (PCIP) (C)

Affordable Care Act - Teaching Health Center Graduate

Medical Education Payments Program (A)
93.531 PPHF 2012: Community Transfromation Grants and

National Dissemination and Support for Community
Transformation Grants - financed solely by 2012 Preventinon

and Public Health Funds (B)
93.533 Prevention and Public Health Fund (Affordable Care Act):

Enhanced Surveillance for New Vaccine Preventable Disease


Affordable Care Act Program for Early Detection of Certain
Medical Conditions Related to Environmental Health

Hazards (B)

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Childhood Obesity Research

Demonstration (B)
93.536 The Affordable Care Act Medicaid Incentives for Prevention

of Chronic Disease Demonstration Project (B)
93.537 Affordable Care Act Medicaid Emergency Psychiatric

Demonstration (C)
93.538 Affordable Care Act - National Environmental Public Health

Tracking Program-Network Implementation (B)
93.539 PPHF 2012 - Prevention and Public Health Fund (Affordable

Care Act) - Capacity Building Assistance to Strengthen
Public Health Immunization Infrastructure and Performance
financed in part by 2012 Prevention and Public Health Funds

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93.540 Affordable Care Act Streamlined surveillance for

ventilator-associated pneumonia: Reducing burden and
demonstrating preventability; and Prevention and Public

Health Fund (B)
93.541 The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010

(ACA) (B)
93.542 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Research Centers:

PPHF 2012 - Affordable Care Act Projects (B)
93.544 The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010

(Affordable Care Act) authorizes Coordinated Chronic

Disease prevention and Health Promotion Program (B)
93.545 Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan (CO-OP] Program

93.546 Early Retiree Reinsurance Program (C)
93.547 Affordable Care Act National Health Service Corps (B,C)
93.548 PPHF 2012: Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity

Program - financed in part by 2012 Prevention and Public

Health Funds (PPHF-2012) (B)

Affordable Care Act (ACA) The Primary Care Services

Resource Coordination and Development Program (B)
93.550 Transitional Living for Homeless Youth (B)
93.551 Abandoned Infants (B)
93.556 Promoting Safe and Stable Families (A,B)
93.557 Education and Prevention Grants to Reduce Sexual Abuse of

Runaway, Homeless and Street Youth (B)
93.558 Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (A)
93.560 Family Support Payments to States_Assistance Payments (A)
93.563 Child Support Enforcement (A)
93.564 Child Support Enforcement Research (B)

Refugee and Entrant Assistance_State Administered

Programs (A)
93.567 Refugee and Entrant Assistance_Voluntary Agency

Programs (B)

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance (A)
93.569 Community Services Block Grant (A)
93.570 Community Services Block Grant_Discretionary Awards (B)
93.575 Child Care and Development Block Grant (A)
93.576 Refugee and Entrant Assistance_Discretionary Grants (B)
93.579 U.S. Repatriation (B)

Improving the Capability of Indian Tribal Governments to

Regulate Environmental Quality (B)
93.583 Refugee and Entrant Assistance_Wilson/Fish Program (B)

Refugee and Entrant Assistance_Targeted Assistance Grants

93.586 State Court Improvement Program (A)
93.587 Promote the Survival and Continuing Vitality of Native

American Languages (B)

Community-Based Child Abuse Prevention Grants (A)
93.591 Family Violence Prevention and Services/Grants For

Battered Women's Shelters_Grants to State Domestic

Violence Coalitions (A)
93.592 Family Violence Prevention and Services/Grants for Battered

Women's Shelters_Discretionary Grants (B)

Job Opportunities for Low-Income Individuals (B)
93.594 Tribal Work Grants (A)

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Welfare Reform Research, Evaluations and National Studies

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Care and Development Fund (A)
93.597 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs (A)
93.598 Services to Victims of a Severe Form of Trafficking (B)
93.599 Chafee Education and Training Vouchers Program (ETV)

93.600 Head Start (B)

Child Support Enforcement Demonstrations and Special

Projects (B)
93.602 Assets for Independence Demonstration Program (B)
93.603 Adoption Incentive Payments (A)
93.604 Assistance for Torture Victims (B)
93.605 Family Connection Grants (B)
93.606 Affordable Care Act Preparedness and Emergency

Response Learning Centers (B)
93.607 Affordable Care Act Preparedness and Emergency

Response Research Centers: A Public Health Systems

Approach (B)
93.609 The Affordable Care Act Medicaid Adult Quality Grants

93.610 Health Care Innovation Awards (HCIA) (B)
93.611 Strong Start for Mothers and Newborns (B)
93.612 Native American Programs (B)
93.613 President's Committee for People with Intellectual

Disabilities (PCPID) (L)
93.615 Affordable Care Act (ACA) Maternal, Infant, and Early

Childhood Home Visiting Research Programs (B)
93.616 Mentoring Children of Prisoners (B)
93.617 Voting Access for Individuals with Disabilities_Grants to

States (A)

Voting Access for Individuals with Disabilities-Grants for

Protection and Advocacy Systems (A)
93.621 Affordable Care Act Initiative to Reduce Avoidable

Hospitalizations among Nursing Facility Residents (B)
93.622 Affordable Care Act: Coordinating Center for

Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice (B)
93.623 Basic Center Grant (B)

ACA - State Innovation Models: Funding for Model Design

and Model Testing Assistance (B)
93.626 Affordable Care Act State Health Insurance Assistance

Program (SHIP) and Aging and Disability Resource Center
(ADRC) Options Counseling for Medicare-Medicaid
Individuals in States with Approved Financial Alignment

Models (B)
93.627 Affordable Care Act: Testing Experience and Functional

Assessment Tools (B)

Developmental Disabilities Basic Support and Advocacy

Grants (A)
93.631 Developmental Disabilities Projects of National Significance


University Centers for Excellence in Developmental

Disabilities Education, Research, and Service (B)

Children's Justice Grants to States (A)
93.645 Stephanie Tubbs Jones Child Welfare Services Program (A)
93.647 Social Services Research and Demonstration (B)

Child Welfare Research Training or Demonstration (B)
93.652 Adoption Opportunities (B)
93.658 Foster Care_Title IV-E (A,B)
93.659 Adoption Assistance (A)
93.667 Social Services Block Grant (A)

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