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Raleigh, North Carolina
May 10, 1939

The Inventory of Federal Archives in the States is one of the products of the work of the Survey of Federal Archives, which operated as a nationwide project of the Works Progress Administration from January 1936 to June 30, 1937, and has been continued in North Carolina since that date as a state project of that Administration.

The plan for the organization of the Inventory is as follows: Series I consists of reports on the administration of the Survey, acknowledgments, and general discussions of the location, condition, and content of federal archives in the states. Succeeding series contain the detailed information secured by workers of the Survey, in inventory form, a separate series number being assigned to each of the executive departments (except the Department of State) and other major units of the Federal Government. Within each series No. 1 is a general introduction to the field organization and records of the governmental agency concerned; the succeeding numbers contain the inventory proper, separate numbers being assigned to each state in alphabetical order. Thus, in each series, the inventory for Alabama is No. 2, that for Arizona No. 3, that for Arkansas No. 4, etc.

For each local office information regarding each series, or unit of related records, is presented in the following order: title, inclusive dates ("to date" indicating an open file at the time the information was secured), general description of informational content, description of the system of filing or indexing (if any), a statement of frequency and purpose of use, form of the record itself (bound volumes, sheets in folders, etc.), linear footage, description of the containers, physical condition of the records (not stated if satisfactory), location by room number or other identifying information, and finally, the number of the Form 58SA on which this information was originally recorded by a Survey worker and from which it was abstracted for the Inventory. This form is on file in The National Archives. When it contains substantial information on addenda sheets which has not been included in the mimeographed abstract, indication of this is given by use of the reference "See addenda." In North Carolina the work of the Survey was under the direction of Dr. C. C. Crittenden, regional director, with Miss Mattie Erma Edwards as assistant, from its inception until June 1937. Since that time it has been under the supervision of Miss Emily Bridgers. This Inventory of the records of the Department of the Treasury was prepared in the Raleigh office of the Survey and was edited before final typing by Dr. Erik Achorn of the Washington office. It is reproduced in mimeographed form with the aid of the Historical Records Survey.

Emily Bridgers, Supervisor
Survey of Federal Archives
in North Carolina

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