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The best comprehensive book on this topic I have found so far.

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The relations existing among the space law and treaties law on the context of the new internationals juridical relations
By Gabriele Sapio* Published in
Considering the
evident fact of that the Space Law constitute itself in a recent field of the Public International Law, once that appeared with the emergence of the Space Age it happened short time more than 50 years ago with the Sputnik mission in 1957 October the 4th. Meanwhile, on these 50 years of space exploration was recording notables progresses since the throwing of the first mankind satellite by the at that time Soviet Union, in full Cold War period, and consequently too verified advancements too in the built ‘s process of the Space Law. Process these last one still in progress, by the simple fact of that the aforesaid field of the Public International Law is recent and still is being edified, as much in doctrinaires proper form, as jurisprudential and techno-legals its.
And as the Space Law encounter itself on its great part founded on 5 big international’s treaties that to treat of space’s matter, is obvious that exists one deep relations among the Treaties Law and the Space Law. These reality, is becoming every time more tangible and easily verifiable by reason of the fact of that since the signature ot the Space’s Treaty of 1967, the most part of the aspects arises on the sphere of the spatial matter were rising aim of consecration by Treaties ‘Law.
Reality these last that had intensified itself in the decades that follow at the feat of Sputnik, by the simples fact of that the most part of the spatial matter becoming to be ruled in others internationals ‘treaties as for example the Moon Treaty of 1979. Furthermore, we’re must of the same form emphasize to effects of analysis the character essentially conventional of the Space Law, the one that become deep the his relation with the Treaties Law. Fulfill still we’re distinguish that by reason of the process of intensification of the necessity of rule itself the most diverse matters of spatial nature as well as with the amplification of themselves as much in proper form of contents as technical nature is obvious that for a better treatment of these matters progressively more relevant in the international sphere, is that will do evermore more necessary the standardization of the spatial legislation and law in a whole scale, of that by this time already grant edge at the necessity of create itself one universal convention that comprise the most different matters in Space Law, in conformity with same specialists on Space Law of the most diverse countries of the world of these first times of the XXIth century.
These undeniable reality can be understood at we’re make na attempt on the fact of that the Spatial Age, which already encounter itself in a new phase of its historical[s development, conduct inexorablely at that stimulate the jurists in the specific way of solve some of the news problems and questions give risen to and still not solved by the mains spatial streaties at the moment in vigor, as well as: the delimitation and definition of out space, the control on spatial pollution and the reduction of the spatial dejects, the management of the spatial traffic, the definition of the term – spatial activity -, the protection of the intellectual property resulting from spatial activities, the rulement of the scientific search as well as of the trade activities in the space and the rulement of the spatial tourism. Being that the existence as well as the persistence of such juridical and techno-legals lacks give cause to the elaboration of na new universal international treaty that coming to treat of uniform form and to become harmonizer of all of this new questions that is rising with the ampliation and the growing progress of the spatial activities. And is therefore, justly this it s the intent of the present search’s proposal, that is of show the growing and every time more deep relations existing among the Spatial Law and the Treaties Law as

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