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succeeding issue or succeeding issues of the Federal Register.** [Sec. XIV]

2.17 Illustrations. The inclusion of illustrations as a part of documents required or authorized to be published in the Federal Register should be avoided wherever possible. Illustrations accompanying such documents, when published, shall be reduced to a size not greater than 7 by 10 inches and be line cuts only. Copy for illustrations must be forwarded to the Division with the documents of which they are a part.** [Sec. XV]

2.18 Dates of publication of Federal Register. The Federal Register shall be distributed by the Government Printing Office every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning, excepting days following legal holidays, and shall be in the general form, style, and size of the Congressional Record: Provided, however, That the Administrative Committee may at its discretion provide for a two or three column format.** [Sec. XVI]

2.19 Indexing of Federal Register. The contents of the Federal Register shall be indexed daily, monthly, quarterly, annually, and at such other times as the Director may prescribe.*1 [Sec. XVII]

2.20 Distribution of Federal Register. Distribution of the Federal Register shall be made by delivery or by deposit at a Post Office at or before 9:00 a. m. of the day of distribution.** [Sec. XVIII]

2.21 Copies for official use. Copies of the Federal Register shall be distributed without charge to Members of Congress, officers and employees of the United States or any Federal agency, in such numbers as shall be necessary for their official use; Provided, however, That extra copies of particular issues shall be paid for by the agency or official requesting them.*+ (Sec. XIX]

2.22 Requests for copies. All requests for copies of the Federal Register shall be addressed to The Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, D. C.*+ [Sec. XX]

2.23 Notices. Notwithstanding anything in the regulations in this part to the contrary, no notices shall be published in the Federal Register except those which issue, amend, or repeal regulations; or those which prescribe a penalty; or notices or orders for a public hearing or opportunity for a public hearing with respect to any proceeding to which a Federal agency is required or authorized by statute to admit as a party any state or political subdivision thereof, or any authorities thereof, or representatives of investors, consumers, or other interested class or classes of persons.** [Sec. XXII]

2.24 Effective date of regulations; publication. The regulations in this part shall become effective on June 1, 1938 and shall supersede the regulations approved on November 17, 1936 and the amendments thereto approved on December 31, 1936.

The foregoing regulations in this part shall be published in the Federal Register.*+ [Sec. XXII]

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* For statutory and source citations, see note to 8 2.1.


EDITORIAL NOTE: No regulations were assigned to this title, since the Federal Register Act (49 Stat. 500) and the Act of June 19, 1937 (50 Stat. 304), amending section 11 thereof, and providing for this Code, do not extend to regulations issued, prescribed, or promulgated by agencies of the “legislative or judicial branches of the Government."

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Part 1.-Presidential proclamations Part 3.- Executive orders included or and Executive orders included or cited cited in the Code of Federal Regulain the Code of Federal Regulations, tions, classified by number and date classified by title and chapter

Part 2.—Presidential proclamations included or cited in the Code of Federal Regulations, classified by number and date

EDITORIAL NOTE: The lists in this chapter are designed to provide an index to the Executive orders and proclamations included or cited in the Code of Federal Regulations. Although these documents are issued by the President, they are usually prepared and administered by the several Federal agencies and form essential portions of the regulations which they administer. The text of the Executive orders and proclamations included in the Code consequently will be found under the various titles and chapters indicated by the subject matter.

It is also to be noted that, in conformity with the provisions of the Act of June 19, 1937 (50 Stat. 304), only Executive orders and proclamations having "general applicability and legal effect” as of June 1, 1938, are included. This requirement has necessarily excluded a large percentage of the Executive orders in effect June 1, 1938. Thus, Executive orders and proclamations designating individuals to office or dealing with matters affecting Federal offices or employees in their capacity as such or concerning the internal administration of the Government will not as a rule be found in this Code. An exception has been made in the case of the general Executive orders respecting the Civil Service, which are represented in Title 5—Administrative Personnel, on account of their widespread interest to the public.

Finally, it should further be noted that the large number of Executive orders respecting the disposition of public lands are listed in tabulations and not included in full, unless they also contain general regulations. This disposition has been made since it is believed that the inclusion in the Code in extenso of Executive orders merely containing grants and land descriptions would involve the use of extensive space to no discernible purpose.

ABBREVIATIONS: The following abbreviations are used in this chapter:
E.O. Executive Order.
Proc. Proclamation.









2.2. *




Executive order:

Designating a Board on Geographic 27 A Sept. 4, 1890

Adding certain members to the 399 Jan. 24, 1906

Board on Geographic Names.
Refusing entrance to the continen- 589 Mar. 14, 1907

tal United States to certain per-
sons in order to prevent detri-

mental labor conditions.
Prescribing manner of leasing pub- 1253 Oct. 7, 1910

lic lands in Canal Zone.
Refusing permission to alien labor- 1712 Feb. 24, 1913

ers to enter the United States by
virtue of passports issued by
foreign governments for coun-
tries other than the United
States or for the insular posses-
sions of the United States or the

Canal Zone.
Proclamation: Imposing additional re- 1473 Aug. 8, 1918

strictions on United States travel

regarding passports, permits, etc. Executive order:

Authorizing the Secretary of the 3861 June 8, 1923

Interior to operate railroads in

the Territory of Alaska. Documents required of aliens enter- 4049 July 14, 1924

ing the United States on airships. Transferring the Division of Min- 4239 June 4, 1925 eral Resources in the Geological Survey from the Department of the Interior to the Department

of Commerce. Establishing rules governing navi. 4314 Sept. 25, 1925

gation of the Panama Canal and

adjacent waters.
Declaring the air space over the 5047 Feb. 18, 1929

Panama Canal Zone including
the 3-mile limit” to be a mili-

tary air space reservation.
Restricting for an indefinite time 5264 Jan. 24, 1930

the introduction of parrots into

the United States. Proclamation: Declaring a banking holi- 2039 Mar. 6, 1933

day from Mar. 6 to Mar. 9, 1933,

inclusive. Executive order:

Regulations concerning the opera- 6073 Mar. 10, 1933

tion of banks. Reorganizing the agricultural credit 6084 Mar. 27, 1933

agencies of the United States. See footnotes on p. 192.

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