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14.865 Public and Indian Housing Indian Loan Guarantee Program (F)
93.007 Public Awareness Campaigns on Embryo Adoption (B)
19.040 Public Diplomacy Programs (B)
93.003 Public Health and Social Services Emergency Fund (B)
93.339 Public Health Conference Support (B)
93.069 Public Health Emergency Preparedness (B)
93.249 Public Health Training Centers Program (B)
14.872 Public Housing Capital Fund (A)
14.877 Public Housing Family Self-Sufficiency under Resident Opportunity

and Supportive Services (B)
11.555 Public Safety Interoperable Communications Grant Program (B)
16.571 Public Safety Officers' Benefits Program (D)
16.615 Public Safety Officers' Educational Assistance (D)
11.550 Public Telecommunications Facilities Planning and Construction (B)
10.861 Public Television Station Digital Transition Grant Program (B)
20.514 Public Transportation Research (B,L,M)
66.122 Puget Sound Action Agenda Outreach, Education and Stewardship

Support Program (B)
66.123 Puget Sound Action Agenda: Technical Investigations and

Implementation Assistance Program (B)
66.121 Puget Sound Protection and Restoration: Tribal Implementation

Assistance Program (B)
66.120 Puget Sound Watershed Management Assistance (B)
64.029 Purchase Care Program (C)

14.189 Qualified Participating Entities (QPE) Risk Sharing (F)
10.605 Quality Samples Program (C)

97.049 Presidential Declared Disaster Assistance - Disaster Housing

Operations for Individuals and Households (C,J)
97.050 Presidential Declared Disaster Assistance to Individuals and

Households - Other Needs (C)
93.533 Prevention and Public Health Fund (Affordable Care Act): Enhanced

Surveillance for New Vaccine Preventable Disease (B)
93.964 Prevention and Public Health Fund (PPHF) Public Health Traineeships

93.740 Prevention Public Health Fund 2012: Viral Hepatitis Education (B)
93.736 Prevention Public Health Fund 2012: Viral Hepatitis Prevention (B)
93.991 Preventive Health and Health Services Block Grant (A)
93.977 Preventive Health Services_Sexually Transmitted Diseases Control

Grants (B)
93.117 Preventive Medicine and Public Health Residency Training Program,

Integrative Medicine Program, and National Coordinating Center for

Integrative Medicine (B)
14.418 Private Enforcement Initiatives (B)
19.415 Professional and Cultural Exchange Programs - Citizen Exchanges (B)
19.402 Professional and Cultural Exchange Programs - International Visitor

Leadership Program (B)
94.007 Program Development and Innovation Grants (B)
17.275 Program of Competitive Grants for Worker Training and Placement in

High Growth and Emerging Industry Sectors (B)
84.240 Program of Protection and Advocacy of Individual Rights (A)
10.254 Program of Research on the Economic of Invasive Species

Management (PREISM) (L)
93.116 Project Grants and Cooperative Agreements for Tuberculosis Control

Programs (B)
14.326 Project Rental Assistance Demonstration (PRA Demo) Program of

Section 811 Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilities (B)
16.609 Project Safe Neighborhoods (B)
93.150 Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness (PATH) (A)
93.587 Promote the Survival and Continuing Vitality of Native American

Languages (B)
16.203 Promoting Evidence Integration in Sex Offender Management

Discretionary Grant Program (B,M)
93.556 Promoting Safe and Stable Families (A,B)
45.024 Promotion of the Arts_Grants to Organizations and Individuals (B)
45.025 Promotion of the Arts_Partnership Agreements (B,K)
45.130 Promotion of the Humanities_Challenge Grants (B)
45.149 Promotion of the Humanities Division of Preservation and Access (B)
45.129 Promotion of the Humanities_Federal/State Partnership (A)
45.160 Promotion of the Humanities_Fellowships and Stipends (B)
45.169 Promotion of the Humanities_Office of Digital Humanities (B)
45.163 Promotion of the Humanities_Professional Development (B)
45.164 Promotion of the Humanities_Public Programs (B)
45.161 Promotion of the Humanities Research (B)
45.162 Promotion of the Humanities_Teaching and Learning Resources and

Curriculum Development (B)
14.142 Property Improvement Loan Insurance for Improving All Existing

Structures and Building of New Nonresidential Structures (F)
16.735 Protecting Inmates and Safeguarding Communities Discretionary

Grant Program (B)
93.138 Protection and Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness (A)
66.609 Protection of Children from Environmental Health Risks (B)
16.104 Protection of Voting Rights (J)
15.508 Providing Water to At-Risk Natural Desert Terminal Lakes (B,C)
14.850 Public and Indian Housing (C)
14.891 Public and Indian Housing Transformation Initiative (TI) Technical

Assistance (TA) (J)

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84.413 Race to the Top (B)
84.416 Race to the Top - District Grants (B)
84.412 Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge (B)
93.743 Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health: Obesity and

Hypertension Demonstration Projects financed solely by 2012

Prevention and Public Health Funds (B)
97.121 Radiological/Nuclear Detection Pilot Evaluations Program (B,1,L)
97.075 Rail and Transit Security Grant Program (B)
97.113 Rail and Transit Security Grant Program (ARRA) (B)
20.320 Rail Line Relocation and Improvement (B)
20.314 Railroad Development (B)
20.316 Railroad Rehabilitation and Improvement Financing Program (E,F)
20.313 Railroad Research and Development (B)
20.301 Railroad Safety (B)
15.237 Rangeland Resource Management (B,K,M)
84.295 Ready-To-Learn Television (B)
15.548 Reclamation Rural Water Supply Program (B)
15.514 Reclamation States Emergency Drought Relief (B,C,J,K)
15.656 Recovery Act Funds - Habitat Enhancement, Restoration and

Improvement. (B)
10.687 Recovery Act of 2009: Capital Improvement and Maintenance (B)
10.688 Recovery Act of 2009: Wildland Fire Management (B)
93.715 Recovery Act Comparative Effectiveness Research - AHRQ (B)
15.225 Recreation Resource Management (B,1,J,K,L,M)
15.524 Recreation Resources Management (B)
20.219 Recreational Trails Program (A)
15.937 Redwood National Park Cooperative Management with the State of

California (B,H,I,K,L,M)
93.576 Refugee and Entrant Assistance_Discretionary Grants (B)



93.566 Refugee and Entrant Assistance_State Administered Programs (A)
93.584 Refugee and Entrant Assistance_Targeted Assistance Grants (A)
93.567 Refugee and Entrant Assistance_Voluntary Agency Programs (B)
93.583 Refugee and Entrant Assistance_Wilson/Fish Program (B)
66.113 Region 3 Environmental Priority Projects (B)
66.714 Regional Agricultural IPM Grants (B)
66.517 Regional Applied Research Efforts (RARE) (B)
81.079 Regional Biomass Energy Programs (B)
97.111 Regional Catastrophic Preparedness Grant Program (RCPGP) (B)
11.441 Regional Fishery Management Councils (B)
16.610 Regional Information Sharing Systems (B)
66.461 Regional Wetland Program Development Grants (B)
17.201 Registered Apprenticeship (B,L,M)
15.250 Regulation of Surface Coal Mining and Surface Effects of

Underground Coal Mining (B,C)
84.129 Rehabilitation Long-Term Training (B)
14.108 Rehabilitation Mortgage Insurance (F)
84.235 Rehabilitation Services Demonstration and Training Programs (B)
84.250 Rehabilitation Services_American Indians with Disabilities (B)
84.161 Rehabilitation Services Client Assistance Program (A)
84.177 Rehabilitation Services_Independent Living Services for Older

Individuals who are Blind (B)
84.128 Rehabilitation Services Service Projects (B)
84.126 Rehabilitation Services Vocational Rehabilitation Grants to States (A)
84.246 Rehabilitation Short-Term Training (B)
84.264 Rehabilitation Training_Continuing Education (B)
84.275 Rehabilitation Training_General Training (B)
84.265 Rehabilitation Training_State Vocational Rehabilitation Unit

In-Service Training (B)
97.016 Reimbursement for Firefighting on Federal Property (C)
17.270 Reintegration of Ex-Offenders (B)
81.087 Renewable Energy Research and Development (B)
14.149 Rent Supplements_Rental Housing for Lower Income Families (C)
97.092 Repetitive Flood Claims (B)
10.866 Repowering Assistance (C)
19.031 Research and Development - Physical Security Programs (B)
11.312 Research and Evaluation Program (B)
93.213 Research and Training in Complementary and Alternative Medicine

20.762 Research Grants (B)
15.650 Research Grants (Generic) (B)
84.324 Research in Special Education (B)
93.351 Research Infrastructure Programs (B)
10.255 Research Innovation and Development Grants in Economic (RIDGE)

93.226 Research on Healthcare Costs, Quality and Outcomes (B)
10.778 Research on the Economic Impact of Cooperatives (C)
93.173 Research Related to Deafness and Communication Disorders (B)
66.716 Research, Development, Monitoring, Public Education, Training,

Demonstrations, and Studies (B)
93.942 Research, Prevention, and Education Programs on Lyme Disease in the

United States (B)
10.308 Resident Instruction Grants for Insular Area Activities (B)
14.870 Resident Opportunity and Supportive Services - Service Coordinators

16.593 Residential Substance Abuse Treatment for State Prisoners (A)
10.901 Resource Conservation and Development (K)
94.002 Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (B)
15.619 Rhinoceros and Tiger Conservation Fund (B)

10.460 Risk Management Education and Outreach Partnerships Program (B)
15.921 Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance (K)
15.525 Rocky Boy's/North Central Montana Regional Water System (B)
93.449 Ruminant Feed Ban Support Project (B)
93.259 Rural Access to Emergency Devices Grant (B)
10.886 Rural Broadband Access Loans and Loan Guarantees (E,F)
10.769 Rural Business Enterprise Grants (B)
10.773 Rural Business Opportunity Grants (B)
14.265 Rural Capacity Building for Community Development and Affordable

Housing Grants (B)
10.446 Rural Community Development Initiative (B)
10.771 Rural Cooperative Development Grants (B)
10.448 Rural Development Multi-Family Housing Rural Housing Voucher

Demonstration Program (C)
10.672 Rural Development, Forestry, and Communities (B)
16.589 Rural Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Sexual Assault, and

Stalking Assistance Program (B)
10.854 Rural Economic Development Loans and Grants (B,E)
84.358 Rural Education (A)
10.850 Rural Electrification Loans and Loan Guarantees (E,F)
10.868 Rural Energy for America Program (F)
93.912 Rural Health Care Services Outreach, Rural Health Network

Development and Small Health Care Provider Quality Improvement

Program (B)
93.155 Rural Health Research Centers (B)
10.433 Rural Housing Preservation Grants (B)
14.268 Rural Housing Stability Assistance Program (B,C)
10.870 Rural Microentrepreneur Assistance Program (BE)
10.427 Rural Rental Assistance Payments (C)
10.415 Rural Rental Housing Loans (B,E)
10.420 Rural Self-Help Housing Technical Assistance (B)
10.851 Rural Telephone Loans and Loan Guarantees (E,F)
93.924 Ryan White HIV/AIDS Dental Reimbursement and Community Based

Dental Partnership Grants (B)

84.184 Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities_National Programs (B)
15.441 Safety and Environmental Enforcement Research and Data Collection

for Offshore Energy and Mineral Activities (B)
20.609 Safety Belt Performance Grants (B)
20.234 Safety Data Improvement Program (B)
39.007 Sale of Federal Surplus Personal Property (H)
15.526 San Gabriel Basin Restoration Project (B)
15.547 San Jacinto Basin Restoration Fund (B)
15.555 San Joaquin River Restoration Program (B)
15.527 San Luis Unit, Central Valley Project (B)
15.561 Savage Rapids Pumping Plant Project (B)
15.929 Save America's Treasures (B)
93.925 Scholarships for Health Professions Students from Disadvantaged

Backgrounds (B)
10.553 School Breakfast Program (A)
84.377 School Improvement Grants (A)
84.363 School Leadership (B)
10.666 Schools and Roads - Grants to Counties (A)
10.665 Schools and Roads - Grants to States (A)
15.255 Science and Technology Projects Related to Coal Mining and

Reclamation (B)
66.514 Science To Achieve Results (STAR) Fellowship Program (B)
66.509 Science To Achieve Results (STAR) Research Program (B)



10.961 Scientific Cooperation and Research (B,C)
10.614 Scientific Cooperation Exchange Program with China (B,C)
97.062 Scientific Leadership Awards (B,C)
11.417 Sea Grant Support (B)
16.812 Second Chance Act Prisoner Reentry Initiative (B)
10.226 Secondary and Two-Year Postsecondary Agriculture Education

Challenge Grants (B)
14.159 Section 245 Graduated Payment Mortgage Program (F)
14.419 Section 3 Technical Assistance (B)
14.252 Section 4 Capacity Building for Community Development and

Affordable Housing (B)
10.438 Section 538 Rural Rental Housing Guaranteed Loans (F)
14.195 Section 8 Housing Assistance Payments Program (C)
14.871 Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers (C)
14.249 Section 8 Moderate Rehabilitation Single Room Occupancy (B)
15.234 Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination (B)
15.560 SECURE Water Act Research Agreements (B)
97.129 Securing Critical Underground Infrastructure Pilot Program (B)
97.106 Securing the Cities (B,1,L)
14.247 Self-Help Homeownership Opportunity Program (B)
17.235 Senior Community Service Employment Program (A,B)
94.016 Senior Companion Program (B)
94.017 Senior Demonstration Program (B)
66.508 Senior Environmental Employment Program (B)
10.576 Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program (B)
15.649 Service Training and Technical Assistance (Generic Training) (B)
16.320 Services for Trafficking Victims (B,C)
93.598 Services to Victims of a Severe Form of Trafficking (B)
97.110 Severe Repetitive Loss Program (B)
16.017 Sexual Assault Services Formula Program (A,B)
14.238 Shelter Plus Care (B)
15.936 Shenandoah Valley Battlefields National Historic District Battlefield

Acquisition and Protection (C)
33.001 Shipping_Dispute Resolution and Investigation of Complaints (N)
93.365 Sickle Cell Treatment Demonstration Program (B)
14.311 Single Family Property Disposition (H)
10.212 Small Business Innovation Research (B)
93.301 Small Rural Hospital Improvement Grant Program (B)
10.577 SNAP Partnership Grant (B)
10.584 SNAP Research Grants (B)
10.907 Snow Survey and Water Supply Forecasting (L)
94.019 Social Innovation Fund (B)
57.001 Social Insurance for Railroad Workers (D)

16.734 Special Data Collections and Statistical Studies (B)
93.442 Special Diabetes Program for Indians (SDPI) Competitive Grant

Program (B)
93.237 Special Diabetes Program for Indians_Diabetes Prevention and

Treatment Projects (B)
84.325 Special Education - Personnel Development to Improve Services and

Results for Children with Disabilities (B)
84.323 Special Education - State Personnel Development (B)
84.380 Special Education -- Olympic Education Programs (B)
84.181 Special Education-Grants for Infants and Families (A)
84.027 Special Education_Grants to States (A)
84.328 Special Education_Parent Information Centers (B)
84.173 Special Education_Preschool Grants (A)
84.329 Special Education_Studies and Evaluations (B)
84.326 Special Education_Technical Assistance and Dissemination to Improve

Services and Results for Children with Disabilities (B)
84.373 Special Education_Technical Assistance on State Data Collection (B)
84.327 Special Education_Technology and Media Services for Individuals

with Disabilities (B)
10.556 Special Milk Program for Children (A)
11.460 Special Oceanic and Atmospheric Projects (B)
93.044 Special Programs for the Aging_Title III, Part B_Grants for Supportive

Services and Senior Centers (A)
93.045 Special Programs for the Aging_Title III, Part C_Nutrition Services

93.043 Special Programs for the Aging_Title III, Part D_Disease Prevention

and Health Promotion Services (A)
93.048 Special Programs for the Aging_Title IV_and Title II_Discretionary

Projects (B)
93.047 Special Programs for the Aging_Title VI, Part A, Grants to Indian

Tribes_Part B, Grants to Native Hawaiians (B)
93.042 Special Programs for the Aging_Title VII, Chapter 2 Long Term Care

Ombudsman Services for Older Individuals (A)
93.041 Special Programs for the Aging_Title VII, Chapter 3_Programs for

Prevention of Elder Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation (A)
93.928 Special Projects of National Significance (B)
10.586 Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and

Children; Nutrition Education Innovations (B)
10.557 Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and

Children (A)
93.888 Specially Selected Health Projects (B)
10.170 Specialty Crop Block Grant Program - Farm Bill (B)
10.309 Specialty Crop Research Initiative (B)
15.605 Sport Fish Restoration Program (A)
15.622 Sportfishing and Boating Safety Act (B)
15.528 St. Mary Storage Unit Facilities Rehabilitation Project (B,C)
97.083 Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) (B)
10.560 State Administrative Expenses for Child Nutrition (A)
10.561 State Administrative Matching Grants for the Supplemental Nutrition

Assistance Program (A)
20.600 State and Community Highway Safety (A)
16.614 State and Local Anti-Terrorism Training (K,L,M)
97.005 State and Local Homeland Security National Training Program (B)
11.549 State and Local Implementation Grant Program (B)
93.006 State and Territorial and Technical Assistance Capacity Development

Minority HIV/AIDS Demonstration Program (B)
66.817 State and Tribal Response Program Grants (A)
11.558 State Broadband Data and Development Grant Program (B)
10.857 State Bulk Fuel Revolving Fund Grants (B)
93.240 State Capacity Building (B)

93.091 Social Services and Income Maintenance Benefits Enrollment

Coordination Grants (B)
93.667 Social Services Block Grant (A)
93.647 Social Services Research and Demonstration (B)
47.075 Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences (B)
10.902 Soil and Water Conservation (K)
10.903 Soil Survey (L)
66.808 Solid Waste Management Assistance Grants (B)
10.762 Solid Waste Management Grants (B)
66.717 Source Reduction Assistance (B)
11.435 Southeast Area Monitoring and Assessment Program (B)
66.128 Southeastern Multi-Media and Geographic Priority Projects (B)
66.127 Southeastern U.S. Regional Targeted Watershed Initiative (B)
15.235 Southern Nevada Public Land Management (B)
16.755 Southwest Border Prosecution Initiative Program (D)
10.694 Southwest Forest Health and Wildfire Prevention (C)


66.040 State Clean Diesel Grant Program (A)
93.586 State Court Improvement Program (A)
16.606 State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (C)
20.720 State Damage Prevention Program Grants (B)
81.041 State Energy Program (A,B,L)
81.119 State Energy Program Special Projects (B)
97.043 State Fire Training Systems Grants (B)
93.267 State Grants for Protection and Advocacy Services (A)
66.471 State Grants to Reimburse Operators of Small Water Systems for

Training and Certification Costs (A)
93.256 State Health Access Program (B)
81.138 State Heating Oil and Propane Program (B)
66.032 State Indoor Radon Grants (B)
16.550 State Justice Statistics Program for Statistical Analysis Centers (B)
20.806 State Maritime Schools (CI)
10.435 State Mediation Grants (B)
93.775 State Medicaid Fraud Control Units (A)
93.296 State Partnership Grant Program to Improve Minority Health (B)
93.525 State Planning and Establishment Grants for the Affordable Care Act

(ACA)s Exchanges (B)
20.515 State Planning and Research (A)
93.735 State Public Health Approaches for Ensuring Quitline Capacity

Funded in part by 2012 Prevention and Public Health Funds

(PPHF-2012) (B)
66.432 State Public Water System Supervision (A)
93.241 State Rural Hospital Flexibility Program (A,B)
15.429 State Select (C)
66.518 State Senior Environmental Employment Program (B)
93.777 State Survey and Certification of Health Care Providers and Suppliers

(Title XVIII) Medicare (A)
93.796 State Survey Certification of Health Care Providers and Suppliers

(Title XIX) Medicaid (A)
20.610 State Traffic Safety Information System Improvement Grants (B)
84.415 State Tribal Education Partnership (STEP) (B)
66.433 State Underground Water Source Protection (A)
93.066 State Vital Statistics Improvement Program (B)
15.634 State Wildlife Grants (A,B)
16.740 Statewide Automated Victim Information Notification (SAVIN)

Program (B)
84.372 Statewide Data Systems (B)
93.645 Stephanie Tubbs Jones Child Welfare Services Program (A)
81.112 Stewardship Science Grant Program (B)
93.078 Strengthening Emergency Care Delivery in the United States

Healthcare System through Health Information and Promotion (B)
84.382 Strengthening Minority-Serving Institutions (B)
93.018 Strengthening Public Health Services at the Outreach Offices of the

U.S.-Mexico Border Health Commission (B)
84.371 Striving Readers (A,B)
14.534 Strong Cities Strong Communities (SC2) National Resource Network

93.611 Strong Start for Mothers and Newborns (B)
93.275 Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services-Access to Recovery (B)
93.243 Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services_Projects of Regional and

National Significance (B)
10.559 Summer Food Service Program for Children (A)
15.254 Summer Intern and Year-Long OSM/VISTA Watershed Support (C)
10.320 Sun Grant Program (B)
66.809 Superfund State and Indian Tribe Core Program Cooperative

Agreements (B)

66.802 Superfund State, Political Subdivision, and Indian Tribe Site-Specific

Cooperative Agreements (B)
66.806 Superfund Technical Assistance Grants (TAG) for Community Groups

at National Priority List (NPL) Sites (B)
16.527 Supervised Visitation, Safe Havens for Children (B)
14.151 Supplemental Loan Insurance_Multifamily Rental Housing (F)
10.551 Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (C)
10.580 Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Outreach/Participation

Program (B)
10.090 Supplemental Revenue Assistance Program (C)
16.750 Support for Adam Walsh Act Implementation Grant Program (B)
84.187 Supported Employment Services for Individuals with the Most

Significant Disabilities (A)
14.181 Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilities (C)
14.157 Supportive Housing for the Elderly (C)
14.235 Supportive Housing Program (B,C)
20.932 Surface Transportation _ Discretionary Grants for Capital Investment.

93.291 Surplus Property Utilization (H)
93.204 Surveillance of Hazardous Substance Emergency Events (B)
66.510 Surveys, Studies, Investigations and Special Purpose Grants within the

Office of Research and Development (B)
66.610 Surveys, Studies, Investigations and Special Purpose Grants within the

Office of the Administrator (B)
66.424 Surveys, Studies, Investigations, Demonstrations, and Training Grants

- Section 1442 of the Safe Drinking Water Act (B)
66.436 Surveys, Studies, Investigations, Demonstrations, and Training Grants

and Cooperative Agreements - Section 104(b)(3) of the Clean Water

Act (B)
66.309 Surveys, Studies, Investigations, Training and Special Purpose

Activities Relating to Environmental Justice (B)
66.612 Surveys, Studies, Investigations, Training Demonstrations and

Educational Outreach Related to Environmental Information and the

Release of Toxic Chemicals (B)
66.034 Surveys, Studies, Research, Investigations, Demonstrations, and

Special Purpose Activities Relating to the Clean Air Act (B)
10.215 Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (B)
14.703 Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant Program (B)
93.075 Systems Interoperability_Health and Human Services (B)

93.076 TANF Program Integrity Innovation Grants (B)
66.439 Targeted Watersheds Grants (B)
21.006 Tax Counseling for the Elderly (B)
21.003 Taxpayer Service (K)
84.379 Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education

Grants (TEACH Grants) (C)
84.374 Teacher Incentive Fund (B)
84.336 Teacher Quality Partnership Grants (B)
10.574 Team Nutrition Grants (B)
10.960 Technical Agricultural Assistance (B,C)
93.129 Technical and Non-Financial Assistance to Health Centers (B)
10.761 Technical Assistance and Training Grants (B)
10.604 Technical Assistance for Specialty Crops Program (C)
20.710 Technical Assistance Grants (B)
10.350 Technical Assistance to Cooperatives (J,K,L,M)
15.915 Technical Preservation Services (J,K,L)
93.297 Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Program (B)
93.211 Telehealth Programs (B)
66.042 Temporally Integrated Monitoring of Ecosystems (TIME) and


Long-Term Monitoring (LTM) Program (B)
93.558 Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (A)
17.273 Temporary Labor Certification for Foreign Workers (A,J,0)
14.322 Tenant Resource Network Program (B)
84.256 Territories and Freely Associated States Education Grant Program (B)
93.524 The Affordable Care Act (ACA): Capacity Building Assistance to

Strengthen Public Health Infrastructure and Performance (B)
93.536 The Affordable Care Act Medicaid Incentives for Prevention of

Chronic Disease Demonstration Project (B)
93.609 The Affordable Care Act Medicaid Adult Quality Grants (B)
93.283 The Affordable Care Act: Centers for Disease Control and

Prevention_Investigations and Technical Assistance (B)
93.521 The Affordable Care Act: Building Epidemiology, Laboratory, and

Health Information Systems Capacity in the Epidemiology and
Laboratory Capacity for Infectious Disease (ELC) and Emerging

Infections Program (EIP) Cooperative Agreements;PPHF (B)
93.523 The Affordable Care Act: Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

Prevention and Public Health Fund Activities (B)
93.451 The Linkage to Life Program: Rebuilding Broken Bridges for Minority

Families Impacted by HIV/AIDS. (B)
93.541 The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACA) (B)
93.544 The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (Affordable

Care Act) authorizes Coordinated Chronic Disease prevention and

Health Promotion Program (B)
10.447 The Rural Development (RD) Multi-Family Housing Revitalization

Demonstration Program (MPR) (B)
66.126 The San Francisco Bay Water Quality Improvement Fund (B)
19.301 The Secretary's Office of the Global Partnership Initiative (S/GPI)

Grant Programs (B)
84.010 Title I Grants to Local Educational Agencies (A)
84.013 Title I State Agency Program for Neglected and Delinquent Children

and Youth (A)
14.869 Title VI Federal Guarantees for Financing Tribal Housing Activities

93.058 Tobacco Regulation Awareness, Communication, and Education

Program (B)
10.085 Tobacco Transition Payment Program (D)
66.701 Toxic Substances Compliance Monitoring Cooperative Agreements

10.609 Trade Adjustment Assistance (D)
17.245 Trade Adjustment Assistance (A)
17.282 Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training

(TAACCCT) Grants (B)
10.315 Trade Adjustment Assistance for Farmers Training Coordination

Program (TAAF) (B)
11.313 Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms (B)
93.059 Training in General, Pediatric, and Public Health Dentistry (B)
84.160 Training Interpreters for Individuals who are Deaf and Individuals who

are Deaf-Blind (B)
66.038 Training, Investigations, and Special Purpose Activities of

Federally-Recognized Indian Tribes Consistent with the Clean Air Act
(CAA), Tribal Sovereignty and the Protection and Management of Air

Quality (B)
93.704 Trans-NIH Recovery Act Loan Repayment Support (C)
93.701 Trans-NIH Recovery Act Research Support (B)
93.310 Trans-NIH Research Support (B,M)
14.523 Transformation Initiative Research Grants: Sustainable Community

Research Grant Program (B)
14.008 Transformation Initiative: Choice Neighborhoods Demonstration

Small Research Grant Program (B)
17.807 Transition Assistance Program (B)

84.407 Transition Programs for Students with Intellectual Disabilities into

Higher Education (B)
84.350 Transition to Teaching (B)
16.736 Transitional Housing Assistance for Victims of Domestic Violence,

Dating Violence, Stalking, or Sexual Assault (B)
93.550 Transitional Living for Homeless Youth (B)
20.223 Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (TIFIA)

Program (E,F)
20.931 Transportation Planning, Research and Education (B)
10.167 Transportation Services (K,M)
20.900 Transportation_Consumer Affairs (N)
93.234 Traumatic Brain Injury State Demonstration Grant Program (B)
10.092 Tree Assistance Program (D)
16.815 Tribal Civil and Criminal Legal Assistance Grants, Training and

Technical Assistance (B)
10.221 Tribal Colleges Education Equity Grants (B)
10.222 Tribal Colleges Endowment Program (A)
16.608 Tribal Court Assistance Program (B)
93.954 Tribal Recruitment and Retention of Health Professionals into Indian

Health Programs (M)
15.022 Tribal Self-Governance (C)
93.210 Tribal Self-Governance Program: IHS Compacts/Funding Agreements

93.444 Tribal Self-Governance Program: Planning and Negotiation

Cooperative Agreement (B)
15.639 Tribal Wildlife Grants Program (B)
93.594 Tribal Work Grants (A)
15.028 Tribally Controlled Community College Endowments (B)
84.245 Tribally Controlled Postsecondary Career and Technical Institutions

84.103 TRIO Staff Training Program (B)
84.066 TRIO_Educational Opportunity Centers (B)
84.217 TRIO_McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement (B)
84.042 TRIO_Student Support Services (B)
84.044 TRIO_Talent Search (B)
84.047 TRIO_Upward Bound (B)
97.059 Truck Security Program (B)
66.707 TSCA Title IV State Lead Grants Certification of Lead-Based Paint

Professionals (B)
93.947 Tuberculosis Demonstration, Research, Public and Professional

Education (B)
84.287 Twenty-First Century Community Learning Centers (A)

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77.006 U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Nuclear Education Grant

Program (B)
15.808 U.S. Geological Survey_Research and Data Collection (B)
20.807 U.S. Merchant Marine Academy (M)
77.008 U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Scholarship and Fellowship

Program (B)
93.579 U.S. Repatriation (B)
93.676 Unaccompanied Alien Children Program (B)
11.452 Unallied Industry Projects (B)
11.454 Unallied Management Projects (B)
11.472 Unallied Science Program (B)
84.016 Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language Programs

93.187 Undergraduate Scholarship Program for Individuals from

Disadvantaged Backgrounds (B)

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