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§ 403.3 Applications. [Rule 3]

(a) Every proceeding before the Board shall be commenced by an application made to it, which shall be in writing and signed by, or on behalf of, the applicant.

(b) An applicant shall file twelve copies of his application setting forth a clear and complete statement of the facts, the grounds for the complaint, and the relief or remedy to which the applicant claims to be entitled.

(c) Applicants resident in Canada shall file their complaints with the St. Lawrence Seaway Joint Tolls Advisory Board, Hunter Building, Ottawa, Ontario. Applicants resident in the United States of America shall file their complaints with the St. Lawrence Seaway Joint Tolls Advisory Board, Massena, N.Y. Other applicants may file their complaints with the Board at either address.

(d) One copy of each application received shall be held and be available for public inspection at the offices of the Board in Ottawa, Ontario, and Massena, N.Y.

(e) The Board shall publish notice of the receipt of applications in the "Canada Gazette" and the FEDERAL REGISTER.

(f) Interested parties shall have thirty days from date of publication of notice in which to make representations or to submit briefs to the Board. [Rule 3]

§ 403.4 Meetings and functions of Board. [Rule 4]

(a) The Board shall meet at such time and place as the Chairman may decide.

(b) The Board may schedule hearings at such time and place as the Chairman may decide.

(c) If hearings are scheduled the Board shall so notify applicants on record by mail, and may cause notice of the time and place of hearings to be published in the "Canada Gazette" and the FEDERAL REGISTER.

(d) Three members of the Board, one of whom shall be the Chairman, shall constitute a quorum.

(e) The Chairman shall have the right to vote at meetings of the Board and in case of equal division shall also have a casting vote.

(f) The Chairman shall cause to be kept minutes of meetings and a record of proceedings at hearings. [Rule 4]

§ 403.5 Additional information. [Rule 5]

The Board may require further information, particulars or documents from any party. [Rule 5]

§ 403.6 Action on applications; notices of requirements. [Rule 6]

The Board may at any time require the whole or any part of an application, answers or reply to be verified by affidavit, by giving a notice to that effect to the party from whom the affidavit is required. It the notice is not complied with, the Board may set aside the application, answer or reply or strike out any part not verified according to the notice. [Rule 6]

§ 403.7 Proceedings; stay or adjournment. [Rule 7]

The Board may stay proceedings or any part of the proceedings as it thinks fit or may from time to time adjourn any proceedings before it. [Rule 7]

403.8 Prehearings. [Rule 8]

The Board may direct, orally or in writing, parties or their representatives to appear before the Board or a member of the Board at a specified time and place for a conference prior

to or during the course of a hearing or, in lieu of personally appearing, to submit suggestions in writing, for the purpose of formulating issues and considering

(a) The simplification of issues;
(b) The procedure at the hearing;

(c) The necessity or desirability of amending the application, answer or reply for the purpose of clarification, amplification or limitation;

(d) The mutual exchange among the parties of documents and exhibits proposed to be submitted at the hearing; and

(e) Such other matters as may aid in the simplification of the evidence and disposition of the proceeding. [Rule 8]

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a member of the Board shall be confined to the subject matter in question, and any objection to the admission of evidence shall be noted by the member and dealt with by the Board at the hearing. Such notice of the time and place of examination as is prescribed shall be given to the parties. All examinations shall be returned to the Board, and may without further proof be used in evidence, saving all just exceptions.

(b) The Board may, whenever it deems it advisable to do so, require written briefs to be submitted by the parties.

(c) The hearing, when once commenced, shall proceed, so far as in the opinion of the Board may be practicable, from day to day. [Rule 9]

§ 403.10 Findings and recommendations. [Rule 10]

The Board shall report its findings and recommendations in writing to The St. Lawrence Seaway Authority and the Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation and shall indicate whether the recommendations represent the unanimous agreement of the members of the Board and, if not, shall indicate those items on which unanimity was not achieved. [Rule 10]

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