Desecrators of the Sacred Trust: The Apotheoses of Donald J. Trump and Isaias Afwerki. Two Preening Would Be Kings and Their Dark Agendas

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AuthorHouse, 2020 M09 21 - 214 pages
Two different leaders, with more contrasting characteristics. Comparing the two leaders from two countries with striking contrast in size, history and government structure may seem strange. America is a democratic republic with a constitution two hundred and thirty years old; Eritrea is a dictatorship ruled by an unelected former guerrilla leader who suppressed a ratified constitution and rules by decree. However, both leaders are dedicated to the destruction of, or at the very least, the demeaning of the primary values of the democratic epoch, namely, democracy and rule of law.

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Bereket H. Selassie is an Emeritus Distinguished Professor of African Studies and Professor of Law at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His Memoirs, The Crown and the Pen (2007), relates the story of a man who straddled two worlds—a progressive lawyer and Attorney General of Ethiopia’s Emperor Haile Selassie. He thus struggled for justice within an archaic system, bedeviled with imperial Court intrigues. He was banished to a distant province, and eventually escaped to his native Eritrea where he joined the armed struggle for independence. His Memoirs as well as his novel, Riding the Whirlwind (1993), paint a dramatic picture of a tumultuous life saddled with tension involving opposed ideas and forces. Out of Africa, Selassie settled in America and began an academic life, writing over a dozen books, including works of fiction. his third novel. He was appointed to head a Constitutional Commission that drafted a new Constitution of Eritrea.

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