Networks And Lines

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Technical Publications, 2008 - 816 pages
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A.C. Circuits and Theorems - Mesh and nodal analysis, Thevenins, Nortons, Millmans, Reciprocity, and Maximum power transfer theorem (A.C. analysis).Graph Theory and Network Equations - Introduction, Graph, Tree, Co-tree and loops, Incidence matrix, Cutset matrix, Tieset matrix and loop currents, Number of possible trees of a graph, Analysis of networks, Network equilibrium equations, Duality general network transformation.Resonance - Q-factor, Series resonance, Selectivity and bandwidth, Selectivity with variable capacitance and variable inductance, Parallel resonance, Selectivity and bandwidth, Maximum impedance condition with C, L and f variable, Current in antiresonance, General case resonance. Transfer and mutual inductance, Coupling coefficient, Properties of ideal transformer, Impedance matching with transformer, L and T circuit impedance matching.Four Terminal Network and Transmission Line - Two port network classification, Characteristic impedance and propagation constant for symmetrical network, Image and iterative impedance for asymmetrical network, Terminal impedances, Reduction of complicated network into its equivalent T and networks.Transmission line as two port network, Cascaded sections, Characteristic impedance and propagation constant. Transmission line general solution, Infinite line, Wavelength and velocity of propagation. Line without distortion, Reflection on transmission line reflection coefficient and SWR.Filters and Attenuators - Filter fundamentals, Constant k type low pass and high pass filter, m derived filter, low pass and high pass m - derived filters, Band pass and band stop filters, Half section, Terminating half section, Composite filter.Attenuators - Symmetrical T and attenuators, Ladder type attenuators, Asymmetrical T and attenuators.Transient response - Standard input signals, First order transients, Zero input response, Step response, Pulse response, Switched d.c. transients, Switched a.c. transients, Second order natural response, Second order circuit equations, Over damped, Under damped and critically damped response, Second order transients, Initial conditions.

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nice book it is covering good topics and examples


Table of Contents
Examples with Solutions 2
Review Questions 2
Examples with Solutions 4 32
Review Questions 4 54
Examples with Solutions 537
Review Questions 572
Review Questions 657
Chapter2 A C Circuits 2 1tog
Chapter 9 Four Terminal Networks 8 116 9 68
Examples with Solutions 10 55
Review Questions 10 71
Constant p with Frequency 11 42
Chapter12 Attenuators 12 1 to 12
Transient Response 131 to 1384
AppendixA Reduction of Complicated Two Port Networks A1 to A12

Examples with Solutions 810
Review Questions 8

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