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This guideline is dedicated to our wonderful panel member, the late Helen Gaston. Helen was a special person, and her loss is inestimable. As a participant in cardiac rehabilitation services, Helen was a believer in the value of cardiac rehabilitation. She served as an inspiration to hundreds of patients involved in cardiac rehabilitation.

Helen provided culturally sensitive insight as both an educator and a consumer of cardiac rehabilitation services. Her contributions to the development of this Clinical Practice Guideline, although tragically cut short, were of unique and invaluable benefit.


This Clinical Practice Guideline is the culmination of commitment, expertise, and concern on the part of many individuals.

The panel appreciates the steadfast support and guidance provided by Carole Hudgings, PhD, RN, the AHCPR project officer for most of the guideline development, and by Ernestine W. Murray, RN, MAS, the subsequent project officer.

George Sopko, MD, of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, provided invaluable clinical and administrative expertise, encouragement, and support to the panel throughout the deliberation and decisionmaking process.

The methodologist for this guideline, Steven H. Woolf, MD, MPH, educated the panel in the essentials of guideline development. His knowledge was essential in establishing the guideline process during the project's first year.

The panel also acknowledges the understanding and support of Pat Comoss, RN, who served as liaison on behalf of the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation. She carried out her demanding responsibilities with exceptional patience, grace, and understanding.

The invaluable role of the peer reviewers is also acknowledged. Their clear and detailed critical review of the guideline document, on two separate occasions, greatly enhanced the final product.

The panel is particularly grateful to the untiring dedication of the project office staff: Dorothy B. Seidman, Julie Piech, and Mariette Chagnon, MS.

Panel Members

Nanette Kass Wenger, MD

Panel Co-Chair

Professor of Medicine (Cardiology)
Emory University School of

Consultant, Emory Heart Center
Atlanta, Georgia

Erika Sivarajan Froelicher,

Panel Co-Chair

Department of Physiological Nursing
School of Nursing and Adjunct

Department of Epidemiology and

School of Medicine
University of California,

San Francisco
San Francisco, California
Cardiovascular Nurse

Philip A. Ades, MD

Director, Cardiac Rehabilitation

Associate Professor

University of Vermont College of

Medicine Burlington, Vermont Cardiologist

Kathy Berra, BSNa

Clinical Trials Director
Stanford Center for Research in

Disease Prevention
Palo Alto, California
Cardiovascular Nurse

Subcommittee Chairs.

James A. Blumenthal, PhDa

Director, Behavioral Medicine

Program Center for Living Duke University Medical Center Durham, North Carolina Clinical Psychologist

Catherine M. E. Certo, ScD, PT

Associate Professor

Boston University

Sargent College of Allied Health

Boston, Massachusetts
Physical Therapist/Exercise


Anne M. Dattilo, PhD, RD

Assistant Professor
Department of Nutrition
University of Georgia
Athens, Georgia

Dwight Davis, MD

Director, Cardiac Rehabilitation

Professor of Medicine
University Hospital
The Milton S. Hershey Medical

Hershey, Pennsylvania

Robert F. DeBusk, MDa

Professor of Medicine
Stanford University School of

Palo Alto, California

Joseph P. Drozda, Jr., MD

Chief of Cardiology and Medical

Director of the Cardiac

Rehabilitation Program
DePaul Health Center
St. Louis, Missouri

Barbara J. Fletcher, RN, MN

Director of Research
Emory Health Enhancement

Emory University
Atlanta, Georgia
Cardiovascular Nurse

Barry A. Franklin, PhDa

Director, Cardiac Rehabilitation

and Exercise Laboratories William Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak, Michigan Exercise Physiologist

Helen Gaston (deceased)

Tempe, Arizona
Consumer Representative
Specialty: Primary Care,
Community Health

Philip Greenland, MDa

Harry W. Dingman Professor

of Cardiology Chair, Department of

Preventive Medicine Northwestern University Medical

School Chicago, Illinois Cardiologist

Patrick E. McBride, MD, MPH

Associate Professor

Department of Family Medicine and

Medicine-Cardiology University of Wisconsin-Madison Madison, Wisconsin Family Physician

Christopher G. A. McGregor, MB,

Mayo Clinic
Rochester, Minnesota
Cardiothoracic Surgeon

Neil B. Oldridge, PhDa

Professor of Health Sciences
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Exercise Physiologist

Joseph C. Piscatella


Institute for Fitness and Health, Inc.
Tacoma, Washington
Consumer Representative

Felix J. Rogers, DO

Downriver Cardiology Consultants
Trenton, Michigan

Subcommittee Chairs.


Project Staff

William Johnson, PhD

Professor of Health Economics
School of Health Administration

and Policy
Arizona State University
Tempe, Arizona
Health Policy Analyst

Jennie J. Kronenfeld, PhD


School of Health Administration

and Policy
Arizona State University
Tempe, Arizona
Health Policy Analyst

Steven H. Woolf, MD, MPH

Assistant Clinical Professor Department of Family Practice Medical College of Virginia Fairfax, Virginia Methodologist

L. Kent Smith, MD, MPH

Director, Cardiac Rehabilitation
Arizona Heart Institute
Phoenix, Arizona
Project Director

Dorothy B. Seidman

Project Headquarters
Phoenix, Arizona
Project Manager

Mariette Chagnon, MS

Project Headquarters
Phoenix, Arizona
Literature Assistant

Pat Comoss, RN


AACVPR Project Oversight

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Nurse Consultant, Cardiac


Julie Piech

Project Headquarters Phoenix, Arizona Project Assistant

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