Annual Report (or Report) of the Secretary of War, Part 2

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1869

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Page 294 - War ; and in case of any litigation arising from any obstruction or alleged obstruction to navigation created by the construction of any bridge under this Act.
Page 382 - not to obstruct, impair, or injuriously modify the navigation of the river" was prepared by myself, and with reference to the meaning attached to those words by the best authorities; and they were, I believe, used in the act with that understanding of them. I would further recommend that the bridge company be furnished with a copy of the report of the commission. Very respectfully, your obedient servant, AA HUMPHREYS, Brigadier General and Chief of Engineers. Hon.
Page 509 - An act making appropriations for the support of the Army for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1868 and for other purposes...
Page 46 - ... of the same, together with all other information touching said bridge and river as may be deemed requisite by the Secretary of War to determine whether the said bridge, when built, will conform to the prescribed conditions of the act, not to obstruct, impair, or injuriously modify the navigation of the river.
Page 382 - An Act providing that the bridge in the course of construction over the East River, between the cities of New York and Brooklyn, by the New York Bridge Company, shall be a public work of the cities of New York and Brooklyn, and for the dissolution of said Company, and the completion and management of the said bridge by the said cities.
Page 397 - Congress, full statements of all existing facts tending to show to what extent the general commerce of the country will be promoted by the several works of improvements contemplated by such examinations and surveys, to the end that public moneys shall not be applied excepting where such improvements shall tend to subserve the general commercial and navigation interests of the United States.
Page 504 - An act authorizing the erection of a bridge over the river Potomac to Alexander's Island," approved February 5, 1808. — (Vol. 1, page 177.) The following in brief are some of the features of this act : To be a good and sufficient bridge at least thirty-six feet wide, with a secure railing on each side four feet high and a width of six feet for a way for foot passengers ; to have a convenient and sufficient draw, at least thirty feet wide, over the main channel for the passing and repassing of vessels...
Page 450 - U 2. UNITED STATES ENGINEER OFFICE, Portland, Maine, March 15, 1869. GENERAL : I have the honor to report that, in compliance with your instructions, I have visited New York and Boston, for the purpose of examining into the merits of the dredging machine known as Morris & Cummings's patent, in operation in New York Harbor, and Boschke's patent, in Boston Harbor, with a view to ascertaining the most suitable and desirable machine for dredging in this harbor.
Page 294 - Missouri for such purpose, to build a bridge across the Mississippi River at Quincy, Illinois, and to lay on and over said bridge railway tracks for the more perfect connection of any railroads that are or shall be constructed to the said river at or opposite said point...
Page 294 - ... mark, measuring to the bottom chord of the bridge, and the piers of said bridge shall be parallel with the current of the river...

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