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ing up blanks the largest sum and the longest time shall be

first put.


27. A similar mode of proceeding shall be observed with bills which have originated in, and have passed the senate, as with bills originating in the house.

28. When a bill passes the house, the speaker shall certify the same, with the date thereof, at the foot of the bill.

29. Upon a division, either in the house or in committee of the whole, the names of those who vote for, and those who vote against the question, shall be entered upon the minutes, if any members require it.

30. In all divisions to be taken in this house, it shall be the duty of the clerk to enter on the minutes the name of the member calling for a division, and the name of the member who shall second such call.

31. The order of the day shall have the preference to any motion before the house.

32. A motion that the chairman leave the chair, shall always be in order, and shall take place of any other motion:

33. In the absence of a quorum, the speaker may adjourn the house until the next sitting day; or if in committee of the whole, the committee may rise and report progress.

34. No motion for reconsideration shall be in order, unless on the same day or day tollowing that on which the decision proposed to be reconsidered took place, nor unless one of the majority shall move such reconsideration. A motion for reconsiderntion being put and lost, shall not be renewed, nor shall any subject be a second time reconsidered without unanimous consent.

35. The rules of the house shall be observed in a committee of the whole house, so far as they may be applicable, except the rule limiting the time of speaking.

36. Select committees, to whom referrence shall be made, shall in all cases report a state of facts, and their opinion thefeon to the house.

37. That in all cases where a bill, orders, resolutions, or motions, shall be entered on the journals of this house, the name of the member moving the same, shall also be entered on the journals.

38. No person unless introduced by a member, shall be admitted within the bar of the house, but the executive, members of the senate, the heads of departments of the state government, judges of the supreme court, members of Congress and such other persons as the speaker shall on application assign places as Stenographers.

39. Every message from the honorable the senate, communicating any bill, for the concurrence of this house, shall, after the second reading of the said bill, be referred to a select or standing committee (as shall be assigned by the speaker,) with the accompanying documents (if any) to consider and report thereon.

40. The speaker shall cause the clerk of this house to make a list of all bills, resolutions, reports of committees, ar.d other proceedings in this house, which are committed to a committee of the whole house, and which are not made the order of the day for any particular day; which list shall be called "the general order of the day."

41. On the meeting of the House, and after reading the journal of the preceding day, the order of business shall be as follows: 1st. Presentation of petitions and memorials. 2d. Report of standing and select committees. 3d. Resolutions. 4th. General order of the day.

42. When the house have proceeded to the general order of the day,” no other business shall be in order until the house have disposed of the same, by laying them upon the table, or by postponing them until the next day.

43. No rule of this house shall be altered or suspended without the concurrence of two thirds of the members present.

44. Upon a call of the house, the names of the members shall be called by the clerk, and the absentees noted; but no excuse shall be made until the house be fully called over; then the absentees shall be called over a second time, and


if still absent, excuses are to be heard: and if no excuse, or insufficient excuse be made, the absentees may, by order of those present, if there are five members present, be taken into custody wherever to be found, by the sergeant-at-arms or one of the messengers of the house.

45. The speaker may leave the chair and appoint a member to preside, but not for a longer time than one day, except by leave of the house.

Resolved, That the above rules and orders be adopted for the government of the House of Representatives of the State of Michigan.

Wr. Whipple, of Wayne, laid on the table the following resolution:

Resolved, That one hundred copies of the rules this day adopted, be printed with the names of the members of the standing committee in pamphlet form.

A message from the senate was received accompanied with the following resolution for the concurrence of the house:

Resolved, That a committee of three members be appointed on the part of the scnaie, to join such committee as may be appointed by the house of representatives to act as a committee of ways and means.

Mr. Whipple, of Wayne, moved for a concurrence of the resolution from the senate.

On motion of Mr. O. D. Richardson, of Oakland,

Resolved. That this house concur in the resolution from the senate just received, and that the speaker appoint three members from this house to act with the committee from the senate as a joint committee of ways and means.

The chair announced the following as the committee : Messrs. Whipple, of Wayne, Hutchins, of Lenawee, Niles, of Oakland. On motion, adjourned until to-morrow at 10 o'clock, A. M.

SATURDAY, November 7, 1835. The roll being called, the following members answered to their names: Messrs. Alden, Brewer, Brown, Bradshaw,

Brownell, Britton, Felch, Crossman, Ellenwoed, Fay, Ferrington, Godfroy, Green, Gidley, Hutchins, O. Howe, Higley, Hill, Heath, Hart, Lothrop, Mead, Morse, Matthews, Noyes, Odell, Richardson, Smith, Sherman, Strong, Summers, Ullman, Voorheis, Wheeler, Whipple.

The minutes of the previous meeting being read,

Mr. Lothrop, of Kalamazoo, asked and obtained leave of absence for his colleague Mr. Burdick, for one day.

The chair announced the several standing committees as follows:

STANDING COMMITTEES OF THE HOUSE. Judiciary:-Messrs. Hutchins, Whipple, Green, Felch, Richardson, Burdick, Noyes.

Ways and means:-Messrs. Lothrop, Brown, Bradshaw, Matthews, Fay, Van Every, Morse.

State affairs:-Messrs. Richardson, Burdick, Matthews, Mead, Hutchins, Jackson, Smith.

Internal improvement:-Messrs. Ely, Gidley, Odell, Mead, Williams, Voorheis, Sherman.

Militia:-Messrs. Ullman, Brewer, Dodge, G. Howe, Smith, Hart, Higley.

Accounts and claims:-Messrs. Whipple, Dodge, Burdick, Niles, Jackson, Crossman, Gidley.

Education:-Messrs. Whipple, Green, Heath, Alden, Summers, Britton, Crossman.

University and school lands:-Messrs. O. Howe, Charter, Ferrington, Smith, Hill, Lothrop, Ellenwood.

Printing:-Messrs. Felch, Alden, Burdick, Britton, Niles, Wheeler, Fay.

Enrolment:-Messrs. Green, Richardson, Hutchins.

Banks and incorporations:-Messrs. Hutchins, Lothrop, Brownell, Summers, Godfroy, Ely, O. Howe..

Elections:-Messrs. Sherman, Munfore, Strong, Tacles, G. Howe, Wheeler, Hart.

Unfinished business:-Messrs. Noyes, Richardson, Lothrop, Alden, Green, Felch, Summers.

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Mr. Ullman, of St. Joseph, submitted the following resolution, which on motion of Mr. Whipple, was laid upon the table.

Resolved, That the committee on state affairs be instructed to report to this house the sum for the services of the secretary of state.

On motion of Mr. Richardson, of Oakland,

Ordered, That the committee on printing cause to be printed in pamphlet form. copies of the rules of this house.

On motion of Mr. Hutchins, of Lenawee, the blank was filled with 100, and the resolution as amended was adopted.

On motion of Mr. Whipple, of Wayne,

Resolved, That three members be appointed, who, with a like number to be appointed by the senate, shall constitute a joint committee on the library.

Resolved, "That the foregoing resolution be communicated to the senate, and their concurrence therein respectfully requested.

On motion of Mr. Hutchins, of Lenawee,

Resolved, (if the senate concur herein,) That on Monday next, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, the legislature proceed, in the hall of this house, to the election of two senators to represent this state in the Congress of the United States.

Resolvel, That each house separately and openly nominate the persons to be supported by them in joint meeting for senators of the United States, at the time and place contemplated in the foregoing resolution.

Mr. Richardson, of Oakland, moved to amend the same by striking out all after the word "resolved” in the second resolution, and insert the following:

That this house will on next, proceed to the election of two senators to the Congress of the United States.

Mr. Whipple, of Wayne, moved to amend said amendment, by substituting the following:

Resolved, That the senate and house will, at 12 o'clock this day, each openly nominate in the manner prescribed by the

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