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The Object of the Commonwealth Club

"shall be to investigate and discuss problems affecting the
welfare of the Commonwealth and to aid in their solution."
Constitution, Article II.

"The Commonwealth Club shall maintain itself in an impar-
tial position as an open forum for the discussion of disputed
questions."-By-Laws, Section 10.

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STUDY of the relation of arts, letters and music to the public welfare was begun by the Club in 1926 and a Section was formed under the leadership of Edgar Walter, sculptor. The Section soon divided into Subsections, each covering a special department of the arts-Architecture under Charles Peter Weeks; Drama under George C. Warren; Literature under George Douglas; Music under Redfern Mason; Painting under Spencer Macky. Fortnightly meetings have been held by most of the Subsections and much information collected.

The Subsections on Music, Drama, Literature and Painting were called on to report at the Club meeting of December 15, 1927, and presented two questions to the Club membership: (1) "Does San Francisco Need an Art Commission?" (2) "Should San Francisco Subsidize Music!"

After interesting discussion, the questions were referred back to the Section for further consideration.


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